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A collection of theatrical score excerpts from the works "WUT", "OEDIPUS AND ANTIGONE", "DER ZAUERBERG", "HASS TRYPTICHON", "WONDERLAND AVE.", and more showcase the production work of German composer BENI BRACHTEL when he is not producing electronic music. (ESP INSTITUTE)

A1. Grana
A2. Vorsichtig - Mutiger - Verloren
A3. The Idea Of A Horizon
A4. View From My Parents House
B1. Folie
B2. X-Pulse
B3. Ungeheuer Ist Vieles
B4. Seance
B5. Nexus II On The Beach
B6. Langsame Bewegung
B7. Zwischen Luft
C1. Chez Charles
C2. P-Analyse
C3. La Caduta Degli Dei
C4. Aavikon (No Water)
C5. что такое человек
D1. Dark Matter Art Cabinet
D2. Hatch On A Hunch
D3. Theban Constitutional
D4. Kismet
D5. No Noosphere

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