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Catalog #: Q002 9
Highly sought after 12", that's never come out! Limited pressing of these white label promos. Rumored to be DONNIE TEMPO. See discogs for the $69 listing if you want an idea of how much people value this record. Finally repressed and back in stock.
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2020 Soundsystem/CAN'T STOP..REMIX 12"    $6.00
Catalog #: VIS141 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. These are the infamous JESSE ROSE dubs of "CAN'T STOP THE CREW." Not new, but new to us. On the a-side you get the main dub, a stomping house track with a little bit of that JESSE wonkiness tossed in. The marimba dub rides the b-side, a lot more techy. (2020 VISION)
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2Phargon/FEEL A LITTLE STRANGE 12"    $18.00
Catalog #: DB278 9
LEE MORTIMER, aka FRIEND WITHIN, presents a new alias 2PHARGON with a trio of tracks that range from sample-based club ready banger to percolating minimal tech-house to kaleidoscopic electronic introspection. (DIRTYBIRD)
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9th House/MIDAS EP 12"    $19.50
Catalog #: RB115 9
This flock of heartfelt and intuitive house tracks are centered around uplifting chords, joyous melodies, upbeat drums, and shuffling hi-hats. These shimmering synth tracks definitely owe a hint of their pedigree to classic trance as well. (RUNNING BACK)
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A Split Second/FLESH (REPRESS) 12"    $21.00
Catalog #: DR-013 9
The title track was a global underground dance sensation, with a sound that fused elements of new beat, synthpop, and industrial/EBM. The Belgian duo later gained even more fame with their signing to WAX TRAX. The original 1986 4-track single gets a 2022 repress on white vinyl. (DISCORING)
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A-Trak/DIRTY SOUTH DANCE EP 12"    $9.75
Catalog #: FGR002 9
Back in. 2nd 12" on FOOL's GOLD. 4 DJ-friendly dancefloor ready edits from the acclaimed "DIRTY SOUTH DANCE" mixtape. A-TRAK just prod KANYE's latest single "STRONGER" and is now working as his deejay. 1-time pressing. "WALK OUT TRIZZ", "WAMERCYCLE", "FRENCHIES ACT A FOOL" and "M.I.A.-RODER".
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AC Slater/TAKE YOU FEAT NINJASONIK 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: TBRAD004 9
AC SLATER arrives on TROUBLE & BASS with guests NINJASONIK on "TAKE YOU", a hard hitting, post rave, piano licked club anthem. The bombs don't stop there as this release also includes remix work from DROP THE LIME, LAZER SWORD, NADASTROM, & LEE MORTIMER.
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Acid Washed/ACID WASHED EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: REC69 9
ACID WASHED's signature club anthem getting an amazing set of remixes from DANGER, DIGIKID84, MICKEY MOONLIGHT, and THE HACKER. (RECORD MAKERS)
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Acidliner/FUNKHOUSE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: GANGSIGNS002 9
A pair of stripped back, banging acid techno cuts that have a definite old school feel about them in a good way! (GANGSIGNS)
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Acre/ICONS EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: TEC080 9
This 4-track EP glides across sonic landscapes of grime, techno, and industrial/experimental with ease, melding a jilted sense of otherworldly sounds seamlessly with dancefloor sensibilities. (TECTONIC)
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Action Man/STAMINA EP 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: CHEAP04X 9
F*ckin' massive, in yer face fidget house EP done by label bossman HERVE, under a new alias. "ALARM BELL" is a peaktime dancefloor godzilla with some a catchy bassline, cool breakdowns and a burp sample. "UNDER YOUR SKIN" and "ZOMBIE DANCE" are big, loud, and bleepy house cuts. Turn this up to 11!
