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7 Samurai/VS. KING DUBBY 12"    $9.00
Catalog #: GAMM023 9
PRINCE, AMEIL LARRIEAUX, and A TRIBE CALLED QUEST each get a special GAMM treatment. Deep and dubby beats.
Qty Out of print/Not available
78 Edits/BEEN A LONG TIME EP 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: OC001 9
JAMIE BUCHANAN is 1st up on the new offshoot label from GIANT CUTS where he brings his nice slo-mo house productions. The title cut is a chuggin tune with disco samples and dubbed out vocal bits. "THE LOVE YOU GIVE TO ME" is a favorite while "UNLIMITED LOVE" recalls a classic for its source. Tip!
Qty Out of stock
78 Edits/GLENVIEW SESSIONS VOL. 1 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: GVR1207 9
Two fantastic disco edits: SOIREE's string laden disco cover of DIANA ROSS' "YOU KEEP ME HANGIN' ON" is on the A-side. Originally it had some spotty vocals on it but they got edited out leaving a killer disco instrumental. B/w an extended edit of "SOMETHIN' BOUT YOU" by MILLIE JACKSON.
Qty Out of print/Not available
78 Edits/GLENVIEW SESSIONS VOL. 2 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: GVR1217 9
78 EDITS strike again with another killer 12" for GLENVIEW RECORDS. Two booty shakin' disco edits: MILLIE JACKSON's "PUT SOMETHING DOWN ON IT" b/w "I AM SOMEBODY" by GLEN JONES. Pressed at 45RPM and comes in the GLENVIEW custom die cut sleeve.
Qty Out of print/Not available
7th Movement/ODYSSEY 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: MC016 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Originally released in 1995 by the legendary JUNIOR BOYS OWN crew, this simple but devastating record was dubbed out disco-chopping funk of the highest order built on a handful of carefully chosen samples. This reissue also includes a completely trippy "lost version" on the...
Qty Out of stock
8 Bits/SO GOOD 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: SBOY032 9
This duo, comprised of PAUL SPINBACK from TOTAL SCIENCE & CARLOS 'S.P.Y.' drops their debut on the venerable DIGITAL SOUNDBOY label. The title cut is a mid-range D&B tune with a haunting melody & catchy vocal hook that is destined for greatness, while "ON YOUR MIND" is smooth lounge meets D&B!
Qty Out of print/Not available
8 Bits/TIC TAC TOC 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: CIAUKDK002 9
8 BITS (aka D&B production duo SPINBACK & S.P.Y) drops this masterpiece of half-time percussion with mechanical drums & shuffling breaks over dark atmospherics. Flip over for "CONCRETE PROOF" by TOTAL SCIENCE with its crisp drum work and throbbing jungle bass. (C.I.A. DEEP KUT)
Qty Out of stock
8 Doogymoto/MINMALISTICO 12"    $1.50
Catalog #: SL09 9
New 12" from HERBERT label SOUNDS LIKE, with quirky minimal house grooves and Japenese and English sung and talked vocals. Definitly strange but will fit well with fans of HERBERT's clicky beats and left of center production.
Qty Out of stock
808 State/IN YER FACE (BICEP RMX'S) 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: FMB007 9
The original was a top rave tune from 1991, now updated by BICEP at the request of 808 STATE themselves. There are two dramatically different remixes, the first of which aired during BICEP's "AVA Festival Boiler Room" mix back in 2015. An acid dub is on the flip. Repressed! (FEEL MY BICEP)
Qty Out of print/Not available
813/ESPOIR VOYAGE EP (RED VINYL) 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: APCO01 9
One of Russia's premier bass music producers (with releases on FOOL'S GOLD, DONKY PITCH and more) drops this dope 6 track EP on new up and coming label APOTHECARY COMPOSITIONS. Incls remixes by OBEY CITY (LUCKYME), LIL TEXAS, and fellow Russian producer DZA. Limited. Red vinyl. Pic sleeve. Get this!
Qty Out of print/Not available
813/SPECTRUM RIFF EP 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: DKY004 9
Five original tracks bursting with juicy synth lines, retro drum machines, and waves of thick sub bass (plus a SLUGABED remix to boot) culminate in a lush EP from this Russian beatmaker who has previously supported the likes of MOBY & HUDSON MOHAWKE. Rave reviews from MARY ANNE HOBBS and SKREAM!
