Abel/SEVEN DAY WEEKEND 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: BD012 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. ABEL returns to the BLACKDISCO label with four more mature disco cuts. "SENTIMENTAL", "AMORE", "LE-CHAT', and "SCUBA" span across a world of deep, eclectic, sexy, and euphoric vibes. Limited with no repress.
Qty Out of stock
Abicah Soul/LABELLE NEYO HUDSON RMXS 12"    $9.00
Catalog #: SUDOR03 9
Here are 2 absolutely slammin productions by ABICAH SOUL! This remix of PATTI LABELLE's "MORE THAN MATERIAL" is by far the best. On the flip, he reworks & bumps up JENNIFER HUDSON & NE-YO's r&b hit "LEAVING TONIGHT". Both of these mixes are sure to light up any soulful dancefloor. (SUDOR)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Ability II/PRESSURE 12"    $19.50
Catalog #: MPR013 9
This bleep milestone from 1990 gets a careful reissue, with the crucial "PRESSURE DUB" on the flip. The new version includes a respectful remix by LUCA LOZANO, who also supplies the full cover art. Restored and remastered by THOMAS P HECKMANN. (MAJOR PROBLEMS)
Qty Out of stock
About Group/YOU'RE NO GOOD - THEO P 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: RUG379TX 9
Comprised of members from HOT CHIP, SPRING HEEL JACK, & THIS HEAT, this 12" holds an amazing THEO PARRISH (SOUND SIGNATURE) translation that brings a super deep version from the original. "MOKMIX REMIXED" by ASHLEY WALES sees the flipside on this limited edition vinyl only release. (DOMINO)
Qty Out of stock
Above Smoke/FIX EP-DUBBYMAN REMIX 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: YRE019 9
"AWFULLY" is a delicious groover, followed by the the funky Rhodes led cut "GET DOWN." On the b-side is "THE FIX" with chopped spoken word fragments over a house groove, and the DUBBYMAN remix that warms the tune's slinky pulse with classic house sounds and hand claps. Serious deephouse. (YORE)
Qty Out of stock
Above Smoke/THE GATHERING EP 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: DEEPEX007 9
Limited white label pressing of this lush late night house excursion in a very Detroit vein. With MARVIN BELTON on vox "SWEET LOVE" is all motor city deepness & even includes a bass booming dub remix from SCOTT FERGUSON! Flip for a rmx from ANDRE LODEMANN (G-STONE) + "ANOTHER CHANCE". (DEEP...
Qty Out of print/Not available
Absolute/FAIRGROUND 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: AB1 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The debut single from ABSOLUTE is a stunning slice of driving, emotional house that has picked up early support with everyone from HORSEMEAT DISCO to DJ EZ. Backed with a killer two-step remix by KDA. One to watch on the label A. PLAYER.
Qty Out of stock
Absolute/MIND CONTROL 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: LFR0012 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Some cheeky, tripped out vocals wail atop the jacking acid of the original (any old timers recognize that "HOUSE OF GOD" beat), followed by a dub version. The simply titled "ACID" opens up the B-side, with a deep and psychedelic rerub from WILLIAM DJOKO closing it out. (LOVE...
Qty Out of stock
Abstand/OPEK 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: FAZ003 9
ABSTAND is a duo project by MARTIN BRUGGER & SIMON POPP, both members of the Munich-based jazz group FAZER. On their debut 12" OPEK provide off- kilter polyrhythmic percussion, with layers of unedited drum tracks. On the flip, HARMONIOUS THELONIOUS takes on the remix duties.
Qty Out of stock
Abstract Matters/SLOW DOWN 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: LR-003 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Chicago's LEISURE RECORDS joins forces with Italy's ABSTRACT MATTERS for this 4 track 12". Late night deep disco vibes with a dirty sax solo on the A-side. Flip it over for some spaced out electro chillers. Music for the dark side of the disco. Past 12"s got played by...
Qty Out of stock
Abstraxion/MOON RMXS 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: HAKT007 9
Although the original mix of "MOON" is 7 minutes long the track takes listeners on a dreamy journey to new sonic horizons. Next is the FACTORY FLOOR remix which results to a acid house banger. Flip it & DEATH IN VEGAS mix is slowed down while the PVT delivers a irresistible closing remix.
