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33HZ/PARIS, TEXAS 7"    $7.50
Catalog #: DD0001 7
33HZ, one of NYC's mainstay electro-pop acts, has teamed with TEKI LATEX (TTC) & DEVIN THE DUDE to produce the debut offering from DITHER DOWN RECS. A sweet indie/electro tinged hip-hop tune, this 7" features the original mix from 33HZ & a remix from DJ RAZE MURDAFUNK. (DITHER DOWN)
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33HZ/PARIS, TEXAS REMIX 12"    $9.00
Catalog #: DD0002 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. 12" version of "PARIS, TEXAS" from indie poppers 33HZ out of NYC. A stellar remix package with vocals from hip-hop's DEVIN THE DUDE & TEKI LATEX (of TTC & BIG DADA fame). 12" features remixes from ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI, IN FLAGRANTI, CURTIS VODKA, GENTLEMAN DRIVERS, & MAX...
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3D Production/RIOT - REARRANGE (VER) 7"    $10.50
Catalog #: ARC185V 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. The most requested track from the BRISTOL REGGAE EXPLOSION 1979-1983 album coupled with it's original b-side "RE-ARRANGE" (VERSION) on limited edition vinyl housed in an updated version of the original picture sleeve. Classic 80's roots reggae to mash up the town!
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77:78/LOVE SAID (ASHLEY BEEDLE RMX) 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: HVN421R 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. AARON FLETCHER & TIM PARKIN of indie group THE BEES present their new project 77:78 with a pair of ASHLEY BEEDLE remixes of "LOVE SAID", plus the original version, and a glistening disco remix of "CHILLI" by FLYING MOJITO BROTHERS. Limited pressing of 300 copies. (HEAVENLY)
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A Mountain Of One/EP 2 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: AMR02 9
Another beautiful release from A MOUNTAIN OF ONE in a lavish metallic sleeve. A trippy mix of old prog rock sounds, chillout and Balearic sounds. Very pricey originally, last few copies now on sale.
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A Mountain Of One/RIDE 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: AMR04 9
From their now deleted first EP, this indie/kraut rock sounding original track expands the sweeping epic quality of the original with a pair of mixes from FONTAN and THE TIME AND SPACE MACHINE (1/2 of BEYOND THE WIZARD'S SLEEVE). (TEN WORLDS)
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Aalon Butler/IT'S GOT TO BE SOMETHIN' 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: TR1522 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. AALON BUTLER, lead singer of the NEW BREED BAND, released two 45s that fetch mad cash from the Northern Soul scene. One was reissued for RSD 2013 and this second one is limited to 300 copies, also officially licensed by TRAMP. Comes in original PKC label art. You betta...
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Ackee & Saltfish/TWO WOMAN'S 7"    $7.50
Catalog #: JWL017 7
On French label JEWELS, this shount-tastic call-to-action funky skinhead reggae jam remind one instantly of DAVE & ANSEL COLLINS "Double Barrel"! Dance instructions, powerful soul feel, grindy keyboards - this is BOSS!
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Adele/SKYFALL 7"    $9.00
Catalog #: XLS593 7
ADELE's theme song to the 23rd JAMES BOND film. Released with vocal and instrumental versions on ltd. edition 7" vinyl. Due for domestic release on NOV 13. (XL UK)
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Admiral Freebe/MY HIPPIE AIN'T HIP 12"    $1.52
Catalog #: POM013 9
"MY HIPPIE AIN'T HIP" is the second single from ADMIRAL FREEBEE's album "THE HONEY & THE KNIFE". A rocked out dance tune that also includes "ALWAYS ON THE RUN". The special treat on here is DJ HARVEY's remix of the title cut that been getting huge support from TODD TERJE, THE GLIMMERS, etc.
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Aeroplane/IN HER EYES 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: APP001 9
Featuring Chicago house legend JAMIE PRINCIPLE on vocals, the original is an 80's fueled funk song with an indie dance edge. THE TIGER & WOODS remix is a chunky disco house revamp, while CHOPSTICK & JOHNJON take it into deep house territory. Released on their new label AEROPOP.
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Afex, The/SHE'S GOT THE TIME 7"    $10.50
Catalog #: AJX286S 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. First offering in the 2nd set of RARE MOD EP's from ACID JAZZ, presented in a gorgeous 1960's style lacquered sleeve. This 4 track 7" includes their one single plus unreleased acetate tracks. A must-have slab for serious R&B collectors - all from a band whose average age was...
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Afro Funk/MUSIC OF WEST AFRICA VOL 3 7"    $10.50
Catalog #: MUKAT026 7
MUKATSUKU delivers a new 45 in their explosive, officially licensed Afro Funk series! On this one we head to COLUMBIA for WGANDA KENYA, a catchy vocal masterpiece entitled "BAYESA". The flip is a French African jam from M'BAMBINA called "ATIDE O SILKA". NIK WESTON edits of the highest order!
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Aggressors/BELFAST CITY 7"    $7.50
Catalog #: BNR005 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. Debut 7" single from Irish 2 TONE ska band formed by members of streetpunk act RUNNING RIOT. 4 track split label release between BLACK NORTH RECS and MAD BUTCHER. Full picture sleeve heavyweight black vinyl.
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Aggrolites/DREAMING ON ERIE 7"    $7.50
Catalog #: 45YC005 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. Another brand new 45 single from LA early reggae champions THE AGGROLITES! A beautiful mid-tempo instrumental, dreamy Jamaican guitar licks and bubbly keys - think UPSETTERS (much respect to GLEN ADAMS RIP). Flip cut "EYE OF OBARBAS" is a killer organ grinding '69 style...
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Aggrolites/TRIAL AND ERROR 7"    $7.50
Catalog #: 45YC007 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. The first new AGGROLITES material since their S/T 5th album on Epitaph, recorded in BOSTON under new producer/label YOUNG CUB. The a side is a laid back lovers rock style cut, with falsetto JUNIOR MURVIN style vocals and a heavy rockers riddim. The flip "ENEMY DUB" is...
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Akasha/EYE FOR AN EYE & YOU MAKE ME 7"    $6.00
Catalog #: JUMP7AKASHA 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. Fresh off their collaboration with CHARLEY ORGANAIRE for the Specialized ONE HEART series, Chicago's roots reggae maestros release their debut 7" single on JUMP UP. "EYE FOR AN EYE" is a conscious reggae tune with homage to THE ABBYSSINIANS, flip is a WAILERS style summery...
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Al Green/KEEP ON PUSHING LOVE 7"    $10.50
Catalog #: MSV026 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. AL GREEN co-wrote this tune in 1993, and it first appeared on the "DON'T LOOK BACK" album produced by ARTHUR BAKER. It was an instant hit in the modern soul rooms, and was even remixed by JOEY NEGRO in 1995. OUTTA SITE releases this on 7" for the first time. B/W "YOUR...
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Al Johnson/I'M BACK FOR MORE 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: EX7027 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. EXPANSION releases two amazing 80s soul gems on one 7" single for the first time. "I'M BACK FOR MORE" is a sweet duet with JEAN CARN, released in it's full length version, flip is the rare original version of "I'VE GOT MY SECOND WIND" that was eventually re-recorded his...
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Ali Love/DIMINISHING RETURNS RMX 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: BACK47DJC1 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Not new, but new to us. ALI LOVE's first major single for BACK YARD was a huge dancefloor anthem, connecting the dots between PRINCE, ERASURE, PET SHOP BOYS, and dare I say CHROMEO and LA ROUX? Comes in radio & extended versions, plus remixes from AZARI & III and ELI...
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Alien Whale/ALIEN WHALE EP 10"    $16.50
Catalog #: CARE008 9
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Allen Matthews/ALLEN'S PARTY 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: TR160 7
This exact repro 7" reissue from TRAMP originally came out on BUBBLES in 1970, produced by CHARLES SPURLING who also worked with the Godfather of Soul! Heavy deep funk is the order of the day as always!
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Almeta Lattimore/THESE MEMORIES 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: SB7030 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. SOUL BROTHER issues two in-demand 1975 Detroit soul floor fillers on big hole 7" wax for DJs worldwide. ALMETA sang background with ARETHA FRANKLIN, this single is an absolute must have for all soul fans. "OH MY LOVE" on the flip.
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Almunia/ONE TIME REMIXES 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: AM004 9
"ONE TIME" is a gorgeous and uplifting Balearic tune. CRAIG BRATLEY provides an acidic chugger remix of epic proportions and ANDREW CLARKE wraps it all up with a truly amazing rework, managing to retain all the musicality of the original. One time repress back in so act fast!
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AM & Shawn Lee/TWO TIMES 7"    $6.75
Catalog #: PTV72 7
7" single from the duo's "LA MUSIQUE NUMERIQUE" album (vinyl exclusive to GROOVE DIS). Electro-indie sound compared to BECK, MGMT and PHOENIX. 7" includes an exclusive B-side "DANCING HEART". Pic sleeve. (PARK THE VAN)
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Andy Lewis/A GOOD SOUL IN GOOD TIMES 7"    $9.00
Catalog #: AJX260S 7
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Animal Collective/BROTHER SPORT 10"    $15.00
Catalog #: RUG333T 9
Some mesmerising sounds some derranged avant-pop anthem, the track sports a vocal being drown by washes of electronic loops. This 10" includes a live version of new track "BLEEDING," even more abstract and spacey. (DOMINO)
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Aphex Twin/COME TO DADDY 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WAP094 9
Official re-press of this classic WARP title. Tracks are "COME TO DADDY" (PAPPY MIX), "FILM", "COME TO DADDY" (LITTLE LORD FAULTEROY MIX), and "BUCEPHALUS BOUNCING BALL". Full color picture sleeve just like it was the first time around in 1997! Being repressed (again) and back in next week!
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Aphex Twin/WINDOWLICKER 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WAP105 9
Offical re-press of this classic WARP title from 1999! Full picture sleeve, yes, THAT picture sleeve of a busty RICHARD JAMES - featuring the title cut plus "UNKNOWN TITLE" and "NANNOU". Being repressed and back in next week!
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Archie Pelago/BREEZY WHEY 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: AP002V 9
PITCHFORK, XLR8R, RESIDENT ADVISOR darlings from Brooklyn unveil their follow up to the "SLY GAZABO EP" with their most euphoric tracks to date: "BREEZY WHEY" and "BACKFLIGHT" with a skewed THEFFT remix to boot! Revised (lower) price! (ARCHIE PELAGO MUSIC)
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Aretha Franklin/BLACK STAR & GUCCI 7"    $10.50
Catalog #: ARETHA45 7
AMERIGO GAZAWAY mash up masterpieces continue with this double shot of ARETHA FRANKLIN: conscious flow on "YOUNG GIFTED AND BLACK" with BLACK STAR and a party banger "MY CHAIN OF FOOLS" featuring GUCCI MANE. Big hole 45 cut loudly for DJs, housed in a color fold over sleeve. Limited edition.
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Arnaud Rebotini/DANGER ZONE 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: VF227 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Founder of the group BLACK STROBE and a remixer to the likes of DEPECHE MODE, NITZER EBB, BLOC PARTY and more, here he delivers 4 original cuts. The A-side cuts are pounding electro cuts with a menace undertone, while the B-side tracks are more somber, cold wave industrial....
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Astrud Gilberto/BALEARIC SOUND OF...12"    $12.00
Catalog #: SKD014 9
Warehouse find, last stock in existance. 5 song EP of Balearic classics from the legendary Brazilian songstress. Inc are the mesmerizing dancer and TODD TERJE fave "BLACK MAGIC", a jazzy take on CHICAGO's "BEGINNINGS", the SALSOUL produced disco version of "GIRL FROM IPNANEMA" and 2 more. Nice!
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Audiobooks/DANCE YOUR LIFE AWAY 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: HVN479 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Indie/electronic duo gets an extended mix of their cheeky track that sounds like it jumped off the streets of early 80's underground NYC's no wave scene. Veteran electronic producer ANDREW WEATHERALL delivers a stripped back remix on the flip. (HEAVENLY)
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Audiobooks/FRIENDS IN THE BUBBLE... 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: HVN501 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. "FRIENDS IN THE BUBBLE BATH" opens with a GWENNO remix and another from AUDIOBOOKS' own DAVID WRENCH, both sounding somewhere between GOLDFRAPP and KATE BUSH. Then GABE GURNSEY turns in a pair of harder edged electro infused remixes on the flip. (HEAVENLY)
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Axis/SILVER SATIN (1984) 7"    $13.50
Catalog #: ICR001 7
New imprint ICE CITY reissues a rare private press nugget from 1984. AXIS was a short-lived California disco funk band in the style of TRAMMPS, GAP BAND or BOBBY WOMACK lead by guitarist/singer BYRON BORDEAUX. Flip "RUNAWAY LOVE" is an unreleased gem from his personal archives dating back to 1986.
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Babylove & Van Dangos/ANY PORT IN 7"    $7.50
Catalog #: TU003 7
Third 7" single from Denmark's TIGHTEN UP from their hometown heroes. who have released albums on PORK PIE, GROVER, JUMP UP, and MAD BUTCHER. A truly soulful ska band, this single sees them create two unique versions of one of their favorite live staples "ANY PORT IN A STORM". Full picture sleeve.
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Bad Brains & Angelo Moore/RAGGA DUB 7"    $4.50
Catalog #: VP9278 7
Limited edition 7" single from the VP and VANS curated "DUB ROCKERS" label compilation. BAD BRAINS teams up with FISHBONE's ANGELO MORE for RAGGA DUB (PERRO BRAVO REMIX) while the other side has SLIGHTLY STOOPID, INNER CIRLCE and CAPLETON doing "NO COCAINE".
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Barry Adamson/LOVE SICK DICK REMIXED 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: CCI030LP 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. A founding member of NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS and an original member of post punk legends MAGAZINE, his 2017 "LOVE SICK DICK" album gets reworked by Manchester icons including A CERTAIN RATIO, BEN DE VRIES (LUNACRE), WHEEL, JIMI TENOR, GAZELLE TWIN, and ADULT. (CENTRAL...
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Barry White & Atlantics/TRACY 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: OSV125 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. OUTTA SIGHT pulls it's first 7" single from their amazing "EAST LA SOUL" collection, BARRY WHITE's first lead credit from 1963 appears on the a-side while SAM LEE's "IT HURTS ME" is on the flip. Massive appear to Northern Soul fans, big hole 45rpm pressing with RAMPART label...
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Beastie Boys & Nas/TOO MANY RAPPERS 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: BEASTNASDJ01 9
Promo DJ 12" taken from the BEASTIE BOYS' new album. Includes 5 remixes plus a bonus live performance live from Bonnaroo 2009. Limited edition in white sleeve. The mix that mashes up "TOO MANY RAPPERS" with the beats from "PAUL REVERE" is our fave.
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Beastie Boys vs Calibro 35/SABOTAGGIO 7"    $10.50
Catalog #: SABOTAGGIO7 7
Limited edition 7" from Italy's spy-jazzers CALIBRO 35. Much more than a mash up, "SABOTAGE" has never sounded better - a perfect fusion between ADROCK, MCA, & MIKE D's voices with a killer retro groove! Big hole 45rpm, instrumental on flip + full color insert. Last copies now in stock!
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Beastie Boys/B-BOYS IN THE CUT 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: BEASTCUT004 9
Plain black vinyl contains different versions of 2 songs originally slated for release on the postponed HOT SAUCE PT 1. "B BOYS IN THE CUT" in hook, acapella, and instrumental, final version, plus 3 rare remixes, "POP YOUR BALLOON" comes in clean and final version. 10 tracks.
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Beastie Boys/DON'T PLAY(MAJOR LAZER) 7"    $9.75
Catalog #: MAD155 7
Back in stock. MAJOR LAZER remixers the BEASTIE BOYS' hit featuring SANTIGOLD. Layering on clacking dancehall production, a moombahton beat and blaring air-horns, the track is instantly transformed into an island club anthem. Limited yellow vinyl, flip is an exclusive dub.(MAD DECENT)
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Beatconductor/REWORKS-THE 70"s VOL.1 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: REWORKS70VOL1 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The Swedish beatmaker worked his magic on tracks from the 80s and 60s. Here he turns to some rock/pop faves from the 70s and reworks them into Balearic gems. "FLY LIKE AN EAGLE", "BOOGIE WONDERLAND", "DREAMS" and "HOTEL CALIFORNIA". Hand stamped limited white label 12". GAMM...
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Ben Browning/I CAN'T STAY 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: CUTTERS011 9
CUT COPY member brings this solo effort to the CUTTERS label. The original opens with a nice guitar lead before opening up to a club-pop driven bass. For remix duties, KNIGHTLIFE transforms the song into an epic & infectious dance gem and DFA's JUAN MACLEAN opts for a highly energized version
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Benoit & Sergio/BRIDGE SO FAR 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: HOTC029 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The HOT CREATIONS camp call upon BENOIT & SERGIO for this huge 12" that has a distinctive style and pop sensibility. The title track layers synth keys, electro melodies, and beautiful vocals for a killer dancefloor tune. On the flip "$100 BILL" gives a chugging groove with a...
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Best Dub/JUMP UP DUB SPECIALIST EP 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: JUMPBESTDUB 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Fantastic new 4 track EP pressed LOUD for massive soundsystem action. Includes new and exclusive tracks from VICTOR RICE, UZIMON, JOE FERRY, and CHANNEL TUBES. Heavy steppers music that appeals to modern and vintage dub heads, killer production and sparse electronics galore!...
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Beth Ditto/EP 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: DECON028 9
Here's a solo EP from GOSSIP front woman BETH DITTO that's fantastically produced by SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO for some pure electro pop magic. The EP starts with "OPEN HEART SURGERY" then slows down with "GOODNIGHT GOOD MORNING". "DO YOU NEED SOMEONE" & "I WROTE THE BOOK" finish off the flip.
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Betty Botox/THE FINAL EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: BBFINAL001 9
The late BETTY BOTOX left one last tape to the world with "THE FINAL EP" written on the cover in lipstick. 4 tracks that were regularly played in her DJ sets that combine her love of psyche funk, cosmic synth, & space rock which are reworked, remixed, and reproduced.
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Betty LaVette/YOU MADE A BELIEVER 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: OSV150 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. OUTTA SIGHT reissue soul superstar's much in demand crossover classic from 1975 on DJ friendly big hole 7" single. On the flip is UJIMA's crossover rarity "I'M NOT READY". Limited edition.
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Betty Wright/MAN OF MINE (RSD) 7"    $13.50
Catalog #: SB7017D 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. RSD 2015. Two of BETTY's most in-demand tracks are now on one 7" single from SOUL BROTHER. "MAN OF MINE" is very popular on the modern soul scene, while "SMOTHER ME WITH YOUR LOVE" has been a popular rare groove track since the late 80s. Only 500 pressed and will be VERY...
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Beyond T.W.S./CREATION-PSYCHEMAGICK 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: PH53 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. PSYCHEMAGICK turns in a nice dubbed out nu disco version of the 2nd single from BEYOND THE WIZARDS SLEEVE allbum "THE SOFT BOUNCE". An edit of the original album version and a remix of "DELICIOUS LIGHT" by UK psychedelic rock band TEETH OF THE SEA round out the single....
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Beyond T.W.S./DIAGRAM GIRL 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: PH51 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. This alias of EROL ALKAN & RICHARD NORRIS see them with the very hazy, drone pop of "DIAGRAM GIRL" featuring the androgynous vocal of HANNAH PEEL. Remixes come from SHOCK MACHINE and BEYOND THE WIZARDS SLEEVE themselves. (PHANTASY SOUND)
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Big Brooklyn Red/TAKING IT TOO FAR 7"    $15.00
Catalog #: SB7010D 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. SOUL BROTHER repress of one of the biggest modern soul dancefloor jams of the 2010s! Originally on "SOUL TOGETHERNESS 2012" and continued to standout on his "ANSWER THE CALL" album, this along with the flip "SO INSPIRED" are heavily influenced by MARVIN GAYE, AL GREEN and...
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Big Freedia/AZZ EVERYWHERE EP 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: 540020 9
The "queen diva" of New Orleans bounce music released this 6 track EP a year ago on 540 RECORDS - "AZZ EVERYWHERE" is one of her most well-known and deeply loved anthem and is also included with an instrumental and acapella. Flip has 3 live jams inc "MAKE YA BOOTY GO". Full color sleeve.
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Big Ska Band/CARRY & JAMAICA FAREWELL 7"    $6.00
Catalog #: JUMP7BIGSKA 7
Grammy award winning producer JOE FERRY returns with BIG SKA BAND, their first vinyl single from the SHANACHIE album "REVIVAL" features COREY GLOVER of LIVING COLOR on "CARRY ON", "JAMAICA FAREWELL" features the unmistakable sax of THE SKATALITES' LESTER STERLING. Full pic sleeve, colored vinyl.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Biggie vs James Brown/SILVER EDITION D7"    $22.50
Catalog #: BIGSEXPACK 7
DJ special editon on silver vinyl limited to 300 copies. AMERIGO GAZAWAY's BIG POPPA and SEX MACHINE 45s have been huge with DJs worldwide, this very limited pressing was originally scheduled for Record Store Day's June date but gets unleashed now. Don't sleep guys these won't be around long!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Billie E/B*TCHES BROKEN HEARTS RMX 12"    $21.00
Catalog #: EEE008 9
The mysterious EEE crew are back with perhaps their best production yet on a minimal house remix of this iconic song from the incomparable BILLIE EILISH. Pressed on hand-stamped, 1-sided white labels.
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Billy Bailey/YOU BETTER STOP 7"    $13.50
Catalog #: BD184 7
TRAMP reissues this fantastic funky-soul nugget from the mid-1970s with original BAT-DEL label art. Both songs are essential and original copies are impossible to find.
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Billy Bragg/FOLK SKA (MERMAID AVE) 7"    $7.50
Catalog #: BILLYFOLK 7
Restocked after a long absence. SKA BOOTS revisits MERMAID AVE with two fantastic live cuts, "POLICE & THIEVES" (recorded by JUNIOR MURVIN but made famous by THE CLASH) backed by THE LEVELLERS and the WOODY GUTHRIE penned "HOODOO VOODOO (SKA)" backed by THE BLOKES. 2 TONE sleeve. Limited!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Birds Of Pandemonium/OUT FOR YOU 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: OSU004 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The original title track has an indie pop meets euphoric electronic vibe, while the remix by EACH OTHER (JUSTIN STRAUSS & MAX PASK) kicks it up a notch. B-side "THE NIGHT" is darker and more introspective, paired with a shimmering tech-house remix by JUAN MACLEAN. (OUR...
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Catalog #: HNR035 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. KATIE WILKINSON, aka BIRDS from London, is relatively new as a producer. The title track is a druggy, dubbed out electronic excursion, while "TUNNEL VISION" features her vocals sounding like the psychedelic pioneers of the 60's over a more modern production. (HOGA NORD)
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Catalog #: 1137TP12H 9
The 1st in a series of 8 remix singles released over 4 months. First up is drum & bass remixes of "CRYSTALLINE" & "SOLSTICE", both by CURRENT VALUE. Extremely limited, 1 pressing only, so don't miss out! (ONE LITTLE INDIAN)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Bjork/HOLLOW-16BIT REMIX 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: 1154TP12H 9
The 7th in a series of 8 remix singles released over 4 months. "HOLLOW" gets a slow & methodical remix that is more eclectic breaks than true dusbtep from 16BIT. B-side "MUTUAL CORE" gets a 16BIT remix also, this time alternating between delicate and maniacal! (ONE LITTLE INDIAN)
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Catalog #: 1136TP12H 9
The 2nd in a series of 8 remix singles released over 4 months. Remixing "SACRIFICE" & "THUNDERBOLT" is California underground hip hop crew DEATH GRIPS, who got mad love for last year's "EXMILITARY" album with apocalyptic soundscapes, lo-fi production, & harsh vocals. (ONE LITTLE INDIAN)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Catalog #: 1143TP12H 9
The 3rd in a series of 8 remix singles released over 4 months. Next up are drum & bass remixes of "THUNDERBOLT" & "HOLLOW", both by CURRENT VALUE. Extremely limited, 1 pressing only, so don't miss out! (ONE LITTLE INDIAN)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Catalog #: 1144TP12H 9
The 4th in a series of 8 remix singles released over 4 months. Remixing "COSMOGONY" is EL GUINCHO, produced by PABLO DIAZ-REIXA. On the B-side is the HUDSON MOHAWKE remix of "VIRUS"! Limited, one-off pressing! (ONE LITTLE INDIAN)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Black Cherry/THE PREFACE 7"    $10.50
Catalog #: ISM006X7 7
Their first physical release done with COLIN EMMANUEL (BETA BAND). They whip out a tune that's a perfect blend of electro, dance, and rock. On the flip, we see a remix by the nu-disco supergroup KILLER WHALE that keeps the original elements intact but adds a bit more bump to the floor. (ISM)
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Black Leotard Front/CASUAL FRIDAY 12"    $9.00
Catalog #: DFA2142 9
Warehouse find! Our supplier find a bunch of these 12"s that we never had. DELIA GONZALEZ & GAVIN RUSSOM are part of a performance art dance troupe and they made this 12" so they'd have something custom-made to dance to. The "greatest 15 min disco record of all time" they claim...(DFA)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Black Market Brass/BIG MUFFER 7"    $6.00
Catalog #: SSR1001 7
SECRET STASH releases a killer 2 track 45 single from Minneapolis Afrobeat champs BLACK MARKET BRASS. Hard hitting tunes that are a must for any FELA KUTI fan, both recorded live in one room directly to tape capturing an energy lost in many of today's over produced digital recordings!
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Black Merlin/BRUNSWICK DRIVE 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: BS003 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The third release on the BIRD SCARER imprint comes from one member of the duo SPECTRAL EMPIRE. The track is a slow moving, epic tune with a driving slap bass and vintage synths. On the flipside, SCOTT FRASER provides a remix with beef'd up drums and a more chugging feel.
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Black Meteoric Star/DEATH TUNNEL 12"    $9.75
Catalog #: DFA2200 9
Latest project by longtime DFA alumni GAVIN RUSSOM, inspired by Euro-disco, wonky early electronic body music and global psychedelic rock. "DEATH TUNNEL" is a hot club cut just waiting to be unleashed, while the flip "WORLD EATER" is a more mid-tempo groover with a strong EBM lean. (DFA)
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Blancmange/BLIND VISION-HONEY DIJON 12"    $18.00
Catalog #: LMS5521337 9
A synth-pop classic from the seminal new wave group originally released in 1983 gets repressed in the second of a new series "LONDON RECORDS REMIXED". Includes the original and an instrumental/dub on the B-side, plus a remix & dub of stripped back house goodness from HONEY DIJON. (LONDON RECORDS)
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Blancmange/LIVING ON THE CEILING RMX 12"    $18.00
Catalog #: LMS5521336 9
A synth-pop classic from the seminal new wave group originally released in 1982 gets repressed in the first of a new series "LONDON RECORDS REMIXED". Includes the original and an extended version on the B-side, plus an eclectic electronic remix & dub by ROMAN FLUGEL on the A. (LONDON RECORDS)
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Blaue Blume/LOVABLE-TRENTEMOLLER RMX 10"    $16.50
Catalog #: HFN100 9
The original of "LOVABLE" (not included here) from the Danish indietronica act is delicate and airy, whereas TRENTEMOLLER takes it into darker territory with a harsh, sparse beat and just the vocals. Also includes an instrumental remix. Pressed on limited white 10" vinyl. (HFN MUSIC)
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Blende/FAKE LOVE 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: 541416505598 9
With remixes for the likes of LANA DEL REY and SKRILLEX under his belt, BLENDE turns to his own production with a very KITSUNE-sounding indie dance gem, backed up with remixes by VILLA, THE LIVING ISLANDS, & CHORDASHIAN. (ESKIMO)
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Bloc Party/FLUX + BURIAL REMIX 12"    $12.75
Catalog #: WEBB135T 9
New party smasher from the WICHITA imprint comes from BLOC PARTY. Vocal and instrumental versions of "FLUX" are joined by the true star of this 3-track 12" : the remix of "WHERE IS HOME?" by dubstep maestro, BURIAL! (WICHITA)
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Bloc Party/HELICOPTER - DIPLO REMIX 12"    $7.50
Catalog #: DM095 9
Latest 12" from indie darlings, BLOC PARTY. Features a DIPLO remix,as well as a WEIRD SCIENCE (featuring PEACHES) remix on the flip. Hot on many fronts! (DIM MAK/VICE) Repressed and back in stock!
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Blue Bottles/COME TO THIS 7"    $10.50
Catalog #: TR1037 7
Founded in 2011, BLUE BROTHERS play no-nonsense heavily percussive raw funk aimed directly at the dance floor, they have a shared love for all great 60s/70s funk classics like LEE DORSEY, JAMES BROWN, and BETTY DAVIS. On good old fashioned 7" vinyl, mixed by LACK OF AFRO. (TRAMP)
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Blue Mondays/GATOR BOOTS VOL. 13 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: GB13 9
This Italian act joins SOUL CLAP's GATOR BOOTS series with a trio of unlikely new wave edits. Going under the knife are BILLY IDOL's "WHITE WEDDING", "LOVE ACTION" by THE HUMAN LEAGUE, and GIORGIO MORODER's "EVOLUTION" (from the original 1978 "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA")! (GATOR BOOTS)
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Bob Chance/WILD IT'S BROKEN 7"    $15.00
Catalog #: ERC001R 7
Now being repressed! The original 7" version on the B-side is a galloping leftfield pop song with cosmic synths. "WILD, IT'S BROKEN" is an edit on the A-side. (EMOTIONAL RESCUE)
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Bobbi Humphrey/BABY DON'T YOU KNOW 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: EX7030 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. EXPANSION digs into the vaults of ROY AYERS' UNO MELODIC label to reissue the 1982 jam by BLUE NOTE veteran, DUKE ELLINGTON and STEVIE WONDER band session player, BOBBI HUMPHREY. Over the years the instrumental has gained particular notoriety, thus added on the flip. Funky...
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Bobby Reed/THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR LOVE 7"    $15.00
Catalog #: EX720021 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. EXPANSION represse of this sweet soul double sider, originally released on BELL in 1970. Remastered loud with big hole for DJ play, perfect summertime falsetto lowrider jam.
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Bobby Sheen/SOMETHING NEW TO DO 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: SB7028 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. BOBBY SHEEN first began in the late 50s early 60s, working with CLYDE of THE DRIFTERS, PHIL SPECTOR, and even WALT DISNEY. This is the first reissue reissue of these classic 1972 soul floor fillers. Originals have become extremely collectable. B/W "I MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU...
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Bobby Wright/BLOOD OF AN AMERICAN 7"    $16.50
Catalog #: MEL009 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. Recorded in 1974 by BOBBY WRIGHT (now ABU TALIB), this beautiful pair of stripped back American folk soul songs evoke an era of political radicalism as espoused by the likes of GIL SCOTT-HERON and MARVIN GAYE. Includes a 16 page "MELOZINE" featuring words from ABU TALIB....
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Boggs, The/ARM IN ARM (HOT CHIP RMX) 12"    $6.00
Catalog #: GM12002 9
Brooklyn's THE BOGGS get the ever-reliable HOT CHIP rework for this one- sided 12". White label 12"s in paper sleeves. Out of stock for awhile we got the last few copies available back in. Grab 'em now before they're gone forever.
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Bold Breed/MOOD FOR LOVE 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: BB185 7
Another fine example of funky-soul at it's very best, the a-side of this TRAMP reissue is highly regarded within the Northern Soul scene while the flip is a funk nugget! Original copies are nowadays very hard to find, so this exact replica is a true gem. Limited edition big hole 45 rpm single.
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Bombay Bicycle Club/SHUFFLE LEO ZERO 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: LGL10 9
The next release on LET'S GET LOST come from LEO ZERO remixing the super talented teenage rock band BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB making it sound like a disco version of STYLE COUNCIL. On the flip is a slightly alternative edit of the remix by RUNE LINDBAEK.
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Booker T & The MGs/GREEN ONIONS 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: OSV146 7
OUTTA SIGHT releases this all time classic that will forever be synonymous with the sound of Memphis Soul and STAX records. The flip is a killer tune from Cali instrumental surf band THE MARKETTS, "BALBOA BLUE" became a Northern Soul anthem.
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Bot'ox/BABYLON BY CAR (DOMESTIC) 12"    $9.75
Catalog #: DFA0114 9
BOT'OX, the super team of COSMO VITELLI & TEKEL, deliver another slice of avant garde electro w/ "BABYLON BY CAR" already being hammered by FRANCOIS K, STEVIE KOTEY, SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO & more. Licensed to DFA from VITELLIs I'M A CLICHE label this sees a fortuitous domestic pressing. (DFA)
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Bottin/NO STATIC 12"    $11.25
Catalog #: IDIB014 9
Out of print 12" from the trendy ITALIANS DO IT BETTER label. Italian sound designer and music producer who has worked with RICHARD DORFMEISTER, CHICKEN LIPS and more in the past. Synthy dance tracks influenced equally by GIORGIO MORODER and PRINCE.
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Brassroots/GOOD LIFE EP 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: DR044 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Born out of EAST LONDON, this explosive 8 piece horn/percussion band ooze uber-cool, performing on big talkies and festivals all across Europe, plus a recent KRCW appearance. Big brass versions of INNER CITY's "GOOD LIFE", RADIOHEAD'S "KARMA POLICE" and WHITE STRIPES "7...
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Breakbot/BABY I'M YOURS (REMIXES) 10"    $13.50
Catalog #: BEC5772679 9
Great 10" release on ED BANGER, remixes by AEROPLANE featuing vocals from IRFANE (OUTLINES). Includes the original mix of the track, which has been an online video sesnsation. Feel good French modern piano driven disco, a massive anthem for the summer. Limited edition.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Breakbot/FANTASY FEAT RUCKAZOID 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: BEC5772905 9
In 2010, Breakbot delivered a huge track and now returns with "FANTASY" that features LA's RUCKAZOID on vocals. This perfect summer jam also gets some serious remix action from the great ARTHUR BAKER as well as JACQUES RENAULT and CARTE BLANCHE.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Breakwater/SAY YOU LOVE ME GIRL 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: EX7009 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. EXPANSION releases these stone cold soul classics one again on 7" vinyl, as original copies exchange hands for small fortunes these days! Flip tune "SAY YOU LOVE ME GIRL" us also a modern soul room dancer. This big hole 45 prm DJ pressing is limited so get your copy today!
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Breton/COUNTER BALANCE EP 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: HEK010 9
The HEMLOCK label has a rep for hatching new talent (see debuts from JAMES BLAKE and FANTASTIC MR. FOX) and now present this genre-splicing band that fuses brooding hip hop, rock, & electronica with anthemic vocals, driving synths, and tough beats. BRETON have already remixed TRICKY as well!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Bright Eyes/DANGER MOUSE REMIX EP 7"    $7.50
Catalog #: DM01 7
Limited edition of 2000, hand numbered and not commercially available split 7" featuring DANGER MOUSE remixes of BRIGHT EYES' "EASY/LUCKY/FREE" and SUPER FURRY ANIMALS' "LAZERBEAM" (which reminds us of the work DM did with the GORILLAZ). Full picture sleeve. Very limited stock, don't delay.
Qty Out of print/Not available
British Film & TV/LIMITED EDITION 7"    $12.00
Catalog #: SJR2517 7
Super limited 7" from SOUL JAZZ is a teaser to their upcoming collection of British film, TV, & library music from the 1970s. Once cut is original music of "THE SWEENEY" plus a rare library cut. BARRY STOLLER "CONDITION RED" b/w BARBARA MOORE "STEAM HEAT". 500 copies worldwide, will go fast!
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Brooklyn Attractors/XMAS INNA BABYLON 7"    $7.50
Catalog #: JUMP7XMAS2 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. Debut Christmas vinyl single from all star New York ska/reggae collective that includes Jamaican legend LARRY McDONALD on percussion. Holiday cheer spread inna LESTER STERLING/TOMMY McCOOK jazz reggae style: "JINGLE BELLS" and "GOD REST DEM IRIE GENTLEMEN". Repress of 100 on...
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