Qty Out of stock
Catalog #: UWR001 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. This 4-track EP of German techno sounds as if it might have taken a detour into the underbelly of Detroit electro and come back full circle with its retro acid elements firmly intact (see closing cut "ACID SAVES MY SANITY"). (UNLIMITED:WHATEVER)
Qty Out of stock
95 North/LET YOURSELF GO 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: GR1220 9
DOUG SMITH & RICHARD PAYTON aka 95 NORTH, are a House music production duo from Washington DC very well known by all the 90's house music lovers. Their 90's discography is full of hits on labels like STRICTLY RHYTHM, KING STREET, SLIP N SLIDE & KULT. A 2017 official repress.
Qty Out of stock
95 North/LET YOURSELF GO-MOODYMANC 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: DCR003 9
DANSE CLUB RECORDS continues their journey into 90s house music with this great remix package. The original version starts the 12" with its NJ garage sound and is followed by MATT TOLFREY's deep house mix. On the flip, UK's MOODYMANC turns in a wonderful rolling rework while BRODANSE goes techy.
Qty Out of print/Not available
9DW/RIGHT ON 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: IIB030 9
The title cut from Japan's 9DW is a super chilled, loopy slo mo disco gem, with the MUSHROOMS PROJECT remix turning it into a tribal, dubby trip. "HOT SHOT" is a lethargic, almost out of sync, chugging techy groove, backed up with a darker remix from MAN POWER. (IS IT BALEARIC?)
Qty Out of stock
A Band Called Flash/A BAND CALLED...12"    $15.75
Catalog #: FVW003 9
The second EP by A BAND CALLED FLASH. Reminds us of bands like ATMOSFEAR. Heavy future funk here created by artist, writer and producer JARED HINES in collaboration with executive producers RON TRENT & JONESY. Reminiscent of the early 80's Boogie sound. Highly recommended!
Qty Out of stock
A Bossa Eletrica/TOMBO IN 7-4 12"    $9.00
Catalog #: RAF001 9
Debut release on SWEDEN's RAW FUSION label. This 3 track EP mixes new bossa sounds with classic Brazilian tunes from JORGE BEN, AZYMUTH and more. Their version of AIRTO's "TOMBO IN 7/4" is already a hit at the JAZZ CAFE and is getting raves from LES GAMMAS and Canada's JOHN KONG. Similar to DA LATA.
Qty Out of print/Not available
A Bossa Eletrica/VEJA O SOL RMX 12"    $9.00
Catalog #: RAF012 9
This much hyped new 12" from RAW FUSION finally drops! Featuring a kick ass remix from AFRO ART's SPIRITUAL SOUTH. Uplifting samba house featuring MIRIAM AIDA on vocals. Essential for house and nu jazz/Latin fans. Get this!
Qty Out of print/Not available
A Guy Called Gerald/IS MAN IN DANGER 12"    $9.00
Catalog #: PROTECH01 9
Old skool jungle to the fore with this new single from this much-heralded producer of many genres.On the flip is the Stealth Alternative mix which is a housy affair with a definite squelchy, acid vibe. (PROTECHSHUN)
Qty Out of print/Not available
A Jokers Bizarre/BEDROOM SQUARE EP 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: RCR002 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. JOKERS OF THE SCENE paired up with the Club Bizarre folks in France for two original tracks of lo-fi, spaced out analog synth action. TIMOTHY J. FAIRPLAY also drops a remix of "BETAVILLE". (ROTTEN CITY RECORDS)
Qty Out of stock
A Made Up Sound/ARCHIVE II 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: CBS013 9
Qty Out of stock
A Made Up Sound/REWORK & CLOSER 12"    $14.25
Catalog #: AMS01 9
AKA 2562, A MADE UP SOUND serves up his own non-trendy techno beatfreakery on his new label. Stomping 4/4 beats, simple melodies, and gut wrenching sub bass. Yum! "CLOSER" on the flip is more melancholic, but still full of energy w/punchy broken beats. MARTYN, APPLEBLIM have been pumpin this one!
Qty Out of print/Not available
A Made Up Sound/SUN TOUCH 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: AMS02 9
Killer broken beats, rumbling subs, & a gloomy atmosphere run the program on "SUN TOUCH," while "DRAIN's" warm synth blanket is droning bliss. Bonus cut "UNTITLED" is the 2006 original of a tune bass music heads will know by now. Highly recommended. (A MADE UP SOUND)
Qty Out of stock
A Mountain Of One/BONES EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: AMR06 9
The first single to be lifted from their album "INSITUTE OF JOY" this is a groovy indie meets leftfield dance EP with a strong vocal from ZEBEN and two remixes (in addition to the original) from NY's HOUSE OF HOUSE and WAY OF ANCIENTS (aka THOMAS BULLOCK of MAP OF AFRICA, RUB-N-TUG). Tasty!
