Jean Claude Gavri/SEASIDE EDITS #3 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: EBO003 9
The third installment returns, with both tracks on Side A top notch 117 bpm Afro disco floor fillers by DISCO TECH & LILLO CARILLO. On the flip is a pair of disco goodies from JCG himself. (EBO RECORDS)
Qty Out of stock
Jean Claude Gavri/SHARE THE BEAT... 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: DFEDITS003 9
MICHAEL JACKSON's "ROCK WITH YOU" gets the edit treatment from JEAN CLAUDE GAVRI on the A-side. On the flip, DIMITRI FROM ASTORIA turns in a disco edit of the theme song from the "GREASE" soundtrack. (EBO)
Qty Out of stock
Jean Claude Gavri/THE LOST EDIT 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: LOSTEDITS001 9
JEAN CLAUDE GAVRI delivers a reggae-inflected disco edit of the CARLY SIMON hit "WHY (DOES YOUR LOVE HURT SO MUCH)". On the flip is a MOPLEN edit of "SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM" by GRACE JONES. (EBO)
Qty Out of stock
JKriv/KAT EDITS 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: KAT034 9
Respectful edits from NYC's finest JKRIV of RAZOR-N-TAPE fame! "HANDLE IT" by RED SHARON gets the treatment on the A-side, backed by MARASHAL's "SOCKET ROCKIN". (KAT)
Qty Out of stock
JM/KAT EDITS #1 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: KAT019 9
The same JM that recently did an edits record on GAMM (but this is the KAT label with a different set of edits!) delivers a lush & soulful 4-tracker editing the likes of XAVIER NAIDOO, CESARIA EVORA's classic "ANGOLA", WARP 9, and PEOPLE'S CHOICE. (KAT RECORDS)
Qty Out of stock
JM/KAT EDITS #2 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: KAT022 9
CHAKA KHAN's "WHAT YOU DID" gets housed up, rearranged, chopped, filtered, and remastered on the A-side, while JONNY MILLER (aka JM) gives the full edit treatment to 1988 house tune "COME & GET MY LOVIN'" by DIONNE. (KAT)
Qty Out of print/Not available
JMFG/JMFG EDITS #1 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: JMFG1 9
JASON GROVE from SKYLAX RECORDS drops some DJ friendly edits of some MOODYMANN (KENNY DIXON JR.) tracks. The playlist includes "MO MOODY", "THE DAY WE LOST THE SOUL", BLACK MAHOGANI II and KEM's "WITHOUT YOU". Make sure to also check out his JMFG EDITS #2 and #3. Dope!
Qty Out of stock
Jo Bisso/LOVE SOMEBODY (D. KRIVIT) 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: TKD13067 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. DANNY KRIVIT delivers a pair of disco edits for tracks from the TK DISCO vaults. The 1977 underground jam "LOVE SOMEBODY" gets it on the A-side, while o the flip it's "HAZY SHADES OF LOVE" by AVANT, from their 1977 self-titled album. (TK DISCO)
Qty Out of stock
Joey Negro/REMIXED WITH LOVE VOL. 3 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: ZEDD12250 9
This sampler 12" from Volume 3 in his "REMIXED WITH LOVE" series opens with his extended disco mix of the MTUME/LUCAS produced PHYLLIS HYMAN soul classic "YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME". Flip for his mix of "BAD MOUTHIN'" by MOTOWN SOUNDS, famously sampled by BOB SINCLAR's "GYM TONIC". (Z RECORDS)
Qty Out of print/Not available
John Davis/UP JUMPED.. LOUIE VEGA RX 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: NUR24177 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. House music maestro LOUIE VEGA returns to NURVOUS to remix the 1977 disco hit "UP JUMPED THE DEVIL" by JOHN DAVIS & THE MONSTER ORCHESTRA. Includes VEGA's remix and a dub on the flip, both of which are certain to be huge! (NURVOUS)
Qty Out of stock
Joie Noire/PERSIAN RAPSODY 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: DCLAS17 9
Here are brand new re-edits by JOIE NOIRE aka BLACKJOY of 2 disco nuggets. The 1st is an edit of MAGIC CITY BAND's "HOT FLASHES" off the "DISCO RHAPSODY" album and the flip is PERSIA's "INCH BY INCH" - both extended killer disco tunes that are hard to find on wax. Quality. (DCLASSICS)
Qty Out of stock
Jongno/KAT 45 EDITS 7"    $13.50
Catalog #: KAT45008 7
This South Korean psychedelic rock masterpiece from 1971, "A DRIFTER'S LIFE" by THE KEY BROTHERS, gets a discrete edit on the A-side, while the flip is the tripped out "DARK ALLEY" from JUNG SUNG-JO, a famous 70's film music director turned producer. (KAT)
Qty Out of stock
Jonny Rock/JONNY ROCK EDITS 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WLB08 9
Some serious edit business here from JONNY ROCK on the W+L BLACK label. Four tracks that include "IT'S MY LIFE", "SORSAM", "FRIENDS OF MR. CAIRO", and "DON'T YOU WANT MY". See if you can remember some of these original tunes! Another round of edit craziness.