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Adam BFD/EMBRACE EP 12"    $19.50
Catalog #: DISTANT008 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Originally released in 2021, the French producer followed this 5-track EP of breakbeats galore with a pair of singles on RUNNING OUT OF STEAM and a 12" for LOST PALMS. Now repressed for 2022. (DISTANT HORIZONS)
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Adam Curtain/ELSITAS DREAMLAND 12"    $22.50
Catalog #: TRBLMKR12012 9
A 5-track EP of breaks, electro, and bass-heavy tracks, including a 140 bpm remix from the legendary CIEL and also a UK funky tinged remix from BAKONGO (aka ROSKA). (TROUBLE MAKER)
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Addison Groove & Die/KEYHOLE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: GF005 9
Two heavyweights of Bristol's underground bass scene team up for a pair of club heavy, jukin', lock, drop, & poppin' singles (with "HYDROPUMP" on the B-side). (GUTTERFUNK)
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Addison Groove/IT'S GOT ME 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: 3024012 9
Splicing traditional hip hop breaks into the mix with a gauzy, drifting melody takes this track into a different realm, while "MINUTES OF FUNK" uses luxurious synth washes and increasingly intricate rhythmic shifts as interlocking traces of a unique dancefloor construction. (3024)
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Addison Groove/WORK IT 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: SWAMP009 9
This alter ego of dubstep producer HEADHUNTER is a vehicle for his electro/ juke tracks. "WORK IT" is a stripped down, minimal electro track aspiring to be a Detroit strip club anthem. "SEXUAL" is a more subtle, minimal groove, with looped vocal samples. (SWAMP 81)
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Ahmet Sisman/DANCE WITH THE WHITE...12"    $13.50
Catalog #: CP025 9
This new producer brings "DANCE WITH THE WHITE RABBIT" to the CULPRIT label and is an explosive track with sweeping synth melodies & a vocal hook. NICO LAH and AUDIOFLY both deliver remixes. "HELLO TO ALICE" on the flip is a moodier tune with a warm chord driven drive.
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Aidan Lavelle/GET YOURSELF 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: RBL013 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. LAVELLE delivers three superb cuts of dance music that features his hybrid of tech'd out grooves with deep and moody undertones. The title track has a chugging groove and sharp shooting synths. "ABYSS" is a floor burner with dark melodies. "UNREAL" is a big room cut with a...
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Catalog #: DBB005 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The original version of "HALFWAY HOUSE" is a slick house track with analog drums, big bass, and piano lines. WILD GEESE brings the first remix on this 12" and injects big room energy into the track. CROOKED MAN follows with an eleven and a half minute version and adds a...
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Alex Clare/UP ALL NIGHT (SKREAM RMX) 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: 2783337 9
UK indie/alternative sensation ALEX CLARE gets a dubstep remix from SKREAM very much in the same fashion as his massive remix for LA ROUX's "IN FOR THE KILL", starting out slow & eerie and building into a full-on D&B finale. Also comes with a club mix from NADASTROM. (MERCURY/UK)
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Alex Kassian/VOICES 12"    $22.50
Catalog #: TPR001X 9
The 1st in a 3-part series building toward his 2024 album. The title track arrives in three mixes that run from an expansive journey to a pure club version, followed by the ambient excursion "LIFESTREAM". (TEST PRESSING)
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Alex Lay-Far/SOULFUL HARDCORE: LOVE 12"    $18.00
Catalog #: AXTX013 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The Moscow producer refines his emerging sound of "soulful hardcore", a fusion of rough banging rhythms on the edge of UK hardcore, electro, breaks, house, and techno, with three original tracks about love dedicated to his girlfriend. Includes a remix by RAW TAKES. (AXE TRAXX)
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Alexander Robotnick/OBSESSION 12"    $9.75
Catalog #: FGR020 9
North American release on FOOLS GOLD from veteran producer who draws the line between classic Italo and electro house - full on rampant acid lines, dtriving synth and a purist party vibe. Comes with brand new reworks from current electronic masters NACHO LOVERS, FREEFORM FIVE, and LILL BO TWEAK.
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Ali Love/EMPEROR-WAZE & ODYSSEY 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: CRM108 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. This first track taken from the upcoming full length features vocals from KALI and holds a classic Chicago house sound with a killer groove. WAZE & ODYSSEY step in for the first remix for a nice deep house alternative. On the flip, MACEO PLEX brings a big room mix that is...
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Ali Love/PLAYA & JUNGLE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: NO19027 9
This 12" opens with "PLAYA", a deep and hypnotic, bass driven track with understated melodies that lay underneath the soulful vocals. On the B-side, "JUNGLE" is a slab of haunting underground house with a few old school Chicago inspired stabs. The "WHATEVER MIX" by SEB BRIGANTE follows.