Qty Out of print/Not available
A Mountain Of One/EP 2 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: AMR02 9
Another beautiful release from A MOUNTAIN OF ONE in a lavish metallic sleeve. A trippy mix of old prog rock sounds, chillout and Balearic sounds. Very pricey originally, last few copies now on sale.
Qty Out of print/Not available
A Mountain Of One/INSTITUTE OF JOY 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: AMR05 9
Strictly limited EP (600 with no repress we're told) with "stunning art- work". New material from their next album from this cosmic rock band with production help by DANTON SUPPLE, the producer behind COLDPLAY's "X & Y" as well as CURE and MORRISSEY. (TEN WORLDS)
Qty Out of print/Not available
A Mountain Of One/INSTITUTE..REMIXES 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: AMORMX001 9
Remix EP featuring exclusive unreleased remixes from the "INSTITUTE OF JOY" CD on limited edition white vinyl. Tracklisting: "BONES" both TIME AND SPACE MACHINE and TIEDYE remixes, "AHEAD OF THE CURVE" RICHARD NIGHTSTALKER GATEAUX (aka NEIL DUNN) remix, and "HAIL PLEASURE" BAD PASSION remix.
Qty Out of stock
A Mountain Of One/RIDE 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: AMR04 9
From their now deleted first EP, this indie/kraut rock sounding original track expands the sweeping epic quality of the original with a pair of mixes from FONTAN and THE TIME AND SPACE MACHINE (1/2 of BEYOND THE WIZARD'S SLEEVE). (TEN WORLDS)
Qty Out of stock
A Private Realm/NO MANS LAND EP 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: TEAR001 9
A spin-off project from PACIFIC HORIZONS, "AN OMEN FROM NO MANS LAND", is a 4 track EP featuring 23 minutes of dark, weird techno and industrial dance styled sounds. Low end basslines crash with drum machines, Jihadist chants and war torn screams. Limited pressing of 150. Silk screened sleeves.
Qty Out of print/Not available
A Sagitarriun/CARINA EP 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: EDREAMS002 9
This 4-track EP combines afrobeat, dub, jazz, Detroit soundscapes and British electronica to create the sort of varied record that is rarely heard these days. Exploring the sounds of house & techno, without being defined by them! Includes an October remix of "CARINA". (ELASTIC DREAMS)
Qty Out of stock
A Sagitarriun/LOST CITIES EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: SECRET015 9
The slow, chunky house of opening cut "QUARTZ" is followed by the frenetic techno of "LANDING PAD" and slo mo, quirky electronica meets house of closing tune "DIFFERENT PLANET". (SECRETSUNDAZE)
Qty Out of stock
A Sagitarriun/NO SPRING CHICKEN EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: HYPELTD020 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. This 3-tracker opens with the original version of "3-4-3"mixes driving breakbeat techno and warm synth modulations. Former UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE soldier ROLANDO delivers a straight and narrow remix of "3-4-3". Bonus cut "DELTA HOUSE" is a low slung, funky slice of new beat....
Qty Out of stock
A Sagittarium/PSEUDO SCIENCE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: IDLE047 9
The title track is full of bristling kinetic energy for peak time situations of maximal techno, while B-side "HEAVY MANNERS" is a much more subdued electronic composition. (IDLE HANDS)
Qty Out of stock
A Sagittariun/ACROSS THE CELESTIAL.. 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: EDREAMS008 9
Qty Out of stock
A Sagittariun/BORN UNDER 22 STARS EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: EDREAMS004 9
Qty Out of stock
A Sagittariun/THE ANOMALY EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: EDREAMS011 9
A SAGITTARIUN continues to ride the night skies with some heavy does of cosmically sprinkled techno & kinetic electronica. "ARUBA" (OVERHEAD MIX) is a seductive jam of NUYORICAN SOUL, cloaked in warm synths. "THE CODE BREAKER" is happy techno & to end "TRIANGULUM" is a robotic tech funk cut.
Qty Out of stock
A Sagittariun/THE CIRCLE STOPS SOME..12"    $12.00
Catalog #: EDREAMS001 9
Qty Out of stock
A Sagittariun/THE JUPITER CHRONICLES 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: EDREAMS009 9
Let's begin with the titled track "WAVE UPON WAVE" which channels frenzied breakbeats & rolling acid-like riffs, while "RE-IGNITION" & "ASCELLA" are clearly designed for the dancefloor with techy beats underpinning more celestial sounds. And to end "AND THE MOON" drives a muscular groove.
