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After Hours/COLLECTED... PART 2 LP    $15.00
Catalog #: AH005 1
The second chapter of the "COLLECTED, INSPECTED & INJECTED" series, this sees the Belgian DJ's/producers AFTER HOURS drop a collection of unique & original musical selections that stands out from the usual comps of old skool hip hop & overused loops. Excellent artwork! (AFTER HOURS)
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DJ Boba Fettucini/FAMILY GUY BREAKS LP    $16.50
Catalog #: MMR1986 1
DJ BOBA FETUCINI rocks it out once again, creating some seriously funky old skool hip hop breaks with samples and snippets from the TV show. This is some funny sh** - tracks like "BIGGIE CRACK", "ROSIE PEREZ TALKS GOOD", "STEWIE KNOWS GRAFFITI", "BRITISH PORN" and "YA BASTID". Full pic sleeve.
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DJ Boba Fettucini/FAT ALBERT BREAKS LP    $13.50
Catalog #: MMR1983 1
From the same guys behind BORAT BREAKS, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE BREAKS, etc. DJ tool album featuring samples from the classic kids TV cartoon.
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DJ Boba Fettucini/NAPOLEON DYNAMITE LP    $13.50
Catalog #: MMR1979 1
This break record includes dialogue and soundtrack snippets from the movie, includin the electro cut from the dance practice scene. Also included is a full version of the theme from THE A-TEAM. Who knew?
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DJ Boba Fettucini/SPIDEY BREAKS LP    $15.00
Catalog #: MMR1984 1
"AMAZING SPIDEY BREAKS" adds to BOBA's already extensive breakbeat catalog of soundtrack samples. Featuring all of the vintage soundbytes from the 60's, 70's, & 80's TV shows, as well as sound FX, funky beats, snappy dialogue, and rare samples.
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DJ Boba Fettucini/YO GABBA GABBA... LP    $16.50
Catalog #: MMR1987 1
Lets face it, YO GABBA GABBA is the only kids TV show in recent memory to sport old skool B-BOY hip hop culture. DJ LANCE ROCK has hip hop royality on the show (like THE BIZ), here we see BOBA FETTUCINI flip 20 tracks from the show and make 'em dancefloor/street ready. Full color picture sleeve.
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Catalog #: TUB001 1
DJ DISK (founder of the INVISIBLE SKRATCH PIKLZ) is working with PRAXIS, BILL LASWELL, MIKE PATTON and on his own solo album. In the meantime he's dropped this DJ toolz breaks album full of orig beats, scratches, tones, and locked grooves. Finished pressing now finally out.
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DJ Peabird/CHEMICAL WARFARE LP    $21.00
Catalog #: BRKZ013 1
DJ PEABIRD is back. This latest release deals with a combination of skip proof scratchtools, rare pumpin' beats and specially arranged accapella parts to create wicked mixes and kickn' performances. (BREAKZ'R UZ)
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Kanye West/ACAPELLA ALBUM LP    $18.00
Catalog #: KANYEACCLP 1
Album featuring acapellas on many of KANYE's biggest cuts: "ALL FALLS DOWN", "LOVE LOCKDOWN", "AMERICAN BOY" feat ESTELLE, "BETTER THAN I'VE EVER BEEN", "DIAMONDS", "GOLD DIGGER", "GOOD LIFE", "JESUS WALKS", and more. Full pic sleeve (a variant of the "LOVE LOCKDOWN" cover).
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Michael Jackson/MJ ACCAPELLA ALBUM LP    $15.00
Catalog #: JACKOACCAP001 9
Another smokin' 17 track set of ACCAPELLAS for the working producer and hard core MJ fan. This feat 9 accapellas that do not appear on the "KING OF ACCAPELLAS" piece that we have carried before. Full color picture sleeve makes this essential for the MJ collector too!! (SKY FORWARD)
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Nick Nack/SOUNDCRAFTSMAN LP    $13.50
Catalog #: CWD117 9
New DJ/scratch tool LP from Austin DJ NICK NACK. Conceived as a tool to open up the melodic range of turntablists, this record has 5 instruments in 6 key signatures so you can scratch in tune with a live band or other records. Also includes traditional sounds , samples and skipless drums.
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Panzah Zandahz/BECK BREAKS & BEATS LP    $10.50
Catalog #: TR005 9
Very cool DJ tool album based on "one of the most prolific and eclectic pop stars of the last decade". BECK themed beats looped, decomposed and redone by PZ along with tons of scratch sequences and samples. Similar to most dirt style break records. 13 mins long per side. Ltd to 500.
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Catalog #: DREADUK006 2
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Rednose Distrikt/ROCK YOUR NOSE...LP    $18.00
Catalog #: RW001 1
ROCK YOUR NOSE WELL IN THE DISTRIKT. Lots more copies back in stock! This features 22 short crunked out hip hop tempo beats, by REDNOSE DISTRIKT, KID SUBLIME, and AARDVARK. Beats in the style of JAY DEE and MADLIB for DJs or just to listen. Nice art as well, similar to other REDNOSE releases.
