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30-70/ELEVATE LP    $22.50
Catalog #: RS020 9
RHYTHM SECTION are back with a sizzling 8-track LP from Melbourne's hottest ensemble. This release sees them mixing up soulful vocals with a combination of downtempo beats, deep house, and pop sensibilities. (RHYTHM SECTION INTERNATIONAL)
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6th Borough Project/BOROUGH 2 BORO.. DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: DOGLP03 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. 12 tracks of low-slung, loopy, hypnotic vibes but still pushing things forward and bringing a minimalist, housier edge. Also includes CD and a print out. Back in stock!
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6th Borough Project/FIND YOUR RHYTHM CD    $19.50
Catalog #: RGRV019CD 2
Following up two solid albums for DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR, the duo's 3rd album is released on member GRAEME CLARK's own ROAR GROOVE imprint. Featuring long time collaborating vocalist PAUL JOSEPH, the 12 tracks span disco, house, techno, and downtempo. (ROAR GROOVE)
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6th Borough Project/FIND YOUR RHYTHM DLP    $31.50
Catalog #: RGRV019 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Following up two solid albums for DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR, the duo's 3rd album is released on member GRAEME CLARK's own ROAR GROOVE imprint. Featuring long time collaborating vocalist PAUL JOSEPH, the 12 tracks span disco, house, techno, and downtempo. (ROAR GROOVE)
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6th Borough Project/ONE NIGHT IN THE CD    $19.50
Catalog #: DOGCD01 2
"ONE NIGHT IN THE BOROUGH" features 14 of the "deepest, disco-infused house and raw underground soul" tracks coming straight outta EDINBURGH. After 12" singles on JISCO, PERMANENT VACATION, INSTRUMENTS OF RAPTURE the disco duo drop their debut album for DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR. Gonna be massive.
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6th Borough Project/ONE NIGHT IN... 3LP    $33.00
Catalog #: DOGLP01 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. "ONE NIGHT IN THE BOROUGH", the debut album from the nu-disco crew on DJ friendly triple vinyl. The "deepest, disco-infused house" coming straight outta EDINBURGH. Finally being repressed! (DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR)
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Aardvarck/CULT COPY CD + DVD    $24.00
Catalog #: RH103CD 2
Following up his "CULT COPY" 12" series we now have this collection as a full length cd. Inspired by old school Detroit techno the album includes most of the tracks from the vinyl series with some new additions. It also includes a 25 min DVD showcasing visuals inspired by the music. RUSH HOUR
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Aardvarck/CULT COPY DLP    $19.50
Catalog #: RH103LP 1
Following up his "CULT COPY" 12" series we now have this collection as a full length LP. Inspired by old school Detroit techno the album includes most of the tracks from the vinyl series with some new additions. (RUSH HOUR)
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Acid Pauli/GET LOST V 3LP    $34.50
Catalog #: CRMLP020 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. This triple vinyl sampler to the acclaimed "GET LOST V" compilation brings loads of exclusives for a ground-breaking mix of sonic treats. Covers of GONZALEZ, RADIOHEAD, SPRINGSTEEN, as well as tracks from CALICO HORSE, NU, LOU KASARD, TEMPO DI ROMA, SOUL CENTER. 12 tracks...
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Acidone/ACID MAN DLP    $22.50
Catalog #: HNTLP001 1
From the man who brought you "ACID RANT" & "BLACID STORM" we have the long awaited debut "ACID MAN". The double LP features 11 monstrous acid tracks to dance or jack to all night long. Comes in a picture sleeve. Limited pressing. First 50 copies (only) at this special price. (HOUSE NATION)
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Ae:ther/ME DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: CRMLP041 1
His natural aptitude for crafting emotive, captivating compositions has landed him on labels like FABRIC, AFTERLIFE, and now CROSSTOWN REBELS with a much anticipated debut full-length. Haunting melodies & narcotic rhythms reveal a love of ambient electronica & deep underground. (CROSSTOWN REBELS)
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Afefe Iku/ARTIFACTS OF POTTERY... CD    $18.00
Catalog #: YS09 2
..VESSELS". Deep and percussive Afro Cuban music. A mix of deep, soulful house grooves like the single "BODY DRUMMIN" (included here) and more world music sounding tracks. Label boss OSUNLADE serves as executive producer and fans of his music will no doubt be pleased. (YORUBA RECORDS)
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Afefe Iku/ORDER OF DIRECTION DLP    $27.00
Catalog #: YSD62 1
The latest installment from the label's mystery man takes us out of the jungle and into the mountains, where syncopated analog rhythms dance beside electric melodies surrounded by textures and reflection. 6 tracks, one with OSUNLADE!
