Downtempo, Leftfield


Gelka/LESS IS MORE CD    $21.00
Catalog #: WAXCD003 2
Groove Dis Exclusive. GELKA's debut album on WAX ON (NIGHTMARES ON WAX driven artist label) puts class and an urban blues style into downtempo electronica. Features instant future classics woven with vocals from SENA (also worked with DJ VADIM) and ELLA MAY. Smart musicianship partnered with...
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Nightmares On Wax/WAX ON RECORDS V2 CD    $21.00
Catalog #: WAXCD004 2
Groove Dis Exclusive. The 2nd volume of the WAX ON label showcase. There's butter beat magic & supreme lounging going on. Amazing disc compiled by NIGHTMARES ON WAX feat THE DEADBEATS, GELKA, MARCEL, NEGGHEAD, JD73, BENJI BOKO, MOZEZ, INKLING, etc. Huge amount of soul, surprises, and edge! (WAX ON)
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Deadbeats/MADE IN THE SHADE CD    $21.00
Catalog #: WAXCD005 2
Groove Dis Exclusive. The DEADBEATS return from a 5 year break to deliver a great 13 track album. The 2 Nottingham DJs create dark, bass heavy beats thats a soundscape of ambient downtempo electronica from a laidback dimension, all mixed by MR. EASE from the NIGHTMARES ON WAX. (WAX ON)
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Casino vs Japan/GO HAWAII CD    $13.50
Catalog #: WBL003CD 2
CASINO VS JAPAN is a hot commodity right now, between the HUMMER commercial that uses IT'S VERY SUNNY off this release and his heavily buzzed release forthcoming on CARPARK RECORDS. A bunch more copies in this week to support demand. (WOBBLYHEAD)
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Signaldrift/COMPASS LP    $12.75
Catalog #: WBL012LP 1
Finally in on wax!! The stellar new release from SIGNALDRIFT covers new ground for electronic music, delving into the FACTORY RECORDS sound with warm production that is lo-fi but doesn't sound like it. Epic downtempo on most cuts with a couple moves into mid-tempo groove territory. (WOBBLYHEAD)
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Casino vs Japan & Freescha/SPLIT CD    $10.50
Catalog #: WBL013CD 2
Like-minded producers CASINO VERSUS JAPAN and FREESCHA turn in a stellar complementary effort on this split release. Ethereal downtempo magic, distant chunks of percussion, and elegant organic melodies bounce back and forth from track to track. Fans of BOARDS OF CANADA need this. (WOBBLYHEAD)
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Casino vs Japan & Freescha/SPLIT LP    $10.50
Catalog #: WBL013LP 1
After being compared with one another for years, this collaboration between the dons of downtempo ambient electronic density seemed inevitable. Lush, warm, colorful, captivating, and deceptively simple throughout, the styles are complementary and gorgeously interwoven. (WOBBLYHEAD)
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String Theory/RADIOVALERIAN LP & CD    $13.50
Catalog #: WBL015LP 1
Dubby electronic arts from Chicago's STRING THEORY, who have released records on SKAM and the local CONSUMERS label to great acclaim. Now working with the continually impressive WOBBLYHEAD label, they have created an impressively cohesive dub fusion that stands up with the best SCAPE titles.
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Magic Arrows/SWEET HEAVENLY ANGEL...CD    $13.50
Catalog #: WBL017CD 2
Brilliant new album of lo-fi sampledelic downbeat and experimental grooves from Milwaukee's WOBBLYHEAD label and MAGIC ARROWS. Looping dense layers of lush samples with crackling off kilter beats, alongside strange noise and and tape hiss. A listening pleasure. (WOBBLYHEAD)
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Massive Attack/BLUE LINES LP    $33.00
Catalog #: WBRLP1 1
The band's classic debut from 1991. Considered the first "trip hop" record it mixed electronica, hip hop, reggae dub and soul. Features SHARA NELSON, HORACE ANDY, and TRICKY."SAFE FROM HARM" and "UNFINISHED SYMPATHY" are both included. Full picture sleeve. Legit UK pressing. New higher price.
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Massive Attack/PROTECTION LP    $24.00
Catalog #: WBRLP2 1
MASSIVE ATTACK's second album from 1994 now available again (completely legit UK pressings). Last copies at this price, will go up considerably when restocked. Features TRACEY THORN, TRICKY, and HORACE ANDY. A triphop "downtempo" classic. In ROLLING STONES' "Coolest Albums Of All Time List".
