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Shakespears Sister/HORMONALLY-WHITE LP

Shakespears Sister/HORMONALLY-WHITE LP
Limited edition 30th anniversary remastered album repressed on white vinyl, with deluxe gatefold mirror-board sleeve, new sleeve notes, and dl card. "HORMONALL YOURS" was massive in the UK and includes the international pop smash single "STAY". (LONDON MUSIC)

A1. Goodbye Cruel World 4:05
A2. I Don’t Care 4:15
A3. My 16th Apology 4:16
A4. Are We in Love Yet 3:45
A5. Emotional Thing 3:48
A6. Stay 3:48
B1. Black Sky 4:08
B2. The Trouble with Andre 4:38
B3. Moonchild 4:27
B4. Catwoman 3:59
B5. Let Me Entertain You 4:44
B6. Hello (Turn Your Radio On) 4:12

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