Qty Out of stock
Abyss/COMPOST BLACK LABEL #53 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: COMP332 9
A mystical and dark house mover from GUISEPPE MORABITO (AKA ABYSS) that is catching attention in house & tech house worlds backed with a similar but more driving remix from CHRISTIAN PROMMER. "KEEP ON TRIPPING" is that track that takes you somewhere else....eyes closed. (COMPOST BLACK LABEL)
Qty Out of stock
Catalog #: NIGHTNOISE002 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. ANDREW CLARISTIDGE of ACID WASHED and LEONARD DE LEONARD of LEONIZER RECORDS join forces as AC & LDL for 3 original tracks of electro house, plus an ACID WASHED remix of the title track. (NIGHTNOISE)
Qty Out of stock
AC$/TRACK29-003 EP 12"    $11.25
Catalog #: TRACK29-003 9
ac$ (aka AARON CARLSON) drops this 4 track EP of deep, Detroit tinged house hybrids featuring two tracks mixed by OSUNLADE (at his studio in Greece). His release on the now defunct Portland label STARBASS and his own TRACK 29 imprint have been well received and sought after. More copies back in.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Acasual/SPRING THEORY REMIX EP 10"    $16.50
Catalog #: BLND10-1 9
The A-side sees MOVE D delivering a sublime deep house remix of "SPRING THEORY", while LUV*JAM turns in a killer remix that deftly balances the melancholy with uplifting vibes on a slo mo version. Excellent tracks! Now being repressed! (BLIND JACK'S JOURNEY)
Qty Out of stock
Accatone/A REASON NOT TO TRY EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: HUDD043 9
The original is a contemporary house cut built around raw, loose drums, an infectious bass line, and the emotive vocals of ACCATONE. The original is backed up by a MATTHEW HERBERT remix. "WALKIN & TALKIN" & "ONE OF A KIND" are both more upbeat, vocal house cuts. (HUDD TRAXX)
Qty Out of stock
Ace & Sandman/LET YOUR BODY TALK 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: 3021 9
Re-mastered from the original tapes. Classic rare early house jam from 1992 on TRAX offshoot, SABER RECORDS. Re-issued in original artwork and with killer b-sides "AIN'T THAT SOMETHIN" and "SHAKIN ROOM". ACE & SANDMAN are also commonly known under the alias VIRGO 4. (SABER)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Achim Maerz/EXPERIMENTS EP 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: DBA032 9
A collection of live, improvised house jams recorded at his home studio. Fans of his previous releases on the WAKE UP! label will immediately recognize his trademark ethereal house sound on these 4 songs. (DON'T BE AFRAID)
Qty Out of stock
Achim Maerz/LEAVING THIS PLANET 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: SOLAR05 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Fresh off his "EXPERIMENTS" releases on hotly tipped electronic/techno label "DON'T BE AFRAID", the German producer delivers 4 new cuts that alternate between thoughtful deep house & cosmic ambient. (SOLAR PHENOMENA)
Qty Out of stock
Achterbahn D'Amour/ACID TEST 06 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: ASD020 9
The latest 12" in the "ACID TEST" series from L.A.'s ABSURD RECORDINGS. "CARDBOX" is a laid back, stripped down and tripped out groove with a spacey dubbed out remix from Chicago's INNERSPACE HALFLIFE on the B-side along with the bonus cut "HARMONIA". Hand painted sleeves. Back in stock!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Achterbahn D'amour/ACID TEST 13 12"    $15.75
Catalog #: ASD030 9
We begin with the track "BALUSTRADE", major-key pads lean towards a bright future & hi-hats rustle like leaves & on "DEHAVELAND", percussive elements fall into beautiful random unison. On the flip VC 118A steps up for a remix while the last track "DON'T TALK TO ME" takes an unexpected electro turn.