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Vachy Productions/BREAK VACHY VOL. 2 LP    $19.50
Catalog #: WHYNOTBB29 1
French breaks/hip-hop crew VACHY PRODUCTIONS drop their French version of a DJ RECTANGLE hip-hop/funk/french vocal sample DJ Tools LP. 10 snippets of instrumental funk breaks with additional sound FX and vocal samples. Includes full color sleeve artwork.
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Various/WICKED JAZZ SOUNDS 6 DCD    $28.50
Catalog #: WJS006 2
On disc 1 URVINSON cherry picks a broad selection of downtempo cuts with hip hop flavor, and for disc 2 PHIL HORNEMAN dazzles with a wicked choice of cuts by the likes of JOSE JAMES, SEUN KUTI, LENZMAN, and more. 31 tracks spread out over this solid mixed compilation from WICKED JAZZ SOUNDS.
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Pillowtalk/JE NE SAIS QUOI DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: WLM35 1
A 13 track soundtrack to long nights, lazy days and the hazy space between. The upbeat 80s inspired synthpop heard in lead single "LULLABY", the psychedelic funk of "WE ALL HAVE RHYTHM" and the classic rock and roll of "DEVIL's RUN", this record spans everything you want from the band!
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Cameo Culture/BURNING BRIGHT LP    $18.00
Catalog #: WLM43 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. The debut album from this new artist on WOLF+LAMB. 9 beautiful songs that sing of sass and fragility, love and loss, jazz and drum machines. The work of DAVE ROBERTSON, who is devoted to crafting grainy soulful house music, washed out indie and slow jams that make your heart...
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Life On Planets/CURIOUS PALACE DLP    $24.00
Catalog #: WLM48 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Their debut double album for WOLF+LAMB, LIFE ON PLANETS is made up of two Baltimore based musicians/DJ/visual artists. "Personal electronic music that still boasts dance-floor energy". Full color pic sleeve. No exports to UK/EU. Available for North America, Australia and...
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Catalog #: WMR014 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Dope sample laden downtempo album from Australia's D J SOUP released on CD back in 1997 but never released on vinyl until now. Limited edition of 300 with a full pic sleeve. Australian import. For fans of THE AVALANCHES, DJ FOOD, RUCKUS ROBOTICUS and the like.
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Catalog #: WMR015 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Australia's DJ SOUP recorded this sample laden downtempo/hip hop album back in 95-96 predating his countrymates THE AVALANCHES. It did well on CD and several tracks got licensed onto compilations but the vinyl never got released. Until now. For fans of DJ FOOD, RUCKUS...
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An-2/ON AIR CD    $16.50
Catalog #: WNW012CD 2
Groove Dis Exclusive. With contributions to THEOMATIC & PERMANENT VACATION, RUSSIA's AN-2 graces us with his debut full length on WAS NOT WAS, a beautiful & innovative blend of electronic deep house & techno, not far from recent output on FEEDELITY, MULE, or RONG & the like.
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Greymatter/VISIONS DLP    $39.00
Catalog #: WOLFLP001 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Amalgamating a wide array of influences that incorporates everything from jazz and world to garage and hip hop, this 12-track album features collab's with KRL, SOPHIE BROWN, and SCHOOL BELL. (WOLF MUSIC)
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Frits Wentink/RARELY PURE... DLP    $33.00
Catalog #: WOLFLP002 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. "RARELY PURE, "NEVER SIMPLE" is the debut album from FRITS WENTINK, with a string of previous releases on HEIST, TRIPHOUSE ROTTERDAM, and WOLF MUSIC. This 13-track album is a mix of styles encompassing downbeat and lo-fi hip hop tracks as well as his warm signature house...
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Casino Times/FAMILIAR CIRCLES DLP    $34.50
Catalog #: WOLFLP003 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. This gorgeous 10-song album builds on their characteristic dubby sound and off-kilter sampling on previous releases for PERMANENT VACATION, FUTUREBOOGIE, and their own CASINO EDITS label. From more subtle deep house tunes to lush downtempo tracks, this album is a must! (WOLF...
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Catalog #: WOLFLP004 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. Following 2 albums for SMALLVILLE RECORDS, MOOMIN debuts on WOLF MUSIC with this 8-song double LP that sees him showcase the natural, organic sound he is known for across house, hip hop, and his unique take on liquid drum & bass. (WOLF MUSIC)
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Various/DOWN TO THE SEA & BACK VOL.1 DLP    $27.00
Catalog #: WONK001LP 1
"The continuing journey of the Balearic Beat Vol. 1" on vinyl includes 10 (of 12) tracks from the CD. An eclectic mix of tracks compiled by BALEARIC MIKE (who also did a similar CD for CLAREMONT 56--now out of print) and KELVIN ANDREWS. Strictly limited pressing on 180g heavyweight vinyl.