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Alice Deejay/BETTER OFF ALONE 12"    $22.50
Catalog #: DOTB-09 9
This club banger was globally ubiquitous from 1999 to the early 2000's, going Top 10 in pop charts in several countries! The pop-trance classic includes the vocal, radio, and instrumental versions on this 2023 official reissue. (DANCE ON THE BEAT)
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Amirali/BEAUTIFUL WORLD 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: CRM090 9
This captivating slice of new wave wonky electronic house is the beginning of big things to come for this emerging producer! The track is driven by bass swagger & goth-like vocals. Three grand remixes are included from DANIEL BORTZ, DENIZ KURTEL, and HRDVSION. (CROSSTOWN REBELS)
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Amirali/JUST AN ILLUSION PART 2 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: CRM097PT2 9
The second part of this remix package features 2 more mixes of AMIRALI's track. First, house music legend MARC KINCHEN aka MK offers up a dubbed out mix with his signature style. APPLEBLIM's remix on the flip strips the track and creates a hot dancefloor banger. (CROSSTOWN REBELS)
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Amy Douglas/FREAK AT NIGHT 7"    $21.00
Catalog #: RNT45010 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. Known as a voice and pen behind HORSE MEAT DISCO, ROISIN MURPHY, and as the face of HARD FEELINGS (her project with HOT CHIP's JOE GODDARD), here she delivers a pair of modern disco classics that are both co-written & produced by JKRIV. (RAZOR-N-TAPE)
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AnD/FVS EP 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: HORO011 9
AND creates the perfect fusion of experimental 170 bpm music and techno. Both "FVS" and "GVA" show new approaches and structures that weld the two genres together perfectly. "1AC" closes out the EP with a corrosive drone track. (SAMURAI HORO)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Anthony Mansfield/PANCHO'S REVENGE 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: HEC014 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. HECTOR WORKS returns with a new 3 tracks from label head honcho teaming up with DJ GARTH for this sprawling disco affair, complete with super-spy guitar lines, crisp drums, morse code bass and enough dubby treatments to make one's skull swirl. Includes remixes from BEAT...
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Aquarius Heaven/CAN'T BUY ME LOVE EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WLM16 9
WOLF+LAMB RECORDS brings this electrifying release that's a heavy dose of dance, reggae, and hip hop all rolled into a cult record. The title track features DANI SICILIANO & is followed by "KEEP ON". On the flip, "SUMMER LOVE" holds a speedy groove while "STOP" enters the realm of dark clubs.
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ARLO/PARTY RESPONSE VOL. 1 12"    $22.50
Catalog #: YUMPR1V 9
Breakbeat-infused club cuts galore on Bristol-born artist's 1st in a series of releases for FOOD MUSIC. Includes a big room house remix by J.O.S.H.U.A. to close the single. (FOOD MUSIC)
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Art Bleek/SUPPLIED ARTWORK EP 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: LGN022 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. TREVOR LOVEYS drops a killer dub mix of "CLAP YOUR HANDS" to kick things off. A upbeat club banger. "HOLD IT" is a slower funky beat driven club track. "RED LIGHT", a sexy upbeat vocal disco house cut, "THE HUNT DANCE" feat URSULA RUCKER, and "RIGHT ON" feat CHARLIE SPUTNIK...
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Art Department/ROBOT HEART 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: NO19029 9
This track from ART DEPARTMENT collaborating with SHAUN REEVES, BLUD, and DAMIAN LAZARUS, is an ode to ROBOT HEART at the infamous BURNING MAN that brings crisp beats, a monster synth bass, electro-like vocals, and eerie pads. On the flipside, BLUD drops a "DEEP PLAYA BEATS MIX". (NO.19 MUSIC)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Art Department/SOCIAL EXPERIMENT 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: NO19030 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. This is an outstanding vinyl sampler from this NO.19 MUSIC compilation. The A-side holds the epic 10+ minute track "INSOMNIAC" which is a rich cut with warm bass, old style synths, & haunting vocals. "NOT PROGRESS" from MY FAVORITE ROBOT along with "ARTIFICIAL TEARS" from...
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Audiojack/STAY STRONG 12"    $19.50
Catalog #: DB287 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The UK duo delivers an infectious club track complimented by layered synths and textured percussive elements. B-side "IN YOUR EYES" strikes a different tone with its rhythmic breakbeat nature. (DIRTYBIRD)
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Automation/THE REMIXES 12"    $19.50
Catalog #: TXXX1 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Originally released in 1991 via their own TRIPLE HELIX RECORDS, these 4 songs have stood the test of time with a raved up sound that bridges the gap between UK hardcore, breakbeat, and techno. (TRIPLE HELIX)
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AVNU/THE SHOWDOWN 12"    $18.00
Catalog #: ELO001 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. A pair of unlikely edits hot on the heels of his recent album "TOUGH TO LOVE BUT WORTH THE EFFORT", ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA's 1973 song "SHOWDOWN" gets the tempo ramped up and added drums for a feverish edit. Then "LOSE MY HEAD" jacks up another gem for a storming disco...