Qty Out of stock
Achterbahn D'Amour/ODD MOVEMENTS RMX 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: ASD024 9
4 sonically diverse remixes of his machinefunk opus. Detroit don MARCELLUS PITTMAN remixes "HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE", CHEVEL remixes the title track B/W CONVEXTION's remix of "PASSAGEN" and finally SW imbues "KONIGSTR" with dubbed-out breakbeat pressure. Out on ACID TEST. More copies now back in!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Achterbahn D'Amour/TRANCE ME UP 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: ASD019 9
ACHTERBAHN D'AMOUR (aka IRON CURTIS & EDIT PIAFRA) second 12" for ABSURD's ACID TEST label. 3 tracks: "TRANCE ME UP", "ADULT MOVIES" and the SKUDGE remix of "TRANCE ME UP". A big seller for us when released in 2011. Now bring repressed on black vinyl in plain die cut sleeves.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Achterbahn D'Amour/YOUR LOVE EP 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: ASD016 9
2nd ACID TEST 12" from ABSURD RECORDINGS done by IRON CURTIS. Features the original mix of "YOUR LOVE (IN A JAM)" along with two remixes from the IDJUT BOYS ("HOUSE" and "ACID" mixes). Bonus cut "TALKING ACID". Mastered by RASHAD. More copies now back in stock (but not many!). Get 'em quick!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Acid Arab/ACID ARAB COLLECTIONS EP 1 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: VER083 9
Repressed! I CUBE kicks off the EP with by adding some chants & hand claps over an acid bassline. The CRACKBOY remix follows suit with arabic chants, horns, beating drums & a splash of acid. Flip it & "COSMIQUE ARABE" is more on the spacey with heavy guitar tip. To end "THEME" delivers more acid.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Acid Arab/DJAZIRAT EL MAGHREB EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: VER104 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. With their first release on VERSATILE, ACID ARAB presents the COLLECTIONS SERIES: 3 EP's & 1 album, featuring a lot of guests (OMAR SOULEYMAN vs CRACKBOY, I:CUBE, LEGOWELT, PILOOSKI & GILB-R) This is a tribute to North Africa & it's 3 countries, Morrocco, Algeria & Tunisia....
Qty Out of stock
Acid Mondays/EP2 12"    $12.75
Catalog #: CIRCUS055T 9
The thunderous acid club banger "BLAZELNUTS" opens this 4-tracker, before the banging acid jack of "INTERSTELLAR CAKE" takes the stage. On the flip are 2 remixes of "INTERSTELLAR CAKE", by RICHY AHMED and SUBB-AN. (CIRCUS)
Qty Out of stock
Acid Mondays/FIRST ONE EP 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: VIS187 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. These two housers were recorded in Ibiza where the white labels ended up in the hands of DJ SNEAK, VILLALOBOS, LUCIANO, LOCODICE & more. Some superb journeys into twisted, percussive, sprawling, sleazy house music. Sounds come in unexpectedly...totally refreshing house...
Qty Out of stock
Acid Mondays/HOFFMAN'S BUMBAG 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: CSAM001 9
Qty Out of stock
Acid Mondays/SCHLURPTASTIC 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: ONE031 9
Two original deep house cuts from ACID MONDAYS are complemented by a pair of remixes of the title track from BASS CULTURE label boss D'JULZ. (ONE)
Qty Out of stock
Acid Mondays/UNIVERSAL RHYTHM 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: RS1801 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. An interstellar dispatch of lysergic house that reaches far into the outer cosmos, backed by a dub mix, and a dubbed out remix by THE MAGHREBAN. Features vocals and percussion by SHOVEL, and keys by JD73. (R&S)
Qty Out of stock
Acid Square Dance/CASSIAN JAMS 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: MMX505 9
ACID SQUARE DANCE is French duet NICOLAS VILLEBRUN (SOCIETY OF SILENCE) and HERVE CARVALHO (ACID ARAB). This EP was recorded during Jam Sessions in Paris. Here we have 3 killer acid tracks, 2 raw & intense floor bangers on the A Side and a deep Balearic ballad on the B Side. Check it!
Qty Out of stock
Acid Washed/ACID WASHED EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: REC69 9
ACID WASHED's signature club anthem getting an amazing set of remixes from DANGER, DIGIKID84, MICKEY MOONLIGHT, and THE HACKER. (RECORD MAKERS)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Acidone/ACID RANT 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: HNT001 9
5 track acid house EP good for nightclubs. Vocal and dub/instrumental mixes along with an acapella. Out on Chicago's HOUSE NATION TRAX.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Acidone/BLACID STORM 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: HNT002 9
HOUSE NATION RECORDS presents a thunderous 4 track acid house EP from ACIDONE (FRANK DI ROSA). A nice follow up from his first release "ACID RANT". The EP delivers 4 different mixes of "BLACID STORM". More copies back in stock. Look for the ACIDONE album coming soon!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Acidulant/JACK INTO HOUSE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: AAT029V 9
After his debut on DJ PIERRE's JACK CITY label last year with his "WE ARE CHILDREN OF ACID" EP, Malta's ACIDULANT is back with 4 more original jacking acid tracks. (JACK TRAX RECORDS)
Qty Out of stock
Ackin/TEMBEZI-P.THOMAS & M.PITTMAN 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: INT024 9
This richly textured, afro house track features M.AKAMATSU and is backed with two great remixes. First is PRINS THOMAS who slows the tempo for a smooth jam with additional guitar and bass work. Detroit & 3 CHAIRS member MARCELLUS PITTMAN steps up with a late night remix with great club appeal.
