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Classic disco label that not only defined New York City dance floors, but influenced DJ's and dancers worldwide during the late Seventies and early Eighties. The label was started in December 1976 by Mel Cheren & Ed Kushins. The legendary Paradise Garage DJ Larry Levan worked closely with the label helping them to create their sound.


Brenda Taylor/YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR... 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WES22149 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Repress of this sublime piece of early electronic boogie from 1982, "YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO". Classic slice of disco gold, more on the down to mid-tempo tip but still big enough to keep the dance floors packed. All the original mixes and a dub mix!
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Carl Bean/I WAS BORN THIS WAY RMX'S 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WEBMG07 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. A totally legit 2018 reissue featuring all of the big remixes (but not the 1977 original) from TOM MOULTON, LARRY LEVAN, and 2 remixes by SHEP PETTIBONE. Don't miss out on this bonafide gay pride anthem! (WEST END)
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Forrrce/KEEP ON DANCIN' 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES22143 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Another classic from WEST END archives repressed! This killer cowbell led boogie jam has always been a big hit with disco freaks and continues to sound fresh. Includes mixes: "PHASE II", "OUT-OF-PHASE", and "KEEP ON DUBBIN-WITH NO COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTIONS".
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George & Glenn Miller/TOUCH YOUR... 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES22144 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Repress of TOUCH YOUR LIFE on WEST END. A slick quiet storm number featuring the ultra smooth, laid back vocals of the MILLER's backed with some serious synthed-out grooves. Both the vocal mix and the instrumentals are featured here.
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Greg Wilson/WEST END EDITS D12"    $30.00
Catalog #: WEBMG08 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Legendary for disco edits over the years, WILSON dives into the vaults of NYC powerhouse label WEST END. He delivers killer edits of BRENDA TAYLOR's "YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR CAKE...", "KEEP ON DUBBIN" by FORRRCE, "DO IT TO THE MUSIC" by RAW SILK, & "HEAT YOU UP" by SHIRLEY...
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Jakki/YOU ARE THE STAR 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WES12101 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Another repress from WEST END, originally released in 1976. First is JAKKI with "YOU ARE THE STAR", a deep, funky journey for the dancers. While on the flip, SOUNDS OF INNER CITY's "MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN", a disco ode to the cult 70's soup opera star.
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Kenix Music/THERE'S NEVER BEEN... 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES22130 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Repress of "THERE'S NEVER BEEN SOMEONE LIKE YOU". A smoothed out soulful, disco jam and a Paradise Garage classic. Features both the long "DANCE" version and the shorter 7" mixes of the track just like the original pressing from 1980.
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Larry Levan/WEST END RECORDS REMIXES 3LP    $37.50
Catalog #: WES2016002 1
Originally released in 1999, this remastered compilation gathers nine songs remixed by the legendary Paradise Garage DJ between 1979 to 1982. Includes tracks by TAANA GARDNER, EDNAH HOLT, PEECH BOYS, LOOSE JOINTS, SPARQUE, and BILLY NICHOLS. (WEST END)
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Loose Joints/IS IT ALL OVER MY FACE? 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES22129 9
Re-issue of an ARTHUR RUSSELL classic that puts his unique avant-garde spin on disco. The success of this track led to LARRY LEVAN remixing the song for club play at Paradise Garage. Re-mastered from original analog tape for 2014. Includes both the FEMALE AND MALE VERSION. More copies back in!
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Loose Joints/IS IT ALL OVER-KON EDIT 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WES2015001 9
Never before released versions of one of the highlights from WEST END, IS IT ALL OVER MY FACE? KON sourced the original stems to completely re make the track. Also included is a 13 minute original version that's never been released. Last is the Female Vocal version, only released as a promo.
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Loose Joints/POP YOUR FUNK 7"    $13.50
Catalog #: WES1228DJ 7
Classic ARTHUR RUSSELL 7" from the depths of WEST END's vaults re-mastered and re-released for 2015. Different from the HONEST JONS' 12" single, this mix has never been commercially available on vinyl before. Repressed and available again. Vocal & instrumental mixes. Dinked 7" pressing.
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Loose Joints/TELL YOU (TODAY) 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES5015 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. An upbeat dance groove featuring the vocals of JOYCE BOWDEN. The song has been re-mastered from original analog tape for 2014.
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Love Club/HOT SUMMER NIGHTS 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES22158 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. WEST END repress, originally released in 1983. This is an under the radar gem. Slick, synth heavy, futuristic sounding production and sultry vocals. On the flip, an obligatory instrumental mix and dub where the spacious stripped back groove comes to life.
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Medlar/WEST END EDITS D12"    $27.00
Catalog #: WEBMG02LP 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. WEST END RECORDS kicks off a brand new re-edits series with WOLF MUSIC's MEDLAR taking the reins for versions of 4 label classics by SHIRLEY LITES, LOVE CLUB, KENIX, and SWEET LIFE on this doublepack. (WEST END RECORDS)
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Michele/DISCO DANCE REMIXES 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES12110 9
Massive re-issue of this 1977 disco jam. PATRICK COWLEY's 13 minute MEGA MIX that goes off into the stratosphere. Also allegedly the first time he used synthesizers. On the flip, another huge remix from TOM MOULTON. Fully remastered.