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African Dream/THE AFRICAN DREAM (CV) DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: EB030YELLOW 1
Yellow vinyl repress of the legendary 1994 double-pack on EIGHTBALL. Featuring classic tracks, "MAKING A LIVING", "YOUNG AND FREE", "ALL IN THE SAME FAMILY" and much more. It captures the perfect essence of classic club music where disco and house collide in the melting pot of NYC.
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Albrecht La'Brooy/TIDAL RIVER LP    $15.00
Catalog #: AMB1801 9
APOLLO presents a sublime 6-track mini-album from Melbourne duo ALBRECHT LA'BROOY, aka SEAN LA'BROOY & ALEX ALBRECHT, which will appeal to fans of SUZANNE KRAFT, TORNADO WALLACE, and DAWN OF MIDI. A delicate fusion of ambient electronic textures, live instrumentation, and field recordings.
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Aleceo/TELETRIP DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: ZZZV18001 1
The gifted Russian born musician joins the MUSIC FOR DREAMS roster with a 13-song album that sits somewhere between Balearic head-nodding beats and deep house. Featured vocalists include JELILA, MASHA VERYMARYLAND, WULF OF SOULFIRE, SERGI KAMPANELLA, and KITA. (MUSIC FOR DREAMS)
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Aleksandir/CONTRAILS LP    $19.50
Catalog #: CHURCH016 1
Next up on CHURCH is a 6-track mini-LP of downtempo and the occasional chilled deep house moment. (CHURCH )
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Alexander Robotnick/ANALOG SESSION CD    $18.00
Catalog #: THISIM023 2
The legendary Italian producer teams up with his pal LUDUS PINSKY (LAPO) for this album of Italo disco, acid trax and epic electronic soundtracks all made on old 70s analog gear. The CD comes with a ltd ed DVD documenting the whole retro recording process. Awesome. (THIS IS MUSIC)
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Ali Love/P.U.M.P. (+ CD) DLP    $37.50
Catalog #: CRMLP026 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Showcasing ALI LOVE's talents as one of the UK's leading electronic song writers and vocalists. It combines up-tempo psychedelically infused house tracks such as "EMPEROR" and "PERFECT PICTURE" alone with the more cosmic disco sound of "EGYPTIAN SPACEMAN" and more soulful...
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Catalog #: LBDN004 1
Widely known under his prolific 90's electronic production moniker AUBREY, the works of ALLEN SAEI also could be found under this rare and coveted 7-song double LP originally released in 1997. Now being reissued on Italian label LA BELLA DI NOTTE.
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Alkalino/MAKE UP: THE EDITS DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: AR009 1
An 8-song collection compiled, edited, and mixed by the Germany based artist with some sleeper and classic gems from his vaults. (ADEEN)
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Allez Allez/BEST OF (WITH CD) LP    $13.50
Catalog #: 541416502292 1
Collection of the 8 best tracks from this 80s Belgian new wave funk band. "The funky African-inspired new wave rhythms of one of Belgium's finest dance exports". This comes with a CD with both original cuts and brand new new remixes from AEROPLANE,QUIET VILLAGE,LINDSTROM,PRINS THOMAS and more.
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Ame/AME CD    $15.00
Catalog #: SK044CD 2
After a string of brilliant and wildly acclaimed singles on SONAR KOLLEKTIV AME drop their debut album. Coming through all the hype unscathed to drop a blistering album of Detroit-inspired house and techno rhythms. This is electronic music with heart and soul! One of the albums of the year.
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Amp Fiddler/MOTOR CITY BOOTY (CV) DLP    $45.00
Catalog #: SOUTHLP001Y 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Originally released in 2016, this now classic album from the prolific Detroit house producer gets repressed for 2022 on double vinyl, 1 yellow & 1 blue. The 12-track album of soulful house was produced by AMP himself and YAM WHO?, with additional vocals from DAMES BROWN....
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An-2/ON AIR CD    $16.50
Catalog #: WNW012CD 2
With contributions to THEOMATIC & PERMANENT VACATION, RUSSIA's AN-2 graces us with his debut full length on WAS NOT WAS, a beautiful & innovative blend of electronic deep house & techno, not far from recent output on FEEDELITY, MULE, or RONG & the like.