Qty Out of stock
Active Surplus/ACTIVE SURPLUS EP 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: PR009 9
The Toronto duo deliver 4 tracks of laidback, groovy house music that is touched with lovely instrumentation. The EP was also heavily inspired by the stuttering drum patterns of Baltimore club, which undergird each track in subtle, but noticeable ways. (PACIFIC RHYTHM)
Qty Out of stock
Actual Proof/THE GRIT-HUFF & PUFF 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: LT003 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. ACTUAL PROOF is the 4/4 alter ego of OPOLOPO. He takes himself on a musical journey & explores house music, both the dirty & Detroit influenced as well as the more electronic. "THE GRIT" is a tasteful mixture of moody disco & gritty house. "HUFF & PUFF" is solid house with...
Qty Out of stock
AD Bourke/PRELUDE EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: FFOLD001 9
Debut 4 track EP on new imprint FIVE FOLD. AD BOURKE is the very definition of the ethos of the label, these four cuts here see AD evolving from his wonky-post-DILLA-future funk world to this EP of lush synth melodies over deep house and disco grooves.
Qty Out of stock
Ada Kaleh/PALATUL DE CLESTAR 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: RS1709 9
A collection of 3 older tracks from one of the most respected producers of the Romanian minimal second wave. Includes a remix of the title track by LAURINE FROST (aka HARAMIA TAPES). For fans of RICARDO VILLALOBOS, ISOLEE, and PETRE INSPIRESCU. (R&S)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Adam Beyer/YOU'RE THE SAME 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: TRUE1253 9
Effectively fusing his signature techno with heavy handed house for a late night warehouse vibe. "VALIUMS & LFO'S" has already built quite a following after its inclusion in BEYER's landmark Amnesia Terrace set for Cocoon that was later included in his DRUMCODE live show. (TRUESOUL)
Qty Out of stock
Adam Feingold/ASCENSION 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: APRON026 9
Montreal's FEINGOLD returns for his second outing on APRON. The title track is a rough house track with squelchy acid lines and machine funk grooves, while "INNER ZONE" sounds like a much smoother version of "ACENSION". (APRON)
Qty Out of stock
Adam Port & Stereo MC's/CHANGES 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: FR221 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The deep, electro-inflected original that opens the B-side is complemented by a deep techy remix from ADAM PORT and a timeless deep house remix by JIMPSTER that closes out the single. (FREERANGE)
Qty Out of stock
Adam Port ft. DJ Assault/XXXX 12"    $18.00
Catalog #: KM048 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. DJ ASSAULT lends his spoken word vocal delivery to some proper baby-making deep house business on the original version. Up next is Chicago's ALINKA with some booty-shakin' remix action on the flip. (KEINEMUSIK)
Qty Out of stock
Adam Port/WHITE NOISE ROMANTICA 12"    $18.00
Catalog #: KM052 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The title track is a sweeping, meandering deep house excursion. On the flip we get ADAM PORT remixing "RUN RUN RUN" by YEAH BUT NO, resulting in a dancefloor anthem that retains the infectious chorus of the original. (KEINEMUSIK)
Qty Out of stock
Adam Rowe/HANGING LAKE 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: NSJ2 9
NIGHT SEA JOURNEY presents the solo debut of ADAM ROWE, a large player in the current ecology of house music in Chicago. The head of visuals and part owner of STRIPPED & CHEWED translates his special language of design onto a sound canvas, resulting in 5 gorgeous deep house cuts. (NIGHT SEA JOURNEY)
Qty Out of stock
Adam Shelton/MR. JUSTIN CASE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: ONE025 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. A tribute to a special friend. The beautifully compelling "MIRRORS" features the infectious vocals of rising star FRANCESCA LOMBARDO which float effortlessly throughout the rolling grooves, expressing life being the mirror of our soul. B-Side features a SUBB-AN TERRACE Mix.
