Catalog #: ADELER001 1
A collection of ten remixes of ADELE's mega hit including the official acapella mix. Remixes from VILLA, DJ MEGAMIX, SPECTRASOUL, DAN CLARE, DAMN YOU MONGOLIANS, ZAMAMI, and more. Includes the VOODOO FARM mix that throws in JAY-Z and BIGGIE SMALLS! Full color label, disco sleeve.
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Analog Roland Orchestra/DINSYNC LP    $21.00
Catalog #: PS1 1
After making waves with EP's on ORNAMENTS, PASTAMUSIK, POLYMORPH, & ROTARY COCKTAIL, ANALOG ROLAND ORCHESTRA kicks off the PRESSURE SUIT label with 9 tracks of experimental and inventive electronica, techno, and electro that step away from his usual machine-driven dub-tinged techno. (PRESSURE SUIT)
Qty Out of stock
Andrew Weatherall/QUALIA DLP    $42.00
Catalog #: HNRLP011 1
The iconic electronic producer cut his teeth in seminal bands SABRES OF PARADISE & TWO LONE SWORDSMEN, as well remixing NEW WORLD, PRIMAL SCREAM, & MY BLOODY VALENTINE. His last album before passing away features mellow, melancholy, and synthy electro influenced electronica. (HOGA NORD REKORDS)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Arthur Russell/SLEEPING BAG SESSIONS CD    $15.00
Catalog #: TEG3319CD 2
Rare hip hop, disco, and dance music is unearthed on this 10 track CD. ARTHUR touched these cuts in roles as editor, writer, remixer and more. Absolutely classic tracks lusted after by everyone that knows anything about amazing 20th century music. (TRAFFIC)
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Arthur Russell/SLEEPING BAG SESSIONS DLP    $19.50
Catalog #: TEG3319LP 1
Rare hip hop, disco, and dance music is unearthed on this 10 track double LP. ARTHUR touched these cuts in roles as editor, writer, remixer and more. Absolutely classic tracks lusted after by everyone that knows anything about amazing 20th century music. (TRAFFIC)
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Automat/AUTOMAT LP    $12.00
Catalog #: A100 1
Rare sought-after future disco via Italy. Composed during the time when GIORGIO MORODER was creating DONNA SUMMER's "I FEEL LOVE" and FRANKIE KNUCKLES was making a name for himself at the WAREHOUSE. Limited import color vinyl. Don't sleep these will be gone fast. Discog collector alert!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Backlash/SERIAL CLEANER CD    $21.00
Catalog #: SURPRISE031 2
BACKLASH is ERIC "POWA" B & JULIAN K, famous innovators of Belgian electro. On "SERIAL CLEANER", an explosive cocktail of electronic textures, the pair create hazy paranoid technopunk environments, full of bleeps, distorted bass guitars and rattling drum machines. Getting props from HAWTIN & VATH.
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Bag Raiders/BAG RAIDERS LP    $16.50
Catalog #: MODVL137 1
Awesome debut album from the Australian electro-pop duo that rose to prominence after releasing single through A-TRAK's influential FOOLS GOLD label along with BANG GANG 12 INCHES. Pitch perfect songwriting with vocal appearances from DAN BLACK & RHYS TAYLOR. Seriously groovy. (MODULAR)
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Being/BROXBURN FUNK DLP    $36.00
Catalog #: FIREC030LP 1
FIRECRACKER presents 8 archival tracks from the legendary Scottish producer BEING. Throughout the early/mid 90's, he released on ANDREW WEATHERALL's SPECIAL EMISSIONS label, collaborated with CLAUDE YOUNG, and produced an EP with TWO LONE SWORDSMEN. Deluxe packaging as always. (FIRECRACKER)
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BFC-Psyche/ELEMENTS 1989-1990 3LP    $39.00
Catalog #: PLE65353 1
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Biesmans/TRAINS, PLANES... DLP    $37.50
Catalog #: WGA003LP 1
Created as a positive distraction during lockdown, the Belgian created 12 brilliant tracks encompassing new wave, indie, dark wave, electro, & disco as he set about trying to re-score 80's pop culture moments, often matching music to archival footage. Black & yellow vinyl + poster. (WATERGATE)
Qty Out of stock
Big Two Hundred/YOUR PERSONAL FILTH CD    $15.00
Catalog #: DC43CD 2
Comprised of the guys behind CHICKEN LIPS, with additional vocalists, this project takes them deep into early 80's-sounding punk funk territory, with liberal doeses of dubbed-out disco and psychedelic garage rock. Unique production techniques result in a heavily retro sound. (DC RECORDINGS)
Qty Out of stock
Biochip/CRUX ALLEY LP    $16.50
Catalog #: CPU01011101 1
The Montreal duo once again twists up braindance, IDM, and electro on the follow up to their 2019 debut release "SYNTHASE", with 8 songs of their REPHLEX-indebted sound. (CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT)
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Blackploid/ENTER UNIVERSE DLP    $37.50
Catalog #: CPU01110011 1
A mainstay of the CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT label alongside luminaries such as CYGNUS, SILICON SCALLY, and BOCHUM WELT; now BLACKPLOID delivers a stunning debut album of leftfield electro full of unique sounds and sound manipulations. (CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT)
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Breakbot/BY YOUR SIDE DLP+CD    $34.50
Catalog #: BEC5161259 9
ED BANGER's newest and brightest star brings his debut album featuring his blend of infectious club funk including the hits "BABY I'M YOURS" and "FANTASY". Spread across 14 tracks, he provides a slick pop-inspired sound that reflects his influences like MICHAEL JACKSON, PRINCE, etc.