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Anane/CHAPTERS OF BECOMING... PT 1 DLP    $33.00
Catalog #: VR200 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. A decade after her debut album "ANANESWORLD", this second album collects her biggest original songs, mixes, and new remixes. Part 1 includes 8 songs and remixes by LOUIE VEGA, RALF GUM & RAW ARTISTIC SOUL, MASTERS AT WORK, and ANANE herself. (VEGA)
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Anane/CHAPTERS OF BECOMING... PT 2 DLP    $33.00
Catalog #: VR201 1
A decade after her debut album "ANANESWORLD", this second album collects her biggest original songs, mixes, and new remixes. Part 2 includes 8 songs and remixes by LOUIE VEGA, MIKE DUNN, MANOO, DAVID MORALES, and KAZUKUTA. (VEGA)
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Andy Compton/KHOLOFELO CD    $16.50
Catalog #: PENGCD019 2
After 15 years, ANDY COMPTON of THE RURALS finally drops his first solo album, "KHOLOFELO". An emotional and eclectic blend of sounds and textures with help from talented musicians, singers, and poets best described as afro deep soul music. 11 tracks total. Tip! (PENG)
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Andy Meecham/MONOPHONIC VOLUME 1 LP    $18.00
Catalog #: NANG073 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Next up on NANG is the long awaited full-length from nu-disco hero and synth aficionado ANDY MEECHAM, stepping away from his EMPEROR MACHINE alias to create something conceptual and truly visceral. Side A utilizes synths from America & the UK exclusively while Side B is all...
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Anoesis/SUPERCADE DLP    $52.50
Catalog #: COS003 1
The duo of DOC BOZIQUE and OXIDATION, aka ANOESIS, present their first release since 1995. Well designed breakbeat and house sounds with a hint of 90's post-rave magic can be found on these deep grooves with cosmic intent. Pressed on 180g double vinyl. (COSMIC SOUP)
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Catalog #: NAR002 1
Dutch house duo presents 8 of their most played, unreleased club weapons on red & white splatter vinyl double LP in a gatefold with sleeve art by Glasgow artist DAVID LAIN BROWN. (NO ART RED)
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Catalog #: NAR003 1
The Amsterdam duo present a 12-track kaleidoscopic trip through house, disco, funk, and beyond. Album artwork is compiled from images sent in by individuals from all over the globe. Pressed on multi-color splatter vinyl. (NO ART RED)
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Catalog #: PERMVAC012 2
PERMANENT VACATION finally get around to committing the ANTENA remix project to the CD format. Previously available on 12" format, you now get the complete collection of Antena remixes, including reworks from JOAKIM, TODD TERJE, LEXX, NOUVELLE VAGUE, CHROMATICS, and many more.
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Anthony Naples/BODY PILL LP    $21.00
Catalog #: TEXT034 1
His long-awaited debut full-length finally arrives on FOUR TET's TEXT. From unknown producer in 2012 to releases on MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT, OPAL TAPES, & TRILOGY TAPES, to a remix of FOUR TET's "128 HARPS", this NYC producer is ready to explode with this 8-song album of deep house sounds! (TEXT)
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Anthony Naples/FOG FM DLP    $34.50
Catalog #: ANS3000 1
One of NYC's favorite sons dropped this well received album in the summer of 2019. A house music transmission filtered through fluorescent static, from a station out of place and time. 10 songs total on double LP. Now repressed for 2020! (ANS)
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Anthony Naples/TAKE ME WITH YOU LP    $25.50
Catalog #: ANS2000 1
Returning with his 2nd album (released in November on cassette & digital only on GOOD MORNING TAPES) available on vinyl in 2019 on his ANS label. The 12-song LP touches on trip hop, psychedelic pop, ambient house, and more. RESIDENT ADVISOR named it one of their top releases of 2018! (ANS)
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Aphrohead/RESURRECTION DLP    $27.00
Catalog #: CRMLP031 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. FELIX DA HOUSECAT makes a welcome return under his APHROHEAD guise with a 10-track album that shifts between the MORODER-esque opening tracks to deeper and darker techno territory with a handful of more somber cuts for good measure.
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Archangel/THE BEDROOM SLANT DLP    $27.00
Catalog #: FOOM002 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. A new chapter in the evolution of PRONSATO's signature electronic sound. PRONSATO draws on influences from his past, subsequently creating something remarkably fresh and strange. This features collabs with PETER GORDON, CARO, and YONATAN LEVI.
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Archie Hamilton/ARCHIVE FICTION DLP    $28.50
Catalog #: MOSCOWLP001 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. The UK producer's debut album is written as a first person exploration of the positive transformational effect of house music, a narrative of a life-changing night on the dancefloor. The album's tone and tempo evolves from early, darker works into more upbeat, peak-time...
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Architeq/GOLD + GREEN DLP    $16.50
Catalog #: TIRK048LP 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Found some stock in the back! Slo-mo house mixed with twisted jazz and atmospheric sounds. Trippy but still soulful (check out "NOTHING"). A mix of instrumentals and vocal tracks (from SUNHARBOUR's JUNIOR WILLIAMS and ILIJA RUDMAN) with uptempo danceable cuts and downtempo...