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Tullio De Piscopo/SUONANDO... LP    $42.00
Catalog #: DIALP925 1
"SUONANDO LA BATTERIA MODERNA" was originally released in 1974, having become the Holy Grail of the drum/breaks library field. Now available again in a faithful replica of the original gatefold sleeve and recorded from the original master tapes. (DIALOGO)
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Catalog #: NHS171CD 2
The premier D&B label HOSPITAL releases a collection of 20 of its classic acapellas for use by DJ's, producers, & remixers (each song lists the BPM & key signature of the original recording. Vocals from DIANE CHARLEMAGNE, NATALIE WILLIAMS, ALISON CROCKETT, JENNA G, LIANE CARROLL, and more!
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Catalog #: XB001 1
Following in the footsteps of YO DJ this album takes one side and devotes it so samples of CHRIS TUCKER, taken from the movies RUSH HOUR & MONEY TALKS. The other side has 12 hip-hop beat tracks, about a min or so each, biting such artists as LAURYN HILL, FAITH EVANS, NEXT, SNOOP and more.
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Yo DJ!/200% NATURAL SAMPLES DCD    $13.50
Catalog #: YODJ115 2
200 samples, scratches, breaks and drop-ins compiled by the people behind the YO DJ breaks albums. Features many hard to find scratches and samples.
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Catalog #: YODJAB101 1
Spin-off project from the YO DJ! label that feats a bunch of porno samples along with beat loops. The loops go from bangin' house to hip hop to dancehall.
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Catalog #: YODJ117 1
This "SPECIAL EDITION" repress incls all the tracks and samples from the orig "BEST OF" PLUS more movie samples. Features kung fu movie samples to drop in your set along with some dope hip hop beats. From YO DJ.
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Catalog #: YODJXB001CD 2
Samples of Chris Tucker from the movies "Money Talks" & "Rush Hour".
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Yo DJ!/DJ BIBLE VOL.1 A LP    $10.50
Catalog #: YODJ114A 1
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Yo DJ!/DJ BIBLE VOL.2 B LP    $10.50
Catalog #: YODJ114B 1
An eclectic DJ tool record that features lots of live drums for your use, alongside side plenty of cool Indian samples. Tabla turntablism?
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Catalog #: YODJ105 1
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Catalog #: YODJ113A 1
These two YO DJ! albums feature the hottest breaks, beats and samples from recent club bangers. No underground nonsense here, this is heavy fire for any DJ or turntablist. Everyone from Jay-Z to DMX through to Common and The Roots!
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Catalog #: YODJ113B 1
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Yo DJ!/I'M RICH BITCH LP    $10.50
Catalog #: YODJ121 1
The last LP released in the YO DJ! series featuring tons (and we do mean tons) of samples from DAVE CHAPPELLE's hit comedy show on one side and some some seriously dope original beat tracks on the flip. Look out for volume 2 (with lost episodes and lots of CHARLIE MURPHY) later this year.
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Catalog #: YODJ123 1
This collects dialogue and sound fx samples from classic blaxploitation movies (BLACK CAESAR, THE MACK, and DOLEMITE) on one side along with ten all new original hip hop beat tracks plus a cut that uses all the samples from the a-side. Incls samples from several out of print YO DJ records.
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Yo DJ!/RETURN OF SHAOLIN #1 LP    $10.50
Catalog #: YODJ124 1
This new "SPECIAL EDITION" album incls all the beats and breaks from the long out of print "SHAOLIN SAMPLE LOOPS" (YODJ102) plus some new beats. It does NOT include any of the kung fu film samples however. Old skool hip hop breaks along with drum & bass/jungle breaks on the flip. (YO DJ!)
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Yo DJ!/RETURN OF SHAOLIN #2 LP    $10.50
Catalog #: YODJ125 1
This set was too big for just one album so it spilled out onto a second record. This second record takes all the kung fu movie samples from the original out of print album. No breaks and beats 'cept for a funky hip house track that samples JAY Z and a looped ODB vocal rant. (YO DJ!)
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Catalog #: YODJ126 1
This brand new beats and breaks album in the YO DJ! series features movie samples from the super hero movies "X-MEN" and "SPIDER MAN" (plus their sequels), "THE HULK", "DICK TRACY", "BATMAN" and "THE PUNISHER". Also includes an assortment of underground hip hop beats.
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Yo DJ!/THE MATRIX A & B LP    $10.50
Catalog #: YODJ120AB 1
Sticking to the YO DJ format of samples and beat loops we get these two LPs of samples from the Matrix for your scratching pleasure. Sides A & B stick to the first movie, and you get some classics. The loops are hip hop, dance hall and even some house. (YO DJ!)
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Yo DJ!/THE MATRIX C & D LP    $10.50
Catalog #: YODJ120CD 1
Sides C & D include samples from the second "Matrix" movie including Morpheus' speech to Zion, some good stuff here. Some of the loops sound like techno tracks from the soundtrack, plus you also get the usual hip hop and dancehall loops. (YO DJ!)
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Catalog #: YODJ106 9
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Catalog #: YODJ122 1
The next album in the popular YO DJ! DJ tools series. This time around it features dialogue and sound efx samples from the classic WU-TANG kung fu movies (all different from the other YO DJ! albums) b/w ten all original hip hop break beats plus a hip hop track featuring all the a-side samples.
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