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Budino/SOUND OF LOVE INT'L 004 DLP    $33.00
Catalog #: LITPLP004 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Italian DJ and crate digger VALENTINA BODINI, aka BUDINO, presents a 12 song collection that spans new age, proto-house, tribal ambience, industrial EBM, Balearic dance, and so much more! Until the next LOVE INTERNATIONAL festival in Croatia... (LOVE INTERNATIONAL / TEST...
Qty Out of stock
Bunny Lake/CHURCH OF BUNNY LAKE CD    $19.50
Catalog #: SSD-KL087 2
Latest from the KLEIN imprint comes fomr the mysterious BUNNY LAKE. "CHURCH OF BUNNY LAKE" is party music for the hipster crowds, blending rock influences such as THE CRAMPS and ELVIS with grinding techno/electro asthetics, with quite wonderful results. For fans of GLIMMERS, KITSUNE, etc
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Buraka Som Sistema/BLACK DIAMOND LP    $18.00
Catalog #: FABLP002 1
Championed by DIPLO, M.I.A., & SWITCH, this 21st century take on Angolan Kuduro music has been corrupting dancefloors all over the globe. Electro ghettotech fuses techno, d&b, hip hop, & dance. LIL JOHN + RIOT + CONDUCTOR and add an articulate MC KALAF = MASSIVE. (FABRIC)
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Carl Craig/ALBUM FORMERLY KNOWN AS... CD    $21.00
Catalog #: RH102 2
The man who is synonymous with Detroit techno, CARL CRAIG, has retooled his classic LANDCRUISING (orig. released 10 years ago). Featuring totally new versions of his timeless compositions, this is a must have for anyone who loves the Detroit sound, i.e. JUAN ATKINS, KEVIN SAUNDERSON & DERRICK MAY.
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Carl Craig/MORE SONGS ABOUT FOOD &.. DLP    $28.50
Catalog #: PLE653701 1
More copies back in stock! Detroit techno legend CARL CRAIG followed the futuristic lead of originators DERRICK MAY & JUAN ATKINS. He began making records at the turn of the 1990's, using a number of aliases. This is a newly remastered import only (via RUSH HOUR) reissue of his PLANET E album.
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Carl Finlow/APPARATUS DLP    $37.50
Catalog #: VIS317 1
His third album reflects his return to live touring, with many tracks hitting harder and darker and pushing his distinctive electro sound in new directions and soundscapes. (20/20)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Catalog #: MODVL130 1
Beautiful vinyl package for the new project from half of THE TOUGH ALLIANCE and the man behind Sweden's SINCERELY YOURS label. Released earlier this year, this critically acclaimed album is presented on white vinyl with an all over embossed outer sleeve & a printed inner sleeve. (MODULAR)
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Chinaski/NO POP NO FUN LP    $30.00
Catalog #: RBLP16 1
If JOHN HUGHES would have ever aspired to make a high school movie set in post-apocalyptic Italy, this is what the soundtrack might have sounded like. The melancholy 80's synth pop vibes of this album are on full display! (RUNNING BACK)
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Clap Rules/GOLDEN HANDS DLP    $24.00
Catalog #: BFKLP019 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. BEARFUNK's 10 track debut from CLAP RULES, who "make experiments in dance music". Be it the bouncy p-funk excursion of "SILVER MOUNTAINS" to glitchy percussive jams in "PERICOLOSO" and ambient yacht bliss on "GOLDEN HANDS", you see why they've remixed for DFA, ETIENNE DE...