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Art Department/BPM001 (MIXED) CD    $18.00
Catalog #: NO19CD5 2
Compiled & mixed by ART DEPARTMENT, this is the first official compilation album from Mexico's hugely successful BPM Festival. Featuring 14 tracks of thoughtful house & deep techno, including work from OSKAR OFFERMAN, DENIZ KURTEL, ERIC VOLTA, & a huge remix of ART DEPT's "SUN COMES UP". (NO. 19)
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Art Department/DRAWING BOARD DLP    $21.00
Catalog #: CRMLP014 1
After last years hit "WITHOUT YOU" ("Record Of The Year" from RESIDENT ADVISOR & MIXMAG) comes their debut album. "The haunting, yet lucid and melancholic house...is reminiscent of early Chicago house" with a modern influence. Double pack vinyl with 5 tracks (1 exclusive) from the CD.
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Art Department/NATURAL SELECTION CD    $18.00
Catalog #: NO19CD7 2
One of dance music's biggest acts returns with a sophomore album building a deeper and more experimental sound that unravels through the duo's trademark basslines, raw textures, & distinctively melancholy vocals. Also includes vocals from SETH TROXLER & AQUARIUS HEAVEN. (NO. 19)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Art Department/NATURAL SELECTION DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: NO19LP007 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Here they expand upon their previous release, building a deeper and more mature and experimental sound that unravels through the duo's trademark murderous basslines, raw textures, expert production and distinctively melancholy vocals of KENNY GLASGOW. 14 tracks, double vinyl.
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Art Department/NATURAL SPECIAL ED DLP    $45.00
Catalog #: NO19LP007SE 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. NATURAL SELECTION SPECIAL EDITION, includes special leather sleeve, limited to 100 copies. A deeper and more mature and experimental sound that unravels through the duo's trademark murderous basslines, raw textures, expert production and distinctively melancholy vocals of...
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Art Of Tones/UNBALANCED PART 1 LP    $18.00
Catalog #: LTLP008 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. The 1st of 2 parts, "UNBALANCED" is the solo debut album from this prolific artist. Across 6 cuts of soulful house, we also get touches of gospel, funk, soul, jazz, and disco on this tour de force. (LOCAL TALK)
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Art Of Tones/UNBALANCED PART 2 LP    $18.00
Catalog #: LTLP009 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. The 2nd of 2 parts, "UNBALANCED" is the solo debut album from this prolific artist. Across 5 cuts of soulful house, we also get touches of gospel, funk, soul, jazz, and disco on this tour de force. Part 2 includes a 2018 rework of previous single "RAINBOW SONG". (LOCAL TALK)
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As Valet/VIRGO STELLAR LP    $28.50
Catalog #: FUTLP07 1
An album of dark house and soul gems with his trademark abstract flourishes provide the perfect sound beds for guest vocalists LANOTE and J.MCFYSIAN to weave their magic touches throughout the album. AS VALET's work is informed by THEO PARRISH, OSUNLADE, KYLE HALL, FLYING LOTUS, and more....
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Ashford & Simpson/WARNER BROS YEARS 5LP    $21.00
Catalog #: 8122799305 1
"HITS, REMIXES & RARITIES" compiles 12 tracks from this classic R&B husband & wife duo in a nicely packaged box set. Includes "IT SEEMS TO HANG ON (TOMMY MUSTO REMIX)", "FOUND A CURE" remixed by TOM MOULTON, "ONE MORE TRY", and many more. RIP NICK ASHFORD 1942-2011. More copies back in.
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Astral Flex/I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM.. LP    $37.50
Catalog #: SAPE019 1
Melbourne 4-piece band presents six spacey nu-jazz originals on the A-side of "I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE". Each song gets a house/electronic remix on the flip from individual band members HORATIO LUNA, ODYSSEY ZELNO, and FELIX MEREDITH. (LA SAPE)
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Ataxia/OUT OF STEP DLP    $37.50
Catalog #: LAD059 1
Detroit duo present their debut album after numerous releases over the past decade for the likes of PLANET E and KMS labels. Fusing house, techno, and all points between, with guest spots from close peers DJ MIX, ANDRES, and MR. JOSHOOA. (LIFE AND DEATH)
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Atjazz & J. Gomes/THE GIFT THE CURSE CD    $18.00
Catalog #: ARC014CD 2
MARTIN ATJAZZ and JULIAN GOMES team up on this electronic dance album that features some great guest vocalists, including OSUNLADE and ROBERT OWENS. 10 tracks (unmixed) "from dance floor beats to soulful songs"...whatever your taste in house music there's something for you.