Qty Out of stock
Adana Twins/DRIVE 12"    $18.00
Catalog #: GH25 9
This deep house has recently garnered much praise from the likes of BEATPORT & RESIDENT ADVISOR. Here they team up with KHAN for a winsome, deep house tune, backed with the synthy solo "SHIWAGO" on the B-side. (EXPLOITED)
Qty Out of stock
Addis Posse/LET THE WARRIORS DANCE 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WAFT14 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Originally released in 1990, this cutting edge track from the WARRIORS DANCE label expertly melded acid house with breakbeats. Includes the coveted Pirate Acid Mix (recently played out by PEGGY GOU amongst others), plus a previously unreleased Alternative Acid Version!...
Qty Out of stock
Adele/COLD SHOULDER (RUSKO REMIX) 12"    $11.25
Catalog #: XLT358 9
English soul and jazz singer (Brit Awards Critics Choice winner) often called the "new AMY WINEHOUSE" & now huge in the U.S. following live shows on "SNL" and "JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE". BASEMENT JAXX drops a pair of house mixes while RUSKO keeps his trademark wobbly dubstep style in a bassline remix.
Qty Out of stock
Adele/RUMOR HAS IT REMIXES 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: ADELERUMOUR004 1
Yet another massive hit from her juggernaut album "21" gets an unofficial vinyl release. Includes the original, plus 5 club remixes from JOE MRAZ, LEKTRO, HAPPY HOTDOG, THE SCENE KINGS, & SEYSER.
Qty Out of stock
Adele/SKYFALL REMIX 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: ADELESKY005 9
With over 33 million YouTube views in just 2 weeks, the original is already massive! This James Bond theme gets an unofficial release on colored vinyl with a full pic sleeve, limited to 1000 copies. Doesn't include the original, but does have remixes by 7 producers, including SHAHAF MORAN!
Qty Out of stock
Adele/SOMEONE LIKE YOU REMIXES 12"    $12.00
Catalog #: ADELESOME002 9
The huge follow-up to "ROLLING IN THE DEEP", and one of the biggest songs of 2011 gets pressed up on colored vinyl, with the original and 4 house remixes from the likes of JONATHAN GERING, THE THIN RED MEN, and FUNK3D, plus a dubstep remix by MESSED. Color labels with black sleeves.
Qty Out of stock
Adeline/WHAT YOU GOT 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: CP033 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. This London based producer drops three stunning dance tracks on the CULPRIT label. The title track brings soft vocals & a deep dancefloor vibe. "UNDER THE MOON" follows goes deeper with pitched down vocals & gets a THUGFUCKER remix. "UNRAVEL MY MIND" ends the EP with a...
Qty Out of stock
Adeline/WHEN I'M ALONE 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: RNTR026 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Previously known as the front woman for disco outfit ESCORT, she has been coming into her own as a solo artist. This future club classic could help seal that reputation. Disco & house remixes from JACQUES RENAULT, DIRTY CHANNELS, and JKRIV & PETER MATSON! Purple vinyl....
Qty Out of stock
Adeline/YOU'RE SICK 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: CRM220 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Swedish DJ/producer ADELINE lands on CROSSTOWN REBELS with three original tracks of bubbling tech-house, all complimented by a harder edged D'JULZ dub of the title track. (CROSSTOWN REBELS)
Qty Out of stock
Adelphi Music Factory/JAVELIN 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: AMF001 9
A huge new gospel piano house anthem (backed with a dub) that is getting heavily name checked by THE BLACK MADONNA, ANNIE MAC, DENIS SULTA, SKREAM, and SETH TROXLER.
Qty Out of stock
Aden (aka Machinedrum)/TANZ EP 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: LVX015 9
Under the MACHINEDRUM alias of ADEN, he delivers four club ready cuts hewn from bouncing drums, vocal yelps, glittering keys, and a few functional white noise-induced breakdowns that pack a solid dose of energy and spirit. Available from JIMMY EDGAR's ULTRAMAJIC label.
Qty Out of stock
Adesse Versions/BLUE MONDAY 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: AV001 9
A cover of NEW ORDER's most seminal track that is approved by the band themselves is primed for summer success! Comes complete with a killer acid-infused dub version. Limited white label release.