Qty Out of stock
Joutro Mundo/BRAZILIAN BOOGIE.. V1 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: MRBBD001 9
JONAS ROCHA, with his projects JOUTRO MUNDO, SUPERAGUA, & TRIPLE CROWN, has made a name for himself in Rio's electronic underground. Here he delivers 4 Brazilian disco and boogie reworks. (MIDNIGHT RIOT)
Qty Out of stock
Joystick Jay/EDITS #1 EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: DELISH01 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Limited edition 12" from the Aussie label DISCO DELICIOUS. The 1st is a brain popping groovy FELA KUTI edit whilst the flip features a melodic 80's Brazilian disco tune & an authentic African communal performance with rich vocal textures. Getting spins from GREG WILSON,...
Qty Out of stock
Julian Sanza vs JC Gavri/RESTORE004 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: RESTORE004 9
RESTORE label owner JEAN CLAUDE GAVRI joins forces with JULIAN SANZA of 2020 SOUNDSYSTEM & DAVE GERRARD (CHOPSHOP, GET DOWN EDITS) for a dancefloor friendly 4-tracker on limited edition heavy 180g vinyl. (RESTORE)
Qty Out of stock
Jungle Brothers/HOUSE YA! (DZ EDIT) 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: DZ06 9
More than 10 years after a limited pressing that caused a stir, this house edit gets a repress. Includes a killer minimal remix of D.H.S. classic "HOUSE OF GOD" & an acid house edit of a DJ SNEAK tune.
Qty Out of stock
K54/I LOVE BR 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: ILO002 9
The followup to the "I LOVE MJ" 12" is a 4 track EP that kicks off with a homage to the great JORGE BEN and then continues with more Latin-jazz vibes that include vocal and instrumental re-edits. A nice mix of mellow and more upbeat tracks. Fans of Latin jazz, GILLES P, etc will dig it.
Qty Out of stock
Karizma/K2 LOVE EDITS VOL. 1 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: K2LE001 9
A new series of re-edits with love as the theme from Baltimore's KARIZMA. SADE's "STRONGER THAN PRIDE" gets a distinctive shuffling house groove worked around her sublime vocals, while DE BARGE's 1983 soul classic "ALL THIS LUV" gets a jacked up, warm house mix. (K2 LOVE EDITS)
Qty Out of stock
Kate Bush/RUNNING UP THAT HILL EDIT 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: MA002 9
MODERN ARTIFACTS represses this edit of a classic KATE BUSH song from the 80's that has been a mainstay of DJ's for years. This is a deep, throbbing, psychedelic monster groove. On the flip is a rare tune from the HEAVY DISCO caults with added keys and trumpets. (MODERN ARTIFACTS)
Qty Out of stock
Kazahaya/HIGH ENOUGH 7"    $13.50
Catalog #: DBS1011 7
Japanese producer KAZAHAYA welds together "AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN" with "LET ME DOWN EASY" and a killer vocal from a soul legend for a high tempo disco workout. On the mid-tempo soul B-side "FOREVER" KAZAHAYA moulds a slept on CASABLANCA classic into a heavy modern soul wonder. (DISCO BITS)
Qty Out of stock
Kazahaya/I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES 7"    $13.50
Catalog #: DBS1001 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. The A-side is a rework of the disco soul classic, with the vocals & strings from the 1973 MARK CAPANNI original and the beat from the JACKSON SISTERS version. The B-side is a beefed up version of the disco/northern soul classic "IT'S BETTER THAN WALKING OUT". (DISCO BITS)
Qty Out of stock
KGO Edits/SIX MILLION STEPS 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: FINGERS009 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Japan's mysterious KGO production team step up on BASIC FINGERS for this amazing 12" with some hot dancefloor ready edits. First is RAHNI HARRIS' "SIX MILLION STEPS" which is a soul drenched disco tune. On the flip, the BLACKBYRDS' jazzed out "SOMETHING SPECIAL" gets edited...
Qty Out of stock
Killer Funk Disco Allstars/VOL.6 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: KFD006 9
Sub-titled "THE DELICIOUS IRONY EP" this 4 track EP features some tasty disco, funk and reggae jams sure to get the dancefloor moving. Sure to sell out quickly (just like the previous out of print/sold out volumes). Don't sleep on this one. The cheeky Texans get busy, shine up your disco ball!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Kito Jempere/FKA LANY 7"    $13.50
Catalog #: DB7003 7
An obscure pair of Italian & Russian new wave/disco/pop edits by KITO JEMPERE on the label DUCA BIANCO.