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Atjazz & M. Migs/SOUTHPORT #10 DCD    $21.00
Catalog #: MIRCD02 2
The world famous SOUTHPORT WEEKENDER CD series marches to volume 10 with 37 tracks mixed to perfection by MIGUEL MIGS and ATJAZZ. Over 2 CDs this album features 37 glorious cuts spanning deep house, soul, jazz, nu disco, Afrocentric delights and boogie. Includes many exclusives.
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Atjazz/MORE THAN A REMIX 3CD    $28.50
Catalog #: R2CD021 2
A stunning collection of ATJAZZ's remixes, old and new. 32 tracks on 3 CDs including many available on CD for the 1st time or prev unreleased. Cuts by BOB SINCLAR, LEON WARE, OMAR, JAZZANOVA, KARIZMA, AMALIA, ATJAZZ himself and many more. Deep and soulful and essential. Get this! (R2 RECORDS)
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Atjazz/THAT SOMETHING ELSE! 3CD    $24.00
Catalog #: ARC100CD 2
ATJAZZ RECORD COMPANY is celebrating 20 years in the music industry! The ATJAZZ debut album "THAT SOMETHING" has been remastered for Disc 1. Disc 2 is unreleased tunes from 1995 to 1997. Disc 3 includes new remixes by NACHO MARCO, CHARLES WEBSTER, TRUESELF, SI TEW, and ATJAZZ himself. (ATJAZZ)
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Audio Atlas/WINDOW 2 THE WORLD DLP    $21.00
Catalog #: MATH068LP 1
Making his 1st appearance on MATHEMATICS on a 2009 12", AUDIO ATLAS returns to the label for a debut album! Here he blends raw house sounds with the elements of deep techno to bring 9 tracks of top quality dance music, each tune titled after a different part of the globe. Highly recommended!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Audiojack/SURFACE TENSION DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: CRMLP046 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. The second album from this UK duo delves further into their trademark sounds of house and tech-house, with featured guests KEVIN KNAPP, WILLIAM LETFORD, JEM COOKE, and THE SILVER RESERVE. The last few copies of this now out of print record unfortunately have dented corners....
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Avalanches/AFTER THE GOLDRUSH MIX CD    $21.00
Catalog #: SLCD10 2
Another eclectic off the wall mix CD (with liner notes and t-listing). Its starts with BOB DYLAN and the BEACH BOYS before mixing into the CHEMICAL BROS,BASEMENT JAXX, FELIX DA HOUSECAT, GUNS N ROSES, DJ ZINC, MISSY ELLIOT, J WALK, QUEEN, and lots more before ending with the BEACH BOYS again.
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Avision/IN MY MIND DLP    $37.50
Catalog #: ELL071LP 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. NYC producer with a slew of releases for labels such as DRUMCODE, SUARA, MACHINE, and WE ARE THE BRAVE returns to MACEO PLEX's ELLUM AUDIO for his debut full length, featuring nine tracks that effortlessly straddle the line between techno and big room house. (ELLUM AUDIO)
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Catalog #: ELL077 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Working his magic across 15 tracks that bring plenty of fresh perspective to house, electro, synth, techno, and pop, "TOUGH TO LOVE, BUT WORTH THE EFFORT" is a storytelling record filled with left turns and tracks that work in a range of different contexts. (ELLUM AUDIO)
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Axel Boman/FAMILY VACATION DLP    $28.50
Catalog #: BARN018LP 1
ALEX BOMAN has released original production & remixes on labels like DFA, HYPERCOLOUR, KOMPAKT, PERMANENT VACATION, OVUM & STUDIO BARNHUS. His music has been described as "weird Jamaican space disco" & "raw & playful house music drenched in oceans of soul". This is a limited double 12"
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Backlash/SERIAL CLEANER CD    $21.00
Catalog #: SURPRISE031 2
BACKLASH is ERIC "POWA" B & JULIAN K, famous innovators of Belgian electro. On "SERIAL CLEANER", an explosive cocktail of electronic textures, the pair create hazy paranoid technopunk environments, full of bleeps, distorted bass guitars and rattling drum machines. Getting props from HAWTIN & VATH.