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Azoto/SAN SALVADOR 12"    $22.50
Catalog #: GR12106 9
A 2023 reissue of the 1979 Italodisco classic, with original & instrumental versions on the A-side. Also features a pair of 2004 remixes on the B-side from MOONLIGHT and NATURAL BORN GROOVES for some more modern disco/house vibes. (GROOVIN)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Baauer/DUM DUM (LASER-ETCHED) 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: LUCKYMEW002 9
This 3-track single on laser-etched vinyl follows his massive MAD DECENT cut "HARLEM SHAKE" (over 350,000 listens on YouTube since May!) and mad crazy hype as the second coming of the trap music scene! Includes the hardstyle sampling "MY NOSE" & crunked out joint "SWERVE". (LUCKYME)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Baby Rollen/AUTOMATED REPLY 12"    $21.00
Catalog #: NFY004 9
Big Italo-laced house banger recently featured in ERIS DREW's DEKMANTEL set is backed by the sample-heavy, acid-laden burner "OOO". (NOT FOR YOU)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Backwoods/CLOUD NINE REMIXES 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: ENESP001 9
This massive track from THE BACKWOODS gets 2 new remixes for ENE & ESP INSTITUTE. THE STALLIONS (LOVEFINGERS & LEE DOUGLAS) take the cut into an uplifting rave-like anthem. On the flip, COS/MES turn up the trip factor for a lush and loopy remix.
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Bag Raiders/BIG FUN EP 12"    $9.75
Catalog #: FGR023 9
New track "ALL THE GIRLS" (with DONNIS) is a fun, synth-heavy pop track (think CHROMEO or LMFAO), while the JAN DRIVER remix of "TURBO LOVE" (a wiggly synth affair with a dark tribal thump) rounds out the A. "FUN PUNCH" gets a pair of remixes from JOKERS OF THE SCENE & XXXCHANGE. (FOOL'S GOLD)
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Bag Raiders/SUNLIGHT-ARMAND V.H. RMX 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: MODVL138 9
The original pop gem (included here) gets a huge dancefloor remix from ARMAND VAN HELDEN and a more subtle remix from Sweden's TIEDYE. (MODULAR)
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Barking Dogs/MAMARRACHO - LINKED IN 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: GOMMA168 9
CRISTIAN CROCE & NICOLA MAZZETTI team up for this 12" on the GOMMA imprint. The 1st cut brings out the vintage synths and drum machines for a raw 80s house sound & then gets remixed by KIM ANN FOXMAN who adds a tech'd out feel to the cut. "LINKED IN" fills the flip plus an extra ALTZ DARTY dub
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Baronhawk Poitier/TEMPERADO TORNADO 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: HNY024 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Gay American techno scene icon, battle-ready freestyle dancer, DC DJ/club promoter, and 2015 National Endowment for the Arts award winner turns up on his wildly eclectic debut 4-track EP! (HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM)
Qty Out of stock
Belaria/BOOST 12"    $22.50
Catalog #: FRIENDSOME002 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Oscillating between dark-disco, Italo, and synth-wave, this 4-track EP starts and ends with two dancefloor tracks. Closing cut "ESTEEM" is a more minimalist club cut reminiscent of CHLOE or PEACHES. Pressed on limited blue vinyl. (FRIENDSOME RECORDS)
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Bell Towers/TONIGHT I'M FLYING 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: INT25 9
Melbourne's ROMAN WAFERS aka BELL TOWERS blend bits of classic electro, early house, italo, and disco on the title track and on "THEME FROM BAMBOO MUSIK". On the flipside, the great IDJUT BOYS further refine their sound of disco & dub with two brilliant remixes of the first track. (INTERNASJONAL)
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Bella Boo/LOONEY TALKS EP 12"    $22.50
Catalog #: BARN086 9
Channeling the energy of recent gigs at Berlin's Panorama Bar and London's Phonox, the Stockholm artist presents a 4-track EP of intoxicating dance cuts full of intense rhythmic themes and inventive new takes on classic rave sounds. (STUDIO BARNHUS)
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Ben Browning/I CAN'T STAY 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: CUTTERS011 9
CUT COPY member brings this solo effort to the CUTTERS label. The original opens with a nice guitar lead before opening up to a club-pop driven bass. For remix duties, KNIGHTLIFE transforms the song into an epic & infectious dance gem and DFA's JUAN MACLEAN opts for a highly energized version
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Ben Gomori/DM SLIDE 12"    $21.00
Catalog #: STAMP015 9
Special edit of an overlooked 80's electro-soul jam, complete with a dub version on the flip. Sounds a lot like very early MADONNA meets hi-NRG. (STAMP)
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Benedek/ZEBRANO EP 12"    $24.00
Catalog #: APRON048 9
LA producer with a lengthy list of collaborations including DAM-FUNK, STEVE ARRINGTON, DELROY EDWARDS, TOM NOBLE, and more, resurfaces with his first feature release since 2011. The 6-track EP mixes it up with soul, boogie, club cuts, and more. (APRON)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Benga/PHAZE ONE EP D12"    $21.00
Catalog #: TEMPA049 9
The first in a series of EP's for the TEMPA label, this 6-track doublepack includes "BALTIMORE CLAP" (his pulsing, sweating homage to Bmore house), as well big hits in his recent sets like "EYETUNES" & "MINI MOTO CROSS", plus "808", "YOUR BAND (DESCENDING)" & "ROCK MUSIC". Dubstep anthem alert!