Qty Out of stock
Adesse Versions/DON'T STOP THE ACID 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: LPHWHT12 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The hypnotic acid house of the original with a French house twist is matched up with the rugged disco meets percussive deep house of "SLIDE" and the squelchy house closer "KAMELEON". (LPH WHITE)
Qty Out of stock
Adesse Versions/EDITS FROM THE TRIBE 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: EF003 9
Following on from recent releases for RAZOR-N-TAPE and LET'S PLAY HOUSE, comes this very limited pair of house edits "JAGGER" & "RUN HOT". Very limited stock, with no repress!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Adesse Versions/GHOST DUB 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: ADV3 9
JAPAN's "GHOST" and MASSIVE ATTACK's "PROTECTION" (which is confusingly a rework of "SLY" and sounds like a speeded up version of TREVOR JACKSON's UNDERDOG remix) each gets a pair of vocal & dub re-edits. (ADESSE VERSIONS)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Adesse Versions/PRESSURED 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: LIPS001 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Just a handful of copies available of this sought after white label with house reworks of 90's acid jazz classic "FRIENDLY PRESSURE" by JHELISA, also with an instrumental version. (MAKE LOVE IN PUBLIC SPACES)
Qty Out of stock
Adesse Versions/PULP FUSION EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: DOG63
RAZOR-N-TAPE, LET'S PLAY HOUSE, HEIST, NUMBERS, LOCAL TALK, and more... He is downright prolific, and now he graces DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR with a stellar 3-track EP of deep house and disco that showcases some of his best work yet! (DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Adesse Versions/WASH MY SOUL EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: LT063 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. ADESSE adorns LOCAL TALK with a 3-tracker that opens with the punchy house of the title track, before delving into the deep house of "THE LIGHT", and closing with the infectiously catchy, jackin' house of "THANK U". (LOCAL TALK)
Qty Out of stock
Adesse/UNTITLED LOVE EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: PN20 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The title track "UNTITLED LOVE" is a dubbed up 90's-esque workout. On the flip, "SUPERNAL" takes things into deeper territory with an intriguing steppers outing. While "METACHEMISTRY" ends the EP with an equally nice track utilizing a shuffling groove, with reedy horns and...
Qty Out of stock
Adjustment Bureau/EPINE VINETTE EP 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: HT06 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The latest single from NOEL JACKSON's HYPERTONE label. Limited to 300 (no repress), vinyl only (no digital), and pressed on 180g vinyl. 3 tracks with a remix by label boss NOEL JACKSON himself. B-side is "PIANINO". Delayed, but finally in stock. Only a handful of copies left...
Qty Out of stock
Adjustment Bureau/MY MUSIC STOPS... 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: MAYAK011 9
"MY MUSIC STOPS THE MOON" finds the MAYAK label continuing to deliver its vision of Moscow sound with a deep, dub-inspired, minimal house track. For the remix, minimalistic master LOWRIS was recruited for that late night afterhours vibe. (MAYAK)
Qty Out of stock
Admas/KALATASHEW WAGA 12"    $15.75
Catalog #: MPR007 9
Ethiopian funk mob ADMAS' accidental houser "KALATASHEW WAGA" from 1984 gets a reissue, and a remix from long time fan ANDRAS FOX. Restored and mastered by THOMAS P HECKMANN. Hand-stamped white label. (MAJOR PROBLEMS)
Qty Out of stock
Admin/ADJUST YOUR LOVE EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: BLR015 9
BETTER LISTEN RECORDS recruits Bristol artist known for his digging prowess and charming, dusty beats to deliver a trio of chilled, jazzy house cuts. (BETTER LISTEN)
Qty Out of stock
Admin/FLUTE LOOPS (DJ NATURE REMIX) 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: BC011 9
Original house master DJ NATURE takes ADMIN's "FLUTE LOOPS" to peak time for the dancefloor. Flip it over and get loose to the ADMIN remix of "BOSSA" by CHEZZ, taking this deep soulful track and giving it his jazzy trademark swing. (BOOGIE CAFE)
Qty Out of stock
Admin/LTD 10"s VOL. 4 10"    $13.50
Catalog #: KLRLTD10S004 9
His recent releases for OMENA and SLEAZY BEATS BLACK OPS were wildly successful, so KOLOUR LTD is understandably over the moon to press this pair of songs on their "LTD 10's" series. "REACH FOR LOVE" & "YOU'VE GOT ME" are both lush deep house gems. (KOLOUR LTD)
Qty Out of stock
Admiral Freebe/MY HIPPIE AIN'T HIP 12"    $1.52
Catalog #: POM013 9
"MY HIPPIE AIN'T HIP" is the second single from ADMIRAL FREEBEE's album "THE HONEY & THE KNIFE". A rocked out dance tune that also includes "ALWAYS ON THE RUN". The special treat on here is DJ HARVEY's remix of the title cut that been getting huge support from TODD TERJE, THE GLIMMERS, etc.