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North End/KIND OF LIFE (MAW RMX'S) 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WES5016 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Classic MASTERS AT WORK mixes repressed for 2016, originally released in 2010. Also contains both original and instrumental 12" versions from 1979. (WEST END)
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Peech Boys/DON'T MAKE ME WAIT 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WES22140 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Originally released in 1982 by LARRY LEVAN's group PEECH BOYS as part of LEVAN's transition from superstar DJ to producer. Over 8 minutes of sparse, dubbed out, narcotic late night vibes, the original on Side A was just as groundbreaking as the 12" Dub Mix on the flip. (WEST...
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Rahaan/THE LDF REMIXES D12"    $30.00
Catalog #: WEBMG06LP 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Chicago's finest RAHAAN teams up with the legendary Liverpool Disco Festival for an ultra-dope double 12" of 4 fully licensed & legit, fully flipped edits from the WEST END vaults of MAHOGANY, CHUCK DAVIS ORCHESTRA, BILLY NICHOLS, and BRENDA TAYLOR. (WEST END)
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Raw Silk/DO IT TO THE MUSIC 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES22148 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Repress. Vocal and dub versions of this 1982 stone cold classic. Also played by Chicago's very own Hot Mix 5 on WBMX. Like DJ FARLEY "JACKMASTER" FUNK and RON HARDY.
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Raw Silk/JUST IN TIME 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES22159 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Another early 80's NYC club classic from the vaults of WEST END RECORDS. "JUST IN TIME & SPACE" is the dub mix on the b-side and is a deep, soulful journey that taps into the veins of disco, boogie, and jazz-funk. Repress!
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Sesso Matto/SESSOMATTO 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WES12100 9
Pure disco sleaze circa 1976 from one of the most in demand titles from the WEST END back catalog. Fully remastered for 2015, with both a vocal and a dub version on the flip. (WEST END) Repressed! And with correct labels.
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Shirley Lites/HEAT YOU UP 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES22155 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. A stunning piece of NYC proto-house and electronic disco. Originally released in 1983, it's a slamming, heady mixture of drum machines, synth, dub FX and her powerful, soulful vocals. Re-mastered and repressed for 2014 from WEST END RECORDS.
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Sparque/LET'S GO DANCING 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WES22135 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. WEST END repress, futuristic production from 1981. Soulful vocals & killer arrangements make a bonafide garage classic that rocked dance floors from NYC to Chicago. This record is all about having fun, partying and losing yourself in the music.
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Stone/TIME 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES22139 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Repress of more boogie classics from the WEST END vaults. From the simple beginnings of the clock ticking, this is a stone cold funk masterpiece from 1982.
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Taana Gardner/HEARTBEAT 12"    $15.00
Catalog #: WES22132 9
Repress of this disco-boogie benchmark release from the WEST END deep vaults. Mixed by LARRY LEVAN, this is a bonafide classic from the era, 1981. Includes the Party Mix and the Club Mix.
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Taana Gardner/WHEN YOU TOUCH ME 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WES22122 9
Originally released in 1979, this disco classic clocks in at almost 11 minutes and boasted production from LARRY LEVAN, KENTON NIX, and BOB BLANK. Backed with the incredible instrumental version. (WEST END)
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Various/WEST END DISCO BOOGIE VOL. 1 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WES2015002 9
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Various/WEST END DISCO BOOGIE VOL. 2 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WES2015003 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The 2nd volume of WEST END's new "DISCO BOOGIE ESSENTIALS" series comes with 4 original tracks by GLASS, TAANA GARDNER, SYBIL THOMAS, & SPARQUE. (WEST END)
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Various/WEST END STORY VOL. 1 DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: WESTBMG01LP 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. A carefully crafted recreation of the 1987 pressing featuring 8 songs showcasing some of the highlights from the legendary WEST END catalog. Includes songs by TAANA GARDNER, BRENDA TAYLOR, SHIRLEY LITES, SPARQUE, MICHELLE, RAW SILK, STONE, & SYBIL THOMAS. (WEST END)
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Various/WEST END STORY VOL. 2 DLP    $28.50
Catalog #: WESTBMG03LP 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Following up from the retrospective original volume, this 2nd volume feat's 8 more full-lengths songs showcasing the disco and boogie sounds of this seminal label. Includes cuts by TAANA GARDNER, LOOSE JOINTS, BARBARA MASON, BILLY NICHOLS, MAHOGANY, STONE, BETTYE LAVETTE, &...
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Various/WEST END STORY VOL. 3 DLP    $28.50
Catalog #: WESTBMG04LP 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. The WEST END label further delves into the records that made them a true powerhouse in the NYC disco scene and beyond. There are 8 cuts here, including remixes by LARRY LEVAN, TEE SCOTT, TOM MOULTON, and FRANCOIS K. (WEST END)
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Various/WEST END STORY VOL. 4 DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: WESTBMG05LP 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. The WEST END label further delves into the records that made them a true powerhouse in the NYC disco scene and beyond. There are 8 cuts here, including songs by TAANA GARDNER, SPARQUE, DEBBIE TRUSTY, SWEET LIFE, THE LOVE CLUB, BARBARA MASON, MICHELE, and EDNAH HOLT &...
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