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Neue Grafik Ensemble/FOULDEN ROAD PT2 LP

Neue Grafik Ensemble/FOULDEN ROAD PT2 LP
A sequel to their impressive 2019 debut album "FOULDEN ROAD", they continue to incorporate 100% live takes with the ensemble as well as solo productions that reflect their past work with both the RHYTHM SECTION & 22A labels. The sound of UK street soul/jazz now! (TOTAL REFRESHMENT CENTRE)

A1. Black Bodies (feat. Ma.Moyo) (2:24)
A2. Queen Assa (3:42)
A3. Step To It (featt. Lord Apex) (4:07)
A4. Breathe (feat. JJ Akinlade) (3:34)
B1. For Adama (4:22)
B2. Officer, Let Me Go to School (4:14)
B3. Running on a Flame (feat. Brother Portrait) (4:52)

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