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Adonis & Charles B/LACK OF LOVE 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: MATH051 9
The 1988 house music classic now re-released over 20 years later with a new unreleased mix: "THE EXTENDED RE-PLAY". The b-side features an unreleased remix of "RECK THE JOINT" by STEVE POINDEXTER. STEVE POINDEXTER plus ADONIS on one 12". Repressed and back in stock. (MATHEMATICS)
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Adonis pres. Noleian Reusse/IMAGES 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: MATH008 9
House legend ADONIS presents Chicago head NOLEIAN REUSSE with a fascinating excursion in to deep house territory. "IMAGES" is a sublime, atmospheric track with a gentle melody while "LOVERS JAK" clicks, beeps and whirrs with a more techy feel. On HIEROGLYPHIC BEING's MATHEMATICS label.
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Adonis/NO WAY BACK - THE COVERS 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: TX112RSD 9
For Record Store Day 2015, the TRAX RECORDS seminal classic "NO WAY BACK" by acid house pioneer ADONIS gets covered by both AZARI & III and MIXWELL on each side. Comes in special full sleeve. (TRAX)
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Adonis/NO WAY BACK - UNRELEASED 12"    $10.50
Catalog #: KR4 9
Back in stock! This was one of the 1st huge international hits for Chicago house music in the mid 80s and will without a doubt still fill dancefloors today. Here on this 12" we see 2 unreleased versions that have never seen a proper release - the "24 TRACK" and the TRAXXMAN versions. Classic stuff.
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Adonis/NO WAY BACK 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: TX112 9
Re-mastered for 2014 from the original tapes. Includes the vocal mix and instrumental mix of this classic track from 1986!
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Adonis/WE'RE ROCKIN DOWN THE HOUSE 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: TX120 9
Re-issued and re-mastered for 2014. Released in conjunction with TRAX in original 1986 artwork.
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Adriatique/LOPHOBIA 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: DIYNAMIC068 9
With absolutely no vocals on the record, all tracks are mostly carried by several instruments & melodies which are not only told by a big hook line. "MrCREASY" is the club track of the EP while "LOPHOBIA" bursts with some tech house. And we end with "GLYFADA", a nice mid tempo techno track.
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Adriatique/MIDNIGHT WALKING 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: CP041 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. More overtly melodic and emotionally engaged. Both the title track and the companion "ROLLING STONE" show the duo's developing affection for a slightly darker sonic palette, but still retain their patented warmth. Also includes a DUB REMIX on the flip.
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Adriatique/NUDE REMIXES 12"    $18.00
Catalog #: AL030 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. A year after the release of his debut album "NUDE", AFTERLIFE presents reworks of album tracks, with remixes by TALE OF US & MATHAME, SOLOMUN, KOBOSIL, and RAMPA. (AFTERLIFE)
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Adriatique/ROLLOX EP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: DIYNAMIC072 9
The title track goes first and is a tough, with a bit of tech & groaning basslines. Next up is "NUMB", a deep & shadowy house track with lots of alien life forms. The last track "ION" is more lively but just as deep, a track that comes from another galaxy. Check it! (DIYNAMIC)
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Adryiano/DOWN SOUTH 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: SN1209 9
Groove Dis Exclusive.
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Adryiano/GOLDEN DAZE 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WXC007 9
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Ae:ther/WE'LL BE TOGETHER 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: CRM235 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The stunning title track is taken from his 2019 debut album, followed by the subaquatic sounds of new song "BLU LAGOON". "WE'LL BE TOGETHER" then gets a pair of remixes by MOSCOMAN and FRANCESCO MAMI. (CROSSTOWN REBELS)
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Aera/INFINITE SPACE EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: ALEPH01 9
"INFINITE SPACE" is the first release on the label set up by AERA aka RALF SCHMIDT to put out his own music. The EPs opening tune is "FLOWERS ON FIRE" which is a bubbling stomper of spacey synths & atmosphere. The flip holds "ELEVATOR PITCH" that's a dope 4/4 groove. Think FLOATING POINTS.