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Bah Samba/ECLECTICA VOL. 1 MIX CD    $22.50
Catalog #: VIA0023 2
Great CD of "cool and deep" house music selected and mixed by BAH SAMBA. Feats 14 cuts incl tracks and remixes from GREEN FRIDGE, PHIL ASHER, ATFC, KERRI CHANDLER,BOBBY & STEVE, VANESSA FREEMAN, KUSHTI (feat ALICE RUSSELL), and more. Released in 2004 in Japan only. (VILLAGE AGAIN)
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Catalog #: DRUNK028 1
Long time fans might be surprised to find this new album explores the loopier sides of Chi-town jack & Detroit techno-soul, with most rhythms and textures sculpted from raw, elemental waveforms. Tight editing & contagious melodies abound on this stripped-back, grooving machine-soul. (PUNCH DRUNK)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Bayara Citizens/ELEKTRIK AFRIKA DLP    $39.00
Catalog #: SRMLP1002 1
A 9-song album of extended DJ versions of tracks played and tested by DJ's like of JOE CLAUSSELL, RON TRENT, LOUIE VEGA, & TIMOTHY REGISFORD! This is an album of gorgeous deep house, bumping Afro house, and moments of serene beauty. Gatefold sleeve with special download codes. (SACRED RHYTHM)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Beatfanatic/GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LTD 3LP    $18.00
Catalog #: SCRLP001LTD 1
The new album from Sweden's BEATFANATIC (RAW FUSION). A killer mix of dance tracks and Afro/Latin nujazz. This limited edition comes with a bonus 12" EP with 5 extra cuts (for a total of 13). The bonus 12" EP is limited to the first pressing and is not avail to Australia and Japan.(SOUNDSCAPE)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Beats In Space/15 ANNIVERSARY MIX 3LP    $31.50
Catalog #: BIS021LP 1
A special compilation celebration mix by TIM SWEENEY on triple vinyl. A host of exclusive tracks and edits from AZARI & ILL, EDWIN STARR, DUKES OF CHUTNEY & SECRET CIRCUIT. And also some under the radar gems from GINO HASERT, SAMUEL, and more! 10 tracks. Now being repressed! (BEATS IN SPACE)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Beautiful Swimmers/SOUND.. INT'L 002 DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: LITPLP002 1
"THE SOUND OF LOVE INTERNATIONAL 002", presented by BEAUTIFUL SWIMMERS, covers a lot of ground from Balearic downtempo to boogie funk, UK garage to freestyle, deep house to deep techno on an expansive 11-song compilation. (LOVE INTERNATIONAL / TEST PRESSING)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Bedouin/TEMPLE OF DREAMS 3LP    $67.50
Catalog #: HBDLP001 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. The duo of TAMER MALKI and RAMI ABOUSABE draw on their Middle Eastern heritage as well as their world travels as DJ's to present a mesmerizing debut album of emotive deep house. Includes collaborations with NATHAN DAISY, CHICO CASTILLO, DELARAM, and IVETA MUKUCHYAN. (HUMAN...
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Better Lost Than Stupid/WILD SLIDE DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: BRASSIC113LP 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. MARTIN BUTTRICH, DAVIDE SQUILLACE, and MATTHIAS TANZMANN are electronic supergroup BETTER LOST THAN STUPID, and this is their debut album. Their sound draws obvious comparisons to the early work of UNDERWORLD or CHEMICAL BROTHERS. Additional vocals courtesy of CHANEY. (SKINT)
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Big Miz/BUILD-DESTROY DLP    $27.00
Catalog #: DABJLP001 1
DIXON AVENUE BASEMENT JAMS follows up after his first three EP's on the label with a 9-song debut album from Glasgow's BIG MIZ that showcases his effortless feel for weird funk. (DABJ)
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Big Two Hundred/YOUR PERSONAL FILTH CD    $15.00
Catalog #: DC43CD 2
Comprised of the guys behind CHICKEN LIPS, with additional vocalists, this project takes them deep into early 80's-sounding punk funk territory, with liberal doeses of dubbed-out disco and psychedelic garage rock. Unique production techniques result in a heavily retro sound. (DC RECORDINGS)
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Billy Cobham/DRUM'N VOICE REMIXED DLP    $36.00
Catalog #: REB120 1
Acclaimed jazz-rock fusion drummer BILLY COBHAM teamed up with Italian act NOVECENTO for the original songs, but this album features a collection of diverse electronic reworks by MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE, FOLAMOUR, KHIDJA, GERD JANSON, S.A.M., DANNY KRIVIT, LEXX, and VILOD! (REBIRTH)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Black Dog/FURTHER VEXATIONS CD    $18.00
Catalog #: SOMACD77 2
After receiving album of the year from DJ MAG, BLACK DOG are back with this 15 track album loaded with dark techno dancefloor goodies with political undertones. Spectral synths, evident nods to ROBERT HOOD and JEFF MILLS, & intense techno landscapes are welcomed by our ears. Recommended. (SOMA)
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Black Dog/RADIO SCARECROW CD    $18.00
Catalog #: SOMACD67 2