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Claro Intelecto/REFORM CLUB DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: 92DSRCLRLP1 1
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Catalog #: FPR003 1
Qty Out of print/Not available
Crookers/TONS OF FRIENDS 180GRAM 3LP    $39.00
Catalog #: 541416503475 1
European only pressing of the new album. Triple 180 gram deluxe vinyl set. Full pic sleeve with sticker. Guests include MIKE SNOW, SOULWAX, KELIS, KID KID CUDI, WILL.I.AM, YELLE, ROISIN MURPHY and more.Included bonus 12" feats unreleased remixes by JUNKIE XL, BUSY P and more. Massive and gorgeous!
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Culprit 1/RUNNING IN ORDER CD    $9.00
Catalog #: EXLPCD0703 2
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Curses/CARCASSONNE LP    $25.50
Catalog #: HNRBS003 1
This 6-track mini-LP from LUCA VENEZA is a cold wave dream filtered through how every 80's sci-fi soundtrack should have sounded like. Picture THE CURE on a study visit in JOHN CARPENTER's studio in 1983. This is beautifully dark electronic music. (HOGA NORD REKORDS)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Cut & Paste/COME UNSTUCK CD    $10.50
Catalog #: FNTCD7 2
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Cygnus/CYBERCITY Z-RO DLP    $37.50
Catalog #: GU004 1
Dallas-based electronic musician PHILLIP WASHINGTON, making a name for himself since the early 2010's, gets a proper vinyl release of his 2010 cassette-only debut full of aquatic and futuristic electro compositions. Green marbled vinyl, with art by WALID EL BARBIR. (GENTRIFIED UNDERGROUND)
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Daft Punk/MANY FACES OF DAFT PUNK 3CD    $15.00
Catalog #: MBB7200 2
"A musical journey into the fascinating inner world of DAFT PUNK. From the electro era to their total immersion in 70s disco, house and funk." Three CD gatefold digipack with their collaborations with NILE RODGERS, GIORGIO MORODER, FRANZ FERDINAND, FUNKADELIC and more. Limited stock.
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Damian Lazarus/MESSAGE FROM THE... DLP    $27.00
Catalog #: CRMLP029 1
DAMIAN LAZARUS & THE ANCIENT MOONS. By gathering this gumbo of music from across the globe LAZARUS has created a collection that's as happy on the dancefloor, a set of songs and moods that work as an album and as a groove that would move from Ibiza to San Fran to the UK. 14 tracks, gatefold.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Damian Lazarus/SCI-FI LO-FI VOL. 2 CD    $10.50
Catalog #: SOMACD73 2
Amazing SOMA "SCI-FI-LO-FI" mix by DAMIAN LAZARUS, now at a great mid-line price. BURIAL's haunting "ETCHED HEADPLATE", disco brilliance of HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR, PULP, TO ROCOCO ROT, and the mysterious electro of Q, this 16 track mix is a non-stop head-trip with unexpected turns around each bend!
Qty Out of stock
Deadmau5 vs. Melleefresh/AT PLAY CD    $19.50
Catalog #: PLAYCD005 2
This installment of the highly successful "AT PLAY" series takes a look back at the classic productions from this duo who came together in 2006. 10 unmixed tracks that include huge club fillers like "AFTERHOURS", "SEX SLAVE", "COCKTAIL QUEEN", "ATTENTION WHORE", and more! (PLAY RECORDS)
Qty Out of stock
Deadmau5/AT PLAY VOL.2 CD    $19.50
Catalog #: PLAYCD002 2
DEADMAU5 goes totally DJ friendly with this 10 track CD featuring his best collabs (MELLEFRESH, BILLY NEWTON-DAVIS & more) and recent tech house cuts. Set with cue points that are seamlessly segued for listening or laying down a set. (PLAY RECORDS)
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Deadset/KEYS OPEN DOORS CD    $18.00
Catalog #: FRMCD002 2
Debut album from CASS & MANGAN in their new guise as DEADSET for JESSE ROSE's FRONTROOM imprint. "KEYS OPEN DOORS" is a fine collection of electro house-based winners, with hearty helpings of dubstep and Latin tossed into the mix to keep interest levels as high as possible. (FRONTROOM)
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Deepchild/LIFETIME CD    $16.50
Catalog #: FCLCD03 2
DEEPCHILD follows up his highly-accalimed sophomore album "WHAT"S GOING WRONG?" with another winner for FUTURE CLASSIC, "LIFETIME". DEEPCHILD does a killer job of mixing elements of dub, Detroit techno, Italo, laidback soul, disco and reggae into a superb melting pot of "dub-tronica".