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Beni/IT'S A BUBBLE (DJ SNEAK REMIX) 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: MODVL141 9
New on MODULAR, Australia's very own purveyor of all-things-house pushes the boundaries once again on "IT'S A BUBBLE", now with remixes from the legend DJ SNEAK, plus ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS and THE MAGICIAN. Comes in black DJ sleeve from MODULAR records.
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Benny Benassi/SATISFACTION (RED) 12"    $21.00
Catalog #: DOTB-03R 9
Originally released in 2002, the massive global dance hit from BENNY BENASSI presents THE BIZ, gets reissued with the original and dub versions, plus an alternate version. "Push me, and then just touch me, until I can get my satisfaction..." 2023 repress on red vinyl. (DANCE ON THE BEAT)
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Benny Benassi/SATISFACTION 12"    $21.00
Catalog #: DOTB-03 9
Originally released in 2002, the massive global dance hit from BENNY BENASSI presents THE BIZ, gets reissued with the original and dub versions, plus alternate version "NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO". "Push me, and then just touch me, until I can get my satisfaction..." (DANCE ON THE BEAT)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Benoit & Sergio/BRIDGE SO FAR 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: HOTC029 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The HOT CREATIONS camp call upon BENOIT & SERGIO for this huge 12" that has a distinctive style and pop sensibility. The title track layers synth keys, electro melodies, and beautiful vocals for a killer dancefloor tune. On the flip "$100 BILL" gives a chugging groove with a...
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Bent/ALWAYS 2009 REMIXES 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: GAE010 9
Fresh remixes of BENT's "ALWAYS." First up are the cosmic disco wizards MIGHTY MOUSE, adding some synth stabs to get things moving. On the flip the wonky master TREVOR LOVEYS delivers a club remix suited for a big room with a more proggy sound. VERY limited repress. (GODLIKE AND ELECTRIC)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Biesmans/THIS IS THE SOUND OF B-RMXS 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: RBSSS6 9
Berlin-based synthoholic and Watergate resident steps up for the sixth installment of RUNNING BACK's "SUPER SOUND SINGLES" series, revisiting his Belgian roots and reimagining three gems from Belgium's rich 80's music scene with remixes of SCHMUTZ, LUC VAN ACKER, and SCOOTER. (RUNNING BACK)
Qty Out of stock
Big Freedia/AZZ EVERYWHERE EP 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: 540020 9
The "queen diva" of New Orleans bounce music released this 6 track EP a year ago on 540 RECORDS - "AZZ EVERYWHERE" is one of her most well-known and deeply loved anthem and is also included with an instrumental and acapella. Flip has 3 live jams inc "MAKE YA BOOTY GO". Full color sleeve.
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Big Zen/PRAYER BASS 12"    $21.00
Catalog #: MH029 9
Vancouver legend makes his debut on MOOD HUT with a freely focused collection of euphoric club cuts on this 4-track single. (MOOD HUT)
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Billions & Billions/THE DANCE 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: NJ001 9
MIKE SIMONETTI launches his label with this 2 tracker with MONTY LUKE. Here their mission was to recreate New York City peak hour house and club vibes of the late 80s and 90s. The title track on the A-side is a deeper tune than the flipside's "TRACTOR BEAM" which is fit for any club's main room.