Qty Out of stock
A Sagittariun/TRANSPARENT MIND EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: EDREAMS005 9
Qty Out of stock
A Sagittariun/WISH YOU WERE THERE 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: EDREAMS010 9
Continuing to operate on the very outer fringes of the techno & electronica genre, A SAGITTARIUN returns with a new release. From the searing techno of "LOOPHOLES" to the heavy break & subaquatic melodies of "THE LATHE OF HEAVEN" to the wide-eyed & emotive closer of "BLAKES VISION". A solid EP.
Qty Out of stock
A Skillz/INSANE BANGERS VOL. 12 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: INSANE012 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. A SKILLZ is back at the controls for the 12th release on his INSANE BANGERS label. Four funky party breaks cuts, one paying tribute to the CHARLES WRIGHT classic "EXPRESS YOURSELF" and another remixing JAY Z and KANYE WEST with OTIS READING! The flip edits JAMES BROWN's "GET...
Qty Out of stock
A Skillz/INSANE BANGERS VOL. 8 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: INSANE008 9
A-side feat. a massive beat and breaks track "BOOTY SNAX" followed by an ultra cool re-working of "JUNGLE BOOGIE." On the flip SKILLZ & THAYER mix "UP THE ANTE" with a backing track, finishing with "NOTHING LIKE A BONUS." 80s hip hop throwback! On BOMBSTRIKES spinoff label INSANE BANGERS.
Qty Out of print/Not available
A Skillz/INSANE BANGERS VOL. 9 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: INSANE009 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. "TIP UP YOUR CUP" is a sample driven midtempo funky breaks jam with a phat wobbling bassline. The title and chorus are from MONTELL JORDAN's "THIS IS HOW WE DO IT". B-side "WE ABOUTA HIT YA" is a slower, funkier more hip hop flavored cut (biting N.E.R.D., EAZY E, and many...
Qty Out of stock
A Skillz/TWANG BANGER 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: INSANE010 9
INSANE BANGERS hits #10 - UK hip hop crosses the track stateside as BLAK TWANG go toe to toe with US funk phenomena MACEO & THE MACKS on this horn driven basstastic jam. The flip takes BOBBY BYRD & lays down soulful breaks for ULTRAMAGNETIC MCS to take over. FORT KNOX 5 and FEATURECAST support!
Qty Out of print/Not available
A&R Edits/VOLUME 1-HENRY GREENWOOD 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: AND001 9
This member of the CASIO SOCIAL CLUB throws down 2 edits for the first 12" in this new series. "BUFFALO DANCE" on the A-side takes every official mix of NENEH CHERRY's "BUFFALO STANCE" and creates his well crafted version. On the flip he revisits GEORGE BENSON's "NATURE BOY" on "VOICE OF NATURE".
Qty Out of stock
A&R Edits/VOLUME 2-DEREK KAYE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: AND002 9
An old schoolmate of the label's curator GREG WILSON, DEREK KAYE brings two fresh edits starting with a version of CHAKA KHAN's classic "AIN'T NOBODY". The B-side's "MUSIC UP" is an edit of the 1979 VANGUARD 12" by the PLAYERS ASSOCIATION that is sure to light up floors for house and disco heads.
Qty Out of stock
A&R Edits/VOLUME 3-SOPHIE LLOYD 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: AND003 9
The newest in the "A&R EDITS" series sees SOPHIE LLOYD dropping a dubbed out edit of "RISE" by HERB ALPERT. On the flip is the F.A.M.E. edit "LOVE MAKING LOVE 2 U".
Qty Out of stock
A&R Edits/VOLUME 4-FINGERMAN 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: AND004 9
FINGERMAN begins with "NEVER SURVIVE" an edit of "CRAZY" by SEAL. Flip it and we have "FOOL" which he edits the famous pop song from MICHAEL McDONALD titled "WHAT A FOOL BELIEVES". Two great edits on one 12"! (A&R EDITS)
Qty Out of stock
A&R Edits/VOLUME 5-PEZA 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: AND005 9
Producer LEE "PEZA" PERRY drops a pair of disco edits. First up is a more obscure SISTER SLEDGE cut "LOVE DON'T GO THROUGH NO CHANGES ON ME", backed with a sensually updated and extended version of the 1979 classic "C'EST LA VIE MA CHERIE" by electro pioneers GINA X PERFORMANCE. (A&R EDITS)
Qty Out of stock
A&R Edits/VOLUME 6-DEREK KAYE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: AND006 9
Masterfully revisiting the EARTH, WIND & FIRE classic "SATURDAY NITE", DEREK KAYE brings a contemporary touch to this tune. His B-side "FOR THE FUNK OF IT" is an edit of P-FUNK's "ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE", with an added guitar riff and lyrics from THE TEMPTATIONS' "PSYCHEDELIC SHACK".
Qty Out of stock