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Aera/THE THIRD WAVE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: ALEPH03 9
Another ultra sick EP from AERA on the ALEPH MUSIC imprint. 4 cuts of some amazing deep house with a nice tech edge. "WHAT'S HER NAME AGAIN?" bangs with great synth work and vocal bits. "WHAT'S MY NAME AGAIN?" follows with a deeper mood. "THE DRIFT" & "MONTE SACRO" on the flip are just as hot!
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Aeroplane/MY ENEMY - GREEN VELVET 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: 541416504070 9
This long awaited single from their debut album "WE CAN'T FLY" is their most dance oriented track. The original is a fresh high energy joint with elements of disco and italo. The "REX THE DOG REMIX" is a high octane mix with running synths while Chicago's GREEN VELVET provides a stellar version
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Aeroplane/PACIFIC AIR RACE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: 541416501978 9
Belgian duo AEROPLANE keep on flying high with their second single, "PACIFIC AIR RACE" for ESKIMO. Their 1st release should be a contender for 12" of the year (no joke!) and this one is no slouch either. Ups the pace for the dancefloor on "PACIFIC AIR" & mellows things on "ABOVE THE CLOUDS".
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Aeroplane/WE CAN'T FLY REMIX 12"    $1.52
Catalog #: 541416503671 9
Limited one-sided white vinyl pressing. LAURENT GARNIER compares it to GRACE JONES, while PETE HERBERT, COYOTE, and tons more label it an absolute summer-reggae-disco anthem. The feedback is huge and so is this record. Get out in the sun and turn it up!
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Aeroplane/WHISPERS (H & L.A.) REMIX 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: 541416502115 9
Absolutely phenomenal release from Belgium based AEROPLANE featuring the great KATHY DIAMOND. "WHISPERS" is a slow mo nu disco affair that gets remixed by HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR. Get this! (ESKIMO) Limited stock this week.
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Aeroplane/WITHOUT LIES 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: 541416503990 9
Featuring the vocals of singer/actress SKY FERREIRA, this incredibly smooth and catchy song gets a pair of remixes from BLACK VAN (aka KRIS MENACE and KOWESIX) and BREAKBOT (of ED BANGER). Also includes the original. (ESKIMO)
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Afefe Iku/BODYDRUMMIN 10"    $15.00
Catalog #: YS95 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The mysterious AFEFE IKU returns after the success of his infamous bootleg of RADIOHEAD's "EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE", with "BODYDRUMMIN" an all percussive and organic dancefloor burner that sounds like AME just back from Africa. "BABY" returns to the signature smooth...
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Afefe Iku/MIRROR DANCE (OSUNLADE RMX)12"    $10.50
Catalog #: YS26 9
Repressed and back in. "MIRROR DANCE" on wax! With one of the most memorable melody lines we've heard, this a dance floor MUST. OSUNLADE takes it deep on the b-side for his YORUBA SOUL mix feat. spoken word king OVEOUS MAXIMUS. (YORUBA)
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Afefe Iku/MIRROR DANCE 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: YSD26 9
A welcome repress of this instantly recognizable 2008 dancefloor classic riffing on percussive Afrobeat grooves over a driving house beat. The flip side is the equally show stopping YORUBA SOUL remix with a deeper vibe. (YORUBA)
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Afefe Iku/THE BLUES 10"    $15.00
Catalog #: YSD43 9
After a long hiatus, AFEFE IKU returns to OSUNLADE's YORUBA RECORDS! The title track dives into a deep side of tech where "ARSONIST" is a midtempo number with the label boss on vocals. "DAKOUNTDOWN" and "JUNGLE BEATS" on the B-side bring more funky drums and sweet rhythms to the single.
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Affie Yusuf/DREAMIN' 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: MC036 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. From the turn of the millennium comes this stellar 3-tracker from the London tech-house hero with the deepest of rollers. Stripped back, minimal groovers for late night dancefloors are par for the course. (MINT CONDITION)
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Affie Yusuf/I LOVE ACID 002 12"    $16.50
Catalog #: ILA002 9
Limited to 303 hand-numbered & stamped copies, pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl. Three tracks of deep acid house , all composed with analog hardware, all the real deal. Check the epic 11-minute acid groove of "KATSURA" on the B-side. Strictly vinyl, no digital, no repress ever! (I LOVE ACID)
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