Qty Out of stock
Koko/STAY WITH ME - BURNING UP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: FINGERS008 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Continuing the open-minded concept of quality edits, KOKO delivers a disco boogie number originally done by the soulful NORMAN CONNERS. On the flip, IMAGINATION's "BURNING UP" gets the re-edit treatment and this updated version kicks out a lot of the great piano work and a...
Qty Out of stock
Kon & The Gang/GET IT TOGETHER 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: FINGERS012 9
Dubbed as the new re-edit king by GILLES PETERSON, KON returns to BASIC FINGERS for two more hot tracks. The A-side is a feel good peak time boogie cut with added live elements. The flip's "STRONG LOVE (EVERLASTING)" slows down the tempo for a nice two-steppin soulful vocal. Repressed!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Kon/LOW DOWN 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: ST0010 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. The legendary KING OF NOTHING returns with two killer disco edits of WOOD, BRASS, & STEEL. First up is his take on their obscure cover of "LOW DOWN" by BOZ SCAGGS. Next up is their stellar song "FUNKANOVA", using unearthed vocals that didn't make the original. (STAR TIME)
Qty Out of stock
Kon/SPIRIT OF THE PARTY 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: ST0003 9
First is title track, KON's rework of "SPIRIT OF THE PARTY". Next, "LOVE X KON" is stripped down to the bone, with quite an epic acapella ending. On "STAR OF A STORY" KON hones in on the groove and stretches it out a bit. Repressed! (STARTIME)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Kon/WINDY CITY & ILLVESTER 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: FINGERS007 9
NYC edit master KON (of KON & AMIR fame) drops two killer disco reworks. The A-side is a laidback groover with a catchy kid sung chorus but the highlight might be the B-side. A 10+ min edit of SYLVESTER's disco classic "MIGHTY REAL" that sounds fresh and new. On GAMM spin-off BASIC FINGERS.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Kool DJ Dust/FLEAMUSKETEER EP 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: FINGERS006 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Stockholm's crate diggin producer whips up this 3 track EP that starts with "EDITSA ALEXANDRA", a hot edit of CLAUDE FRANCOIS' "ALEXANDRIE ALEXANDRA". "TAKE IT TO JESUS" is a raw gospel jam and lastly the rough percussive workout "DANCING SUITE" that's ready to take on any...
Qty Out of stock
Kool DJ Dust/HEALTHY EDITS 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: TA006 9
All the way from Sweden, chef KOOL DJ DUST makes a special guest appearance with a three course meal that includes plenty of spice and aroma. (TAKE AWAY)
Qty Out of stock
Kultra/KULTRA EDITS 01 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: KULT001 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. An acclaimed deejay's secret weapon now gets released on wax (thanks to some gentle persuasion). "ENORMOUS" is an "end of night" anthem for the slo-mo disco crowd B/w "GET WITH IT " an upbeat, percussive disco groover with a heavy Tribal sound (check the chants!). "Super...
Qty Out of stock
L.T.D./LOVE TO THE WORLD (KON 7" RMX) 7"    $13.50
Catalog #: KON003-7 7
Groove Dis Exclusive. LOVE, TOGETHER & DEVOTION, known by their acronym L.T.D., were a highly respected 70's soul & jazz funk outfit fronted by the gospel-tinged vocals of JEFFREY OSBORNE. Slightly different than the 12", KON's BREAKDOWN MIX clocks in at 5:42, backed with an instrumental also....
Qty Out of stock
Labor Of Love/EDITS VOL. 3 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: LOL003 9
Three dubbed out disco edits made with love from DICKY TRISCO, LABOR OF LOVE, and ED WIZARD & DISCO DOUBLE DEE. (LABOR OF LOVE)
Qty Out of stock
Late Nite Tuff Guy/DANCEFLOOR BABY 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: DISCODAT002 9
"DISCO TECH EDITS VOL. 2" opens with a LNTG edit of ZAPP & ROGER's "DANCE FLOOR", followed by an LTJ edit of the classic disco tune "FUNKY NASSAU". DISCO TECH drops a pair of edits on the flip. First up is TONY ORLANDO's "DON'T LET GO", followed with NINA SIMONE's "BALTIMORE".
Qty Out of stock
Late Nite Tuff Guy/SOUL CUT #02 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: SC002 9
Nearly 12 months on from the release of the first sneaky SOUL CUT 12", LATE NIGHT TUFF GUY delivers the follow-up. Like it's predecessor, SOUL CUT #2 features a range of tracks that variously blur the boundaries between re-edits, remixes & sample-heavy original productions. Check it!