Qty Out of stock
Billy Newton-Davis/PROMISED LAND 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: PLAY12017 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. PLAY RECORDS (DEADMAU5) drops the BILLY NEWTON-DAVIS remake of the house classic by JOE SMOOTH. MANUEL DE LA MARE's mix is a mega-club floor filler while the "MELLEFRESH DEEP MIX" takes things down a notch. DAVID JONES, on the flip, brings another bomb & CALVERTRON brings in...
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Bird Peterson/YOUR PARENTS ARE...12"    $12.00
Catalog #: AAAHH001 9
First cut sounds like it could be from DAFT PUNK. Infectious melody, and it sounds gigantic! This four track EP is fidget house at its best, all killer. Includes "PETE GOES OFF," "NIGHT OF THE SWAGGER," "THE ESSENCE" and "BIG WEAPON ANTHEM (KEEP IT DOWN)." Whoa. That's all we can say.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Blawan/FRAM 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: HES013 9
These blistering cuts from 2010 showcase the abilities of then new producer BLAWAN. Somewhere between dubstep, bass music & UK garage, this freshly repressed 12" will still surely turn heads and move dancefloors. (HESSLE AUDIO)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Boddika/SOUL WHAT REMIXES 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: SWAMP0241 9
The BODDIKA remix of his own track on Side A is a jacking tech-house cut with stuttered vocal loops. The MICKEY PEARCE remix is a pulsing slice of machine funk that is club ready to the extreme! (SWAMP 81)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990/NIGHT SLUGS 12"+ CD    $13.50
Catalog #: DTS012 9
The last ever release from DRESS 2 SWEAT!! 2 club bangers from BOK BOK and 2 from MAD DECENT's L-VIS 1990. Bass heavy club tracks that blend Bmore, fidget, and dubstep. 12" comes with a mix CD showcasing the highlights of the D2S catalog mixed by label boss JACKMASTER. Don't sleep on this one!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Bok Bok/SOUTHSIDE EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: NS010 9
At long last, NIGHT SLUGS drops a 3-track EP from the label's co-founder representing the full gamut of influences, as well as his label's hyper color, bottom heavy, club ready aesthetic.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Bone Squad/SKAL & BONES EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: TFR001 9
Four pieces of grime, hardcore, and bashment created by heavily sampling ambient sections of Norwegian black metal cassettes and vintage grime records. Comes with a free download code that includes a bonus remix. First release from TOTAL FANTASY RECORDS, the new label of DEADBOY from NUMBERS.
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Boxcar/COMET (FAUVE REMIXES) 12"    $19.50
Catalog #: FAUVEP003X 9
The 90's Australian duo gets a set of contemporary remixes by DONALD HOUSE, FABRIZIO MAMMARELLA, ROMAIN FX, and JOHNNY ROCK that lends a future retro edge to the original Italo meets Hi-NRG flair. (FAUVE)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Boy 8-Bit/STILL KILLING EP 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: MAD106 9
Kicking things off is PHILIPE DE BOYAR's gated synth monster, and indie fav MEMORY TAPES delivers a dreamy version of "CRICKET SCORES." OBI BLANCHE adds a hot sax for his housey remix, and BOY 8-BIT drops a disco-techno rmx of his own. Artsy spot-varnish sleeve & download card! Limited.(MAD DECENT)
Qty Out of stock
Boys Noize/ADONIS - MARK E REMIX 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: COR12090 9
This track from ALEX RIDHA aka BOYS NOIZE fuses the energy of disco with massive percussion and Chicago memories. In addition to the original mix is the remix by MARK E who transforms the cut into a hypnotic house jam with a Detroit pinch. (COCOON)
Qty Out of stock
Boys Noize/JEFFER-MODESELEKTOR RMX 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: BNR038 9
MODESELEKTOR's remix sounds like the good ol' not-so-minimal days of AUDION (MATTHEW DEAR). It's full on techno, but playable for the house DJs too. On the flip is PARA ONE's epic club version. A total banger, with a dope break that will have 'em melting. (BOYS NOIZE)
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Brassica/HAYAT ZOR EP 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: CIV056 9
BRASSICA's HAYAT ZOR EP is a beautiful blend of rave-nostalgia, 80s electro-pop. Vocalists STUART WARWICK, BOBBIE GORDON, JEREMIAH CONOL and GAVIN RUSSOM cement this 4-track 12" as a solid slice of pop, indebted to groups such as NEW ORDER and DEVO. (CIVIL MUSIC)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Breakage/HARD (CASPA REMIX) 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: SBOY026 9