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Various/DOWN TO THE SEA & BACK VOL.2 DCD    $21.00
Catalog #: WONK002CD 2
These tracks have been curated, searched for, cherished and unleashed with impeccable timing on many unsuspecting dancefloor. Whether it's b-sides, neglected pop or lost classics hiding in plain sight. Tracks from CHRIS & COSEY, NED DOHENY, JAGO, and LUKE. Limited double CD with 20 page booklet.
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Various/DOWN TO THE SEA & BACK VOL.2 DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: WONK002LP 1
These tracks have been curated, searched for, cherished and unleashed with impeccable timing on many unsuspecting dancefloor. Whether it's b-sides, neglected pop or lost classics hiding in plain sight. Tracks from CHRIS & COSEY, NED DOHENY, JAGO, and LUKE. Limited edition double vinyl package.
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Grace Jones/HURRICANE DUB DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: WOS050DLPX 1
Deluxe double LP set of dub versions of GRACE JONES' last album "HURRICANE" released in 2008. "A perfect dance-pop album for once retro, contemporary, subterranean, artsy, danceable and pretty dope."-CMJ 10 cuts and includes download code for both orig LP and dub LP. (WALL OF SOUND...
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Various/PSYCH-FUNK 101 1968-1975 CD    $18.00
Catalog #: WPFC101CD 2
Back in! "A GLOBAL PSYCHEDELIC FUNK CURRICULUM" compiles psyche funk music from around the globe from the late '60s to early '70s. Fourteen tracks of obscure music from Turkey, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Korea, Greece, Iran, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt, Russia and France. Digipak.
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Various/PSYCH-FUNK 101 1968-1975 DLP    $19.50
Catalog #: WPFC101LP 1
Back in! "A GLOBAL PSYCHEDELIC FUNK CURRICULUM" compiles psyche funk music from around the globe. Gatefold sleeve and extensive liner notes!! Obscure funky gems from Turkey, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Korea, Greece, Iran, Italy Germany, Lebanon, Egypt, Russia & France. 14 tracks. (WORLD PSYCHEDELIC)
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Kenji Kawai/GHOST IN THE SHELL LP    $25.50
Catalog #: WRWTFWW017 1
The first ever official vinyl release of the soundtrack for MAMORU OSHII's legendary science fiction anime film GHOST IN THE SHELL (1995). Cut from the original master reels at Emil Berliner Studios. The haunting score is composed by KENJI KAWAI, one of Japan's celebrated soundtrack composers.
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Catalog #: WTS01INST 1
"ELEVATION INSTRUMENTALS" is a 10 track collection of instrumental headz and beat track done by CARLOS NINO (AMMON CONTACT/BUILD AN ARK) and LIL SCI (AKA JOHN ROBINSON) with help from LIFE FORCE TRIO, FLYING LOTUS, DAEDELUS, and more. Stamped plain white die cut sleeve. Limited pressing. Back in.
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Various/SELECTED WERKS VOL 1 LP    $21.00
Catalog #: WWWW001 1
WUNDERWERKE releases a retrospective album of late 70's early 80's German electronic pioneers DIETER KOLB and FRANZ AUMULLER who went by the name SUPERSEMPFFT. These recordings feature a primitive drum machine they named ROBOTWEWERKE; 12 tracks that appeal to fans of NEU!, CAN, AMON DUUL II.
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Gotan Project/LA REVENCHA DEL TANGO DLP    $28.50
Catalog #: YABLP13 1
Repress of this massive album! Sexy chillout programming and authentic tango music brought together by this trio from Argentina. Incl. the classic jazzy house hit "TRIPTICO" as well as "SANTA MARIA," "VUELVO AL SUR," "EPOCA" and more. Limited. (YA BASTA)
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Various/HOUSE SLIPPERS DLP    $30.00
Catalog #: YACUH008 9
Groove Dis Exclusive. This compilation soundtracks the progression from dusk till dawn, complete with warm up burners, peak time jammers and comedown chuggers. Contributions from PERMANENT VACATION, MARK E, BEN LA DESH, SASHA ANASTASOV, CLOSED PARADISE, GROWN FOLK, CHAMBOCHE and NYCPARTYINFO.
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Yam Who/BACK TO FRONT MIX CD    $21.00