Over 2 years in the making, this is an album of incredibly deep minimal & abstract techno, influenced heavily by their interest in magick, numbers stations, and EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). They even claim to have embedded "coded messages and curses deep inside the tracks." (SOMA)
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Black Light Smoke/GHOSTS DLP    $42.00
Catalog #: SAT058LP 1
Emmy Award winning composer JORDAN LIEB presents a 12-song double album of 90's referencing house, deep and soulful beats, dusty grooves, and thoughtful treatises on the state of creativity, capitalism, and identity. (SCISSOR AND THREAD)
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Black Lillies/BLACK LILLIES CD    $18.00
Catalog #: FSRCD072 2
Previously known as UNIVERSAL FUNK, this debut 10 tracker as BLACK LILLIES fuses electronica, soul, house & jazz with an etherial, eclectic other worldly feel. Feat THULLA WAMBERG on vocals, HANNAH VASANTH of BUGZ IN THE ATTIC on keys, this is a beautiful, groove focused album. (FREESTYLE)
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Black Spuma/NO NO NO LP    $30.00
Catalog #: PERMVAC282-1 1
LAUER & FABRIZIO MAMMARELLA finally deliver a debut album, nearly a decade into collaborating with each other. Centered on uplifting Italodisco and Euro sounds, the 10-song collection only occasionally veers into darker terrain. (PERMANENT VACATION)
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Blackbelt Andersen/SELF-TITLED CD    $18.00
Catalog #: FPCD002 2
This album is a highly infectious mix of motor city strings, brilliant Brazilian rhythms and arpeggiated disco basslines. Ten tracks and 70+ mins of what is being called THE dance album of 2009. Stand out cuts like "KUK AV STAL" and the Thomas Dolbyesque "NOVEMBER" will grab you. (FULL PUPP)
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Catalog #: RENA001V 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Brazilian DJ/producer/vocalist delivers an epic second album that deftly balances melodic electronica with her club roots as it progresses from downbeat beauty to haunting club anthems. If KATE BUSH's "A SKY OF HONEY" went to a Brazilian nightclub... (RENAISSANCE)
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Catalog #: ARGCD002 2
"THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF KENZOLIKA & QUETZALCOATL AMONG THE AIR CASTLES" is the full title (!), a post-modern fusion of rave, dub, & jazz flavors played out on a dubstep template. Rave reviews from dubstep producers L-WIZ, J:KENZO, DISTINCTION, and VON D. (ARGON)
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Catalog #: PAPACD04 2
A hard to find classic now back in. Great house album from NJ legends KEVIN HEDGE and JOSH MILAN.All instrumental house grooves full of Afrobeat, jazz, soul and garage influences. Deep and soulful and sounds just as good at home (or in your car) as on the dancefloor. (PAPA RECORDS)
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Bobby & Steve/CONNECTED..10 YRS OF DLP    $10.50
Catalog #: CON03LP2 1
Super low price on this LP featuring house cuts from WOOKIE, KYM MAZELLE, FRANCK ROGER, LINDA CLIFFORD, PASCAL RIOUX, and BOBBY & STEVE themselves. (DEFECTED)
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Bocca Grande/LITTLE PIANIST CD    $15.00
Catalog #: REB011CD 2
The first full length from this Japanese duo who's recorded in the past on labels like MATHEMATICS, BLACK VINYL, FUTIC SILVER, etc. Their wonderful style that mixes classic piano with electronic vibes are spread out over 11 tracks that touch straight ahead house, downbeat, and dub. On sale.
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Bona Fide/ENTROPY DLP    $37.50
Catalog #: ADID089 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Making his debut on the label after a memorable main stage performance at the inaugural ALL DAY I DREAM festival in Northern California, several of these tracks may sound familiar as they have been staples of LEE BURRIDGE sets over the last year. (ALL DAY I DREAM)
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Boo Williams VS Glenn Underground/VS DLP    $22.50
Catalog #: MD6001 1
Two supreme, Chicago heavyweights go head to head. This double pack repress is sure fire and was originally released in 1995 on MAAD, fans of that bouncing, stripped back, funked out house music look no further. 8 tracks of back to back bangers. Now being repressed!
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Bored Lord/NAME IT! DLP    $37.50
Catalog #: T4T013 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. DARIA LOURD, the Memphis-born & Oakland-based proud trans female artist, presents her second release on T4T LUV NRG, the label of ERIS DREW & OCTO OCTA. Eight tracks of breakbeat, house, and raver energy, reflecting her love for jungle, broken beat, UK bass, and more. (T4T...
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Boston Bun/THERE'S A NIGHTCLUB... LP    $30.00
Catalog #: EUK-LP-28167 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. "THERE'S A NIGHTCLUB INSIDE MY HEAD" is the full-length debut album from the French house legend conceived during lockdown as a moment to reflect, dance, or simply be present. Includes the favorite "NOBODY BUT YOU". Pressed on solid ivory colored vinyl with gatefold sleeve....