The original on the A-side, featuring the vocals of NEWHAM GENERALS & DAVID RODIGAN, is a straight up grime track, while the "DUB POLICE TAKEOVER RMX" by CASPA and THE OTHERS on the B-side retains the vocals but spaces out the music for a dubstep hybrid remix. (DIGITAL SOUNDBOY)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Breakbot/BABY I'M YOURS (REMIXES) 10"    $13.50
Catalog #: BEC5772679 9
Great 10" release on ED BANGER, remixes by AEROPLANE featuing vocals from IRFANE (OUTLINES). Includes the original mix of the track, which has been an online video sesnsation. Feel good French modern piano driven disco, a massive anthem for the summer. Limited edition.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Breakbot/BABY I'M YOURS 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: BEC5772639 9
Parisian THIBAULT BERLAND aka BREAKBOT steps up on his "BABY I'M YOURS" single in the vein of a seriously smooth 70s cut featuring vocals from IRFRAME. With remixes from SIRIUSMO & LA FUNK MOB, this is gonna be a big release. Also includes the fresh steppin "MAKE YOU MINE". TIP! (ED BANGER)
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Breakbot/FANTASY FEAT RUCKAZOID 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: BEC5772905 9
In 2010, Breakbot delivered a huge track and now returns with "FANTASY" that features LA's RUCKAZOID on vocals. This perfect summer jam also gets some serious remix action from the great ARTHUR BAKER as well as JACQUES RENAULT and CARTE BLANCHE.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Breton/RDI (GIRL UNIT REMIX) 10"    $12.75
Catalog #: HEK010R 9
GIRL UNIT drops a percolating, siren-led, juke meets electro workout that somehow manages to achieve a delicate subtlety at the same time. On the flip is the sleazy boogie down beats of FUNKINEVEN remixing "DECEMBER". Very limited stock on this hot slice of future bass beats! (HEMLOCK)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Brett Johnson/MOVE POWER 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: VQ019 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. This American house producer drops his first release on VISIONQUEST and delivers a peak time track with the vocals from ANDRE LEWIS aka ELLIPSIS. With an old school feel, the cut drops big percussion, twisted acid lines, and eerie vocals. "FURTHERER" on the flip rolls out a...
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Bria Valente/2 NITE 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: PM124 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. American singer based in Minneapolis, she released her debut album "ELIXER as disc 3 of PRINCE's "LOtUSFLOW3R MPLSoUND" release in 2009. New single "2 NITE" features new club mixes by JAMIE LEWIS and DAVID ALEXANDER, released on 12" vinyl, CD single, and picture disc...
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Bria Valente/2 NITE CDS    $13.50
Catalog #: PMC002 2
Groove Dis Exclusive. American singer based in Minneapolis, she released her debut album "ELIXER as disc 3 of PRINCE's "LOtUSFLOW3R MPLSoUND" release in 2009. New single "2 NITE" features new 2 club mixes each by JAMIE LEWIS and DAVID ALEXANDER, released on 12" vinyl, CD single, and picture disc...
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Bria Valente/2 NITE (PICTURE DISC) 12"    $22.50
Catalog #: PM125 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. American singer based in Minneapolis, she released her debut album "ELIXER" as disc 3 of PRINCE's "LOtUSFLOW3R MPLSoUND" release in 2009. New single "2 NITE" features new club mixes by JAMIE LEWIS and DAVID ALEXANDER, released on 12" vinyl, CD single, and picture disc...
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Bronx/TROPICAL LOVE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: OTP015 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Mexican producer FRANCISCO DAVALOS releases four tracks of tropical themed disco tinged club cuts. Along with the title track, "COCONUTS", "IF YOU", and "I WANT IT" are all packed with plenty of playful pianos, strings, congas, marimbas, and classic house elements. (ON THE...
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Bryan Kessler/10,000 SUNS 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: NMBRS51 9
Four tracks of bass-heavy, club ready tunes that stretch the definition of house music in all the best ways. (NUMBERS)
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Buraka Som Sistema/IC19 REMIXES 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: MAD098 9
MAD DECENT label remixes of "IC19" by BURAKA SOM SISTEMA. Including TOY SELECTAH, DJ SEGA, TOADALLY KROSSED OUT remixes and the original.