Qty Out of stock
Late Nite Tuff Guy/WHEN I THINK OF U 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: RESTORE001 9
4 different producers drop edits of 4 different cuts. LATE NITE TUFF GUY opens it up with his version of JANET JACKSON's "WHEN I THINK OF YOU". EZLV edits SHALAMAR "THERE IT IS", and JEAN PAUL GAVRI & DEAN "SUNSHINE" SMITH each drop a pair of edits of old school cuts on the B-side. (RESTORE)
Qty Out of stock
Leo Zero/LEO ZERO EDITS 2 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: LZE002 9
The A-side to the second LEO ZERO edit 12" sees the classic from ERIC B & RAKIM "I KNOW YOU GOT SOUL" get flipped into a hot dancefloor jam with a nice late night groove. On the other side is the huge rework of the FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD cut "WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME".
Qty Out of stock
Leo Zero/MAGNIFICENT DUB EDITS 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: LZE001 9
LEO ZERO kicks off this new edit series with a dubby, dancefloor friendly re-edit of THE CLASH's big club hit "THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN". Awesome. The b-side is a classy house reworking of the AL HUDSON & ONE WAY classic "MUSIC".
Qty Out of stock
Leo Zero/WIGWAM EDITS 01 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: WIG01 9
A pair of edits ("DROP DROP" & "GET DEEP") from this producer who has beocme one of the hottest remixers in the UK, with work for FLORENCE & THE MACHINE, JACK PENATE, and METRONOMY.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Lil Louis/CLUB LONELY (SHIELD EDIT) 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: SRE001 9
A classic and much-loved 2010 re-edit by REBIRTH label head SHIELD gets a repress, backed with a brand new unreleased SHIELD re-edit of another vintage house cut by LIL' LOUIS, "I CALLED U (WHY'D U FALL)".
Qty Out of stock
Catalog #: SALSBMG04 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. MARQUIS HAWKES (AUS MUSIC, HOUNDSTOOTH) approached the SALSOUL label with a pair of house edits he had done of classic tracks from the LEROY BURGESS project LOGG that were long his own private versions for DJ sets. Here you get his funky reworks of "SOMETHING ELSE" and "I...
Qty Out of stock
Loleatta Holloway/HIT IT-CRATEBUG RX 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: SALSBMG11 9
Originally released in 2013, "HIT IT 'N QUIT IT" is now an official edit by undisputed Chicago edit impresarios CRATEBUG and JAMIE 3:26 of the 1977 LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY disco smash "HIT & RUN". Now available on this 1-sided release from SALSOUL.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Loose Ends/HANGIN ON.. WERKSHY EDIT 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: LSE002 9
WERKSHY delivers a trio of 80's boogiefunk & soul edits of LOOSE STRINGS "HANGING ON A STRING", CHANGE "BURNS ME UP", and PETER BROWN's "DANCE WITH ME". (LATE SHIFT EDITS)
Qty Out of stock
Love Creation/002 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: LOVECREATION0029
LOVE CREATION are back with a trio of Balearic/downtempo hits of SADE's "TURN MY BACK ON YOU", "HOW STUPID MR. BATES" by THE POLICE, and "TAKE ME WITH YOU" by UK ukulele duo THE UKAYU UKES. (LOVE CREATION)
Qty Out of stock
Lovefingers & Nitedog/BLACK DISCO 10 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: BD010 9
BLACKDISCO return with straight up fun party jams for 4 different moments in the night starting with LOVEFINGERS pumping macho disco "AMERICA". NITEDOG's "MARTIAL ARTS" is a mid-tempo bassline bobber. LOVEFINGERS "SLIM JIM" is a funky Eastern guitar stomp & "PRIMATES" a funky warm burner.
Qty Out of stock
LoveHRTZ/LOVEHRTZ VOL. 1 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: LOVEHRTZ001 9
A pair of cheeky house edits doing the rounds in Ibiza this summer. We know the A-side is a rework of the GLADYS KNIGHT classic "IT'S A BETTER THAN GOOD TIME", while the flip is a killer house remix of "YOU'VE MADE ME SO VERY HAPPY." Limited, vinyl-only, hand-stamped white labels.
Qty Out of print/Not available
Catalog #: LRTGNL1 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. Upfront 1-sided white label release of this deadly edit/rework of a true underground nugget, courtesy of MANNEQUIN RECORD's ALESSANDRO ADRIANI. VERY VERY limited. Full release soon from INVISIBLE CITIES, CA. Don't sleep on this.
Qty Out of stock
Man Machine/EDITS VOL. 1 12"    $13.50
Catalog #: MME001 9
New series from the GIANT CUTS crew focusing on proto house & disco not disco vibes. Three classics get the dancefloor treatment for the late night & early morning dancing set. Includes a killer edit of YELLO's "BOSTICH" on the B-side! (GIANT CUTS)
Qty Out of stock