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Brand New Heavies/SELF TITLED (180g) LP    $22.50
Catalog #: AJXLP293 1
Groundbreaking 1990 debut album from British funksters who had gained a massive cult following in the London club scene, finally reissued on 180g wax as part of ACID JAZZ's Silver Jubilee. Features "DREAM COME TRUE" and "STAY THIS WAY" which helped propel "acid jazz" into the mainstream.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Brassica/MAN IS DEAF LP    $25.50
Catalog #: CIV062 1
Debut album on CIVIL MUSIC follows critically acclaimed recent EPs, this is an incredible record - it's unique and original - a true artist capturing new wave, psych, synth music, avant garde electronics, house, and Italo disco, without sounding consigned to any part of it.
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Brawther/TRANSIENT STATES DLP    $31.50
Catalog #: NGYLP1 1
Just over 10 years into releasing music the French producer proudly debuts his first full length album. Steeped in deep house, with forays into hip hop, downtempo, and dub techno, it also includes his first vocal cut with unsung Detroit hero JAVONNTTE. 180g, double vinyl. (NEGENTROPY)
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Brendon Moeller/JAZZ JUNK SAFARI DCD    $21.00
Catalog #: 3ECD104 2
One disc compiles all of BRENDON's previous three 12"s for THIRD EAR along with "TRAFFIC (ORIGINAL MIX)" and 6 new "JAZZJUNKSAFARI" mixes (12 tracks in all), while the "LIVE" disc includes new versions and unreleased tracks and mixes. Dubby house from FRANCOIS K's right hand man. (THIRD EAR)
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Catalog #: D3ELP2 1
Subtitled "TRACKS FROM THE PAST - RARE & UNRELEASED", this 8-song double LP collects songs previously released on the labels EARGASMIC RECORDINGS and MOODS & GROOVES alongside some other tracks from this underappreciated Chicago producer of deep house and techno. (D3 ELEMENTS)
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Broadcite/AFRO TOO DEEP LOUNGE VOL 4 CD    $18.00
Catalog #: BROADCD006 2
BROADCITE are proud to present their fourth installation of the unplugged series, twelve tracks of forwarding thinking dance music, a mix of deep afro experiments from the likes of GLENN UNDERGROUND + LOFTSOUL, BLACK COFFEE, JAIDENE VEDA, ZEPHERIN SAIT, ZANO, WIPE, and more.
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Bruise/THE SKYLINE LP    $34.50
Catalog #: FMP0060 1
CHRISTIAN CAMPBELL's London-based house/techno/jazz collective presents an 8-song debut album that fuses classic house and mainstream electronic production with deeper melodic techno. Includes a remix by FUTURE BEAT ALLIANCE. (FOUNDATION MUSIC)
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Catalog #: AN054 1
Not new (it came out in 2008), but new to us. "Here's the perfect album to prepare you for the weekend, whether you're hitting the dancefloor or spending a relaxing night at home." 8 tracks incl. "JAZZ IN OUTER SPACE", "VENUS & MARS" and "B.S.T.C.". Full pic sleeve. On Chitown's ALL NATURAL.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Budino/SOUND OF LOVE INT'L 004 DLP    $33.00
Catalog #: LITPLP004 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Italian DJ and crate digger VALENTINA BODINI, aka BUDINO, presents a 12 song collection that spans new age, proto-house, tribal ambience, industrial EBM, Balearic dance, and so much more! Until the next LOVE INTERNATIONAL festival in Croatia... (LOVE INTERNATIONAL / TEST...
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Bugge Wesseltoft+Henrik Schwarz/DUO CD    $21.00
Catalog #: 0602527704197 2
A stellar collaboration between electronic jazz pianist WESSELTOFT & house producer SCHWARZ. With WESSELTOFT setting up a jazz based framework, playing both acoustic & electric, & SCHWARZ adding his computer wizadry & electric tech house madness. CD on JAZZLAND (vinyl is on MULE MUSIQ).
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Bugge Wesseltoft+Henrik Schwarz/DUO LP    $27.00
Catalog #: MULE058 1
8 track vinyl LP on MULE MUSIQ. Combining the legendary jazz piano talents of WESSELTOFT with one of today's most sought after house music producers HENRICK SCHWARZ. Organic grand piano meets retro synth sounds, beat meets mutant Latin bass grooves and ambient Moog led club jazz sounds.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Burrell Brothers/NU GROOVE YEARS 1 DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: RH117LP 1
The backbone of NU GROOVE RECORDS were the BURRELL BROTHERS who recorded under different aliases. Here on this 1st part of this extraordinary comp, are 11 productions from the late 80s and early 90s. Includes "BROWNSTONE EXPRESS", "I'LL SAY A PRAYER 4 U", "THE BOOTY DANCE", and more. (RUSH HOUR)
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