Qty Out of stock
Catalog #: TNT003 9
Prepare your speakers for this monster. It's rave meets fidget meets gnarly electro grit, like tetris in a blender. JOKERS OF THE SCENE drop their own synth driven remix, and the frenchy guitar laden "HEARTBEATS" finishes off the record. Play it loud! Hot one off MYLO's label 2112.
Qty Out of stock
Butch/HIGHBEAMS 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: HOTC030 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. After his release on VISIONQUEST, BUTCH drops a 12" on the HOT CREATIONS imprint with two tracks featuring the vocal talents of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. The title cut opens with shifting highs & elongated bass notes while the flip's "FAITH" is a darker percussive workout with an...
Qty Out of stock
Butch/HIGHBEAMS REMIXES 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: HOTC030R 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The second part of the hot BUTCH "HIGHBEAMS" release brings three great remixes to this 12". MACEO PLEX steps up first with an electro infused bassline and tight drums. MIGUEL CAMPBELL reworks the cut with a sweet cosmic feel. PBR STREETGANG remixes "FAITH" on the flip. (HOT...
Qty Out of stock
Butch/LULLABIES TO PARALYZE 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: VQ022 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. This veteran producer evokes ancient gods of ancient times for this 12" on VISIONQUEST. Side A's "HORUS", the god of the sky, takes off with a barrage of twist and turns until the huge percussion section goes into flight. The flip's "MEDUSA" is a hypnotic number with lush...
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C'hantal/THE REALM (REISSUE) 12"    $22.50
Catalog #: GR12118 9
A much appreciated and much sampled track originally released in 1990, this song brings something for your mind, your body, and your soul while engaged in the ultimate seduction! Now available once again on this 2024 reissue! (GROOVIN)
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Cain/ESHU 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: HGHLF019 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The title track opens with a kwaito sounding groove over a driving techno kick drum, followed by the more plaintive breakbeat version titled "PHOENIX". The rolling percussion, hypnotic chants, and exotic vibes of "HOJI" close it out. (HIGHLIFE)
Qty Out of stock
Cain/HIGH CALL EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: FG007 9
A regular contributor to the HIGHLIFE label, here he closes out his FINE GRAINS trilogy with 6 original tracks of bass-shuddering, polyrhthmic drums capped off by a remix from Japanese producer JUN KAMODA. (FINE GRAINS)
Qty Out of stock
Calculon/GET MURKED (DEFT REMIX) 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: SHOOT004 9
Groove Dis Exclusive.
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Calvin Harris/FEEL SO CLOSE-PIC DISC 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: 88697959391 9
Huge new single from this club star with 2 UK #1's already under his belt, preceding an extensive European tour opening for Rihanna. Includes the original, plus an electro/house remix from BENNY BENASSI, an epic dubstep mix from NERO, and a banging club mix from DILLON FRANCIS.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Captain Over/NO-ONE EVER REALLY... 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: XVI019 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The "NO-ONE EVER REALLY FLIES" EP opens with the slick grime track "SICK" featuring UK rapper TRIM. The instrumental grime of "CLACK CLACK" and broken beats of the title track follow. Closing it out is a BOOKS remix of opening cut "SICK" in a cosmic footwork style. (XVI...
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Cardopusher/MENTAL JOBS EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: SRTX021 9
Showcasing a range of styles on this 5-track EP, he delivers his trademark jackin' acid trax but also widens the net to include New York freestyle on "NEVER FADE AWAY" & the NU GROOVE-esque "MENTAL JOBS". (SUPER RHYTHM TRAX)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Carte Blanche/BLACK BILLIONAIRES 12"    $14.25
Catalog #: BEC5772674 9
Five tracks of neck-breaking breaks, a shout out to the masters! Mixed by big bass master ALEX GOPHER, CARTE BLANCHE is actually French superstar DJ MEHDI and RITON and this new single on BEACUSE / ED BANGER will get fans ready for their massive European & American major city DJ tour!
Qty Out of stock
Carte Blanche/WHITE MAN ON THE MOON 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: BEC5772876 9
DJ MEHDI & RITON team up again for this smashing 5 track EP that includes the huge "JACK ON THE MOON" with the infamous "LET THERE BE HOUSE" speech, "BRONX BROOKLYN AND QUEENS (KEEP BOUNCIN)", "THE MOLECULES" with "purple" samples, "WITH YOU" feat ALEXIS TAYLOR from HOT CHIP, & "LETTRE A FRANCE"
Qty Out of print/Not available