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Depth Charge/LUST CD    $15.00
Catalog #: DC30CD 2
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Desire/II CD    $15.75
Catalog #: IDIB016CD 2
The highly anticapted new debut album from this ITALIANS DO IT BETTER supergroup made up of JOHNNY from GLASS CANDY & CHROMATICS, NATTIE from CHROMATICS and MEGAN from Montreal. 80s influenced post-electroclash indie electro songs with female vocals. In plastic bag packaging.
Qty Out of stock
Desire/II LP    $16.50
Catalog #: IDIB019LP 1
The highly anticapted new debut album from this ITALIANS DO IT BETTER supergroup made up of JOHNNY from GLASS CANDY & CHROMATICS, NATTIE from CHROMATICS and MEGAN from Montreal. 80s influenced post-electroclash indie electro songs with female vocals. (ITALIANS DO IT BETTER )
Qty Out of print/Not available
Digitalism/DIGITAL DECKS MIX CD    $21.00
Catalog #: DDCD001 2
30 track mix CD with full tracklisting and liner notes featuring a blend of house, electro and new wave/punk rock. Tracks from CHEMICAL BROS, RUN DMC, KIM, DIM, DAFT PUNK, CLASH, KLAXONS, GAN OF FOUR, JOY DIVISION, YELLE, DIGITALISM themselves and lots more. Nicely mixed party mix CD.
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Digitalism/JPEG DLP    $37.50
Catalog #: MRCLP002 1
Back with a fourth album filled with their distinctive style of techno meets indiepop meets disco and synthwave. The gatefold double vinyl is released on their own label. (MAGNETISM)
Qty Out of stock
Dinamo Azari/ESTRANGED DLP    $39.00
Catalog #: VF181 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Known for the international success of "RECKLESS (WITH YOUR LOVE)" by AZARI & III, DINAMO AZARI now delivers a full length album, twelve tracks of retro-tinted bubbliness that also manage to head into darker sides of club territory as well. Fans of TIGA, take note! (VINYL...
Qty Out of stock
Disco Dream & Androids/THE ANDROIDS LP    $18.00
Catalog #: WUR02 1
Highly sought after UK album from 1979 now reissued in full picture sleeve. Six cuts including the famous "DREAM MACHINE" from the AUTOMAN series. Lead singer ROBERT CALVERT teamed with ADRIAN WAGNER during a visit and out came this crazy spoof sci-fi disco album! Pricey and limited. (WAKE UP)
Qty Out of stock
DJ Mehdi/LUCKY BOY LP    $24.00
Catalog #: BEC6143676 1
Not new, but new to us, here's the full-length on ED BANGER from DJ MEHDI. "LUCKY BOY" is a shining example of what the hipsters are all about these days, with crunchy electronic house the order of the day. Includes recent single offerings "LUCKY GIRL" and "I AM SOMEBODY". (BECAUSE/ED BANGER)
Qty Out of stock
DJ Stingray 313/F.T.N.W.O. DLP    $34.50
Catalog #: MCR00004LP 1
Originally released on Belgian label WEME in 2012, this 2022 reissue with new artwork on his own label MICRON AUDIO resurrects the classic album of electro and paranoid sci-fi techno. (MICRON AUDIO)
Qty Out of stock
DJN4/TALES OF Z DLP    $37.50
Catalog #: ERS047 1
DJ NORMAL 4 (aka TIM SCHUMACHER) delivers 8 cuts of deep electro on this double album. (EMOTIONAL RESPONSE)
Qty Out of print/Not available
DMX Krew/GLAD TO BE SAD DLP    $28.50
Catalog #: HYPELP012 1
First class electronic funk and modular melodies, glorious synth-work and deadly drum machine rhythms are in abundance from this veteran producer with 22 previous albums and numerous singles (including many for seminal electronic label REPHLEX) under his belt. (HYPERBOOGIE)
Qty Out of print/Not available
DMX Krew/LOOSE GEARS DLP    $33.00
Catalog #: HYPELP019 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. On his fourth album for UK label HYPERCOLOUR, the REPHLEX RECORDS alumni is armed with an arsenal of hardware and a head full of futuristic visions for this 11-song album of electro and machinefunk. (HYPERCOLOUR)
Qty Out of stock
Catalog #: M&Q006 1
Limited to 200 copies, pressed on transparent brown vinyl in silk screen printed sleeve, this 10-track album of Buddhist themed titles explores eclectic electronics, electro, and techno. (MYSTIC & QUANTUM)
Qty Out of print/Not available
DMX Krew/WE ARE DMX DLP    $49.50
Catalog #: BLOW06 1
Originally released in 1999 on APHEX TWIN's REPHLEX label, this electro-pop classic gets its first ever reissue. The expanded double LP format includes 4 bonus tracks, with the inclusion of the beloved "DENKI NO MERODI" track. Mastered by MATT COLTON, with artwork by MANUEL SEPULVEDA. (COLD BLOW)
Qty Out of stock
Drexciya/JOURNEY OF THE DEEP SEA CD    $22.50
Catalog #: C#CC022CD 2
Dubbed by some as the most influential techno project ever, DREXCIYA was born from Detroit's early 90s UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE movement. Exploring the darker side of techno/electro for the club as well as an extension of the mind, these 13 tracks sound fresh 20 years later. (CLONE CLASSIC)
Qty Out of stock
Drexciya/JOURNEY OF THE DEEP SEA II CD    $22.50
Catalog #: C#CC023CD 2
Continuing this re-issue series for this hugely influential group DREXCIYA, CLONE CLASSIC CUTS drops this 2nd collection that includes both big tunes like "BANG-BANG" & "ANTI VAPOUR WAVES" along with lesser known cuts. Always raw, creative, and original. 13 tracks total.
Qty Out of stock
Catalog #: C#CC023LP 1
Continuing this re-issue series for this hugely influential group DREXCIYA, CLONE CLASSIC CUTS drops this 2nd collection that includes both big tunes like "BANG-BANG" & "ANTI VAPOUR WAVES" along with lesser known cuts. Always raw, creative, and original. 14 tracks total plus mp3 download.
Qty Out of stock
Elecktroids/ELEKTROWORLD DLP    $45.00
Catalog #: C#CC035LP 1
Qty Out of stock
Emika/DREI LP    $27.00
Catalog #: EMKLP02 1
Following a stint on NINJA TUNES, she releases her sophomore album "DREI" on her own EMIKA label. A songwriter who wears her heart on her sleeve, imbuing her brooding expansive soundscapes of minimal electronic and icy electro. A beautiful, chilling album from start to finish. (EMIKA)
Qty Out of stock
Emperor Machine/AIMEE TALLULAH DLP    $16.50
Catalog #: DC56LP 1
Greatest solo effort yet from ANDY MEECHAM (aka SIR DREW and one part of CHICKEN LIPS!). Recorded solely on vintage analogue equipment, this is an enjoyably indulgent romp through disco, krautrock, and synths. Taking in sci-fi, JOHN CARPENTER and GIORGIO MORODER this is a fun album. (DC)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Emperor Machine/SPACE BEYOND THE EGG DLP    $16.50
Catalog #: DC92LP 1
The latest album from ANDY MEECHAM, the man behind BIZARRE INC and CHICKEN LIPS as well as countless remixes. The vinyl format of this third album feats 10 out of the 13 tracks on the CD. A mix of "menacing funk", "lead footed disco", and "afro cosmic" dance tunes. (DC RECORDINGS)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Espen T. Hangard/ELEMENTAER LP    $24.00
Catalog #: GFLP03 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Only 3 months after his solo debut,the Oslo-based producer delivers a 2nd LP bristling with funky and playful, braindance-influenced electro. With a more melodic and layered approach than "PRIMAER", its 8 songs contain lush pads, acidic bass lines, and trippy beats...
Qty Out of stock
Espen T. Hangard/PRIMAER LP    $24.00
Catalog #: GFLP02 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. The Norwegian producer's debut LP takes a no-frills approach to electro and breakbeats with melodic synth hooks and more traditional song structures, taking inspiration from stringent electro & EBM as well as synth pop. 180g vinyl, full color sleeve, and shrinkwrapped....
Qty Out of stock
Fallbeil/THE MOCKTURTLE LP    $30.00
Catalog #: MMLPXX505 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Imagine DREXCIYA releasing an album on BUNKER RECORDS, with quirky skits for added intrigue, and you get a bit of an idea of the record from this Hamburg electro duo. Previous releases on MANNEQUIN, KILLEKILL sub-label BOIDAE, NEW YORK HAUNTED, and their own label TEERPAPPE....
Qty Out of stock
Catalog #: MAU5CD006 2
Back in stock! MAU5TRAP, the label that brought us DEADMAU5 and SKRILLEX, unleashes the debut album from FEED ME (JON GOOCH aka drum & bass producer SPOR). An album of big room electro house with dubstep elements, this is definitely the sound of 2011! Miss at your own peril... (MAU5TRAP)
Qty Out of stock
Flight Facilities/DOWN TO EARTH DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: FCL119LP 1
Ever elusive duo FLIGHT FACILITIES dropped a bombshell on unsuspecting, devoted fans, announcing the wholly unanticipated & yet incredibly welcomed debut album, DOWN TO EARTH. They have proven to be one of electronic music's most popular songwriting duos. Download codes included.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Footprintz/ESCAPE YOURSELF DLP    $24.00
Catalog #: VQLP002 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. This 12-track album is a tour-de-force of retro new wave sounds, cosmic disco, quirky leftfield downtempo, and slickly produced pop that somehow comes together and works brilliantly. Prime example is "FEAR OF NUMBERS", that borrows heavily from DEPECHE MODE's "ENJOY THE...
Qty Out of stock
Frak/FRAK DLP    $24.00
Catalog #: UH006 1
These leftfield synthesizer weirdos from Sweden have been making music since 1987, though most had never heard of them until about 4 years ago. 8 MORODER-esque sonic explorations of top notch quality on display! HOUSE OF TRAPS screen-printed sleeve art! (ULTIMATE HITS)
Qty Out of stock
French Fries/KEPLER DLP    $28.50
Catalog #: CCBLP002 9
FRENCH FRIES is back on his CLEKCLEKBOOM imprint with a 13-track double LP. Folding elements of house, ghettotech and electro together he creates a sound that is uniquely his own. (CLEKCLEKBOOM)
Qty Out of stock
Catalog #: SFRLP107 1
Complete peel sessions from 1979 and 1980 which has not been on CD or LP for over 20+ years. 180g vinyl, some copies are black and some are red - they are mixed, sorry. 11 tracks including "RETURN THE GIFT", "5:45", "NOT GREAT MEN", "ETHER", "GUNS BEFORE BUTTER", "TO HELL WITH POVERTY" and more!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Gary Gritness/THE LEGEND OF... DLP    $28.50
Catalog #: HYPELP013 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. "THE LEGEND OF CHERENKOV BLUE" is the soundtrack to an imagined cyberfunk tale, taking you on a ride through electro-funk with gnarly Roland 606 drum rhythms and soaring riffs that glide across 10 songs. This is his debut LP, following releases on HYPERCOLOUR, CLONE, & NYAMI...
Qty Out of stock
Gesaffelstein/ALEPH DLP    $45.00
Catalog #: VF094 1
Best known for his collabs with KANYE WEST, as well as high profile remixes for LANA DEL REY and DEPECHE MODE. Features 13 hard techno tracks, including new single, "HATE OR GLORY". Heavy weight vinyl. Heavy weight UV gloss sleeve.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Hacker, The/LOVE-KRAFT PART 2 DLP    $45.00
Catalog #: ZONE18 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. An emotional and accomplished journey through a diverse array of sounds, all finished off with THE HACKER's inimitable production prowess. The sound here varies from electro-tech, to a punk affair with aloof vocals and then moves to perfectly otherworldly.
Qty Out of stock
Headman/IT ROUGH DLP    $22.50
Catalog #: GOMMA022 1
Now in stock on vinyl.
Qty Out of stock
Hoodoo Fushimi/KENKA OYAJI LP    $36.00
Catalog #: 180GRELP01 1
Cult electro hip hop funk record from Japan originally released in 1987, now reissued for the first time since its original release! Original art & sound restoration, pressed on 180g vinyl with reverse board print. A 4-page insert includes interview/lyrics in English & Japanese. (180g)
Qty Out of stock
Hot Chip/COMING ON STRONG LP    $34.50
Catalog #: MOSHILP06 1
UK Record Store Day exclusive, a handful of copies remain and are now available in the USA. HOT CHIP's debut album has been repressed by MOSHI MOSHI on high quality audiofile vinyl. Limited t0 500 copies, this has been unavailable on wax for years. Don't sleep!
Qty Out of stock
Humanoid/YOUR BODY ROBOTIC DCD    $18.00
Catalog #: CDTOT56 2
BRIAN DOUGAN (FSOL) returns to his roots with this new collection of cuts from HUMANOID. Best known for the monster rave single, "STAKKER HUMANOID", on "YOUR BODY ROBOTIC" it's more killer electro, with previously unreleased material and remixes galore (PLUMP DJS, KRAFTY KUTS, GRHAM MASSEY & more).
Qty Out of stock
Catalog #: OPCMTDECD01 2
A collection of 38 unmixed songs, compiled by OPILEC MUSIC boss I-ROBOTS, that highlights Italodisco, rare grooves, and synth/electro from the Italian region of Piedmont in the 70's & 80's. (OPILEC MUSIC)
Qty Out of stock
I:Cube/ADORE CD    $24.00
Catalog #: VERCD003 2
New full-length on VERSATILE full of funky house, electro, and leftfield beats.
Qty Out of stock
In Flagranti/WORSE FOR WEAR CD    $18.00
Catalog #: CRECD003 2
New album full of outstanding tracks that ventures into new production territory yet maintaining their no-frills approach with a diverse palette of house, electro, and disco sleaze. Drawing tons of inspiration from the past, they create 10 tracks of exciting timeless tunes. (CODEK) Out 4/18
Qty Out of stock
Jensen Interceptor/MOTHER DLP    $28.50
Catalog #: LR009 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. With over 20 singles for key labels such as BOYSNOIZE, CPU, and his own INTERNATIONAL CHROME, this Australian producer finally delivers a debut full-length, with 10 songs of electro and techno featuring collaborations alongside DEFEKT, ASSEMBLER CODE, and THE HACKER. (LONE...
Qty Out of stock
Jimmy Edgar/MAJENTA DLP    $19.50
Catalog #: HFLP008 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. This Detroit producer takes a new direction with this album, offering 11 songs of erotic robo-pop and futuristic sleaze. His early exposure to KRAFTWERK, as well as techno legends DERRICK MAY & JUAN ATKINS, is on full display here. Discounted price.
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Joakim/FANTOMES DLP    $28.50
Catalog #: VERLP010 1
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John B/LIGHT SPEED CD    $18.00
Catalog #: BETACD07 2
This drum & bass veteran drops a brand new album that is a full force electro/D&B hybrid of epic proportions. Featuring an allay of vocal collaborations from the likes of KIRSTY HAWKSHAW, SHAZ SPARKS, and NSG! Includes the CAMO & KROOKED remix of "NUMBERS". (BETA)
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Jokers Of The Scene/END SCENE DLP    $27.00
Catalog #: TOK0001 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Crafted for modern listening from the analog echoes of cybernetic dreams, END SCENE reflects a cohesive vision. From the ominous intro, through the slow house jams, and then bringing in cavernous percussion. 11 tracks of headphone music to move bodies.
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Jon Convex/IDORU CD    $15.00
Catalog #: CONVEXLP001 2
The debut album from an advocate of a new wave of electronic music (as 1/2 of experimental D&B duo INSTRA:MENTAL, with 60,000 downloads a month of their "AUTONOMIC" podcasts) dives head first into electro and techno house sounds with this stunning tour de force across 10 cuts. (CONVEX INDUSTRIES)
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Catalog #: DRUT002LP 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. KELPE aka KEL McKEOWN works with a selection of analogue synths. The Ableton aficionado and purveyor of warped, cut n spliced cliq-hop beats has delivered a handcrafted, 10-track masterpiece of an album which draws upon the strengths of his previous three. (DRUT)
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Kelpe/THE CURVED LINE DLP    $25.50
Catalog #: DRUT007 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. This album plays out in a tenderly considered arc. Sun-swollen chords build up to sparring synths and bottom out into quietly frantic minimalism. A delicate union of the electronic and the organic throughout the 11 tracks.
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Kenny Larkin/THE CHRONICLES DCD    $28.50
Catalog #: RH104CD 2
This double CD collection follows "THE CHRONICLES" 12" series released over recent years. Remastered and released as a limited edition of 1000 units. Sweet DVD style packaging with free download of a KENNY LARKIN mix. A great retrospective overview of his work. (RUSH HOUR)
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Kid Machine/MAGICO DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: RL34 1
Ancient rites of witchcraft and wisdom are the theme for the album, while the sounds convey the wistful yearning of vintage Italo coalescing with the charged energy of Northern English dance music and crafted via a meticulously sourced array of esoteric sound tools. (RED LASER)
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Kid Machine/SPACE ELITE DLP    $33.00
Catalog #: RL20 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Eight modern synth anthems with a distinctively retro flair, galloping through Italodisco, electro, and minimal synth genres along the way. These are truly stellar tracks right here! (RED LASER)
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Kingdom/VIP EDITION CD    $10.50
Catalog #: FADEWL002 2
His debut release on FADE TO MIND (NIGHT SLUGS' American sister label) is a 9 track collection of original productions, reconstructions and exclusive unreleased dubs & remixes. Sexy electronic cuts that blend house, techno, bass and electro. Comes in a full color slimline cardboard sleeve. Limited!
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Kosmik Kommando/OVERMIND (SILVER) DLP    $45.00
Catalog #: ASGDE003LTD 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. MIKE DRED (REPHLEX, R&S) created these 8 songs according to the principles of TIMOTHY LEARY's proposed theory of "The Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness", rendering acid house, techno, electro, and rave. Limited 2022 silver vinyl repress of the 2013 original album. (DE:TUNED)
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Kraak & Smaak/BOOGIE ANGST CD    $18.00
Catalog #: JALCD034 2
The killer debut album from K&S. Features the singles "MONEY IN THE BAG", "KEEP ON SEARCHING" and "ONE OF THESE DAYS". One of our bestselling CDs this is a killer funky breaks album full of energy and sounds good just listening to at home or in a club. (JALAPENO)
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Kraftwerk/MINIMUM-MAXIMUM LIVE 4XLP    $39.00
Catalog #: ASW60611 1
4 album box set of live KRAFTWERK tracks. Includes all the classics from "TOUR DE FRANCE" and "THE MODEL" to "MUSIC NON STOP", "POCKET CALCULATOR" and "COMPUTER WORLD". 22 tracks in all. Not new this is from 2005 but we just got our hands on a few (relatively) cheap copies.
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Kris Baha/PALAIS DLP    $36.00
Catalog #: CDALP003 1
Recorded between 2015 to 2018, his debut full-length is comprised of 12 songs laced with his signature synth-heavy industrial sound. From more dancefloor oriented cuts to experimental cinematic overtures & psychedelic machine funk, this is a tour de force. 180g vinyl. (COKTAIL D'AMORE)
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Kuzma Palkin/STADION SEVER LP    $25.50
Catalog #: MEM01 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. The Saint Petersburg producer returns to his IDM roots on the first release on his new MEMONT sub-label of Russian imprint GOST ZVUK, presenting eight tracks of introspective electronics. (MEMONT/GOST ZVUK)
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Lauer/ANSWERS 2 TROUBLE LP    $22.50
Catalog #: PERMVAC219-1 1
An absolutely delicious album of glossy 80's electro-pop that channels the sounds of mid to late 80's electronic in the best ways possible! This truly sounds like a long lost album from the 80's, so get out your Aqua Net hairspray and your clove cigarettes. Full DL code. (PERMANENT VACATION)
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Lauer/PHILLIPS DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: RBLP04 1
The magnificent debut album from this artist finally arrives after a great string of releases and remixes. This 9 track vinyl version stretches from one end of the house sound to electronic downbeat to crazy electro to new wave influences tracks. Quality from beginning to end. (RUNNING BACK)
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LCD Soundsystem/SELF-TITLED DLP    $18.00
Catalog #: DFA2138LP 1
Classic first album back in stock on wax. Featuring the classics "DAFT PUNK IS PLAYING MY HOUSE", "TOO MUCH LOVE", "DISCO INFILTRATOR", "GREAT RELEASE", and more. From 2005, yet JAMES MURPHY's punk-funk-disco sound is as relevant today as it was back then. (DFA)
Qty Out of print/Not available
LCD Soundsystem/SOUND OF SILVER DLP    $24.75
Catalog #: DFA2164 1
BACK IN STOCK. US pressing on DFA of the sophomore album from punk/funk disco heavyweights LCD SOUNDSYSTEM. Led by DFA head honcho JAMES MURPHY, the band deliver their signature hot mix of analog synths, driving basslines, & hot guitar licks. Full color gatefold package.
Qty Out of print/Not available
LCD Soundsystem/THIS IS HAPPENING DLP    $25.50
Catalog #: DFA2250-2 1
JAMES MURPHY's 3rd & possibly final release is one of the best reviewed albums of 2010, including 9.2/Best New Music rating from PITCHFORK. Feat. NANCH WHANG, PAT MAHONEY, & GAVIN RUSSOM, this album reflects images of heartbreak and longing through the scattered light of a disco ball! (DFA)
Qty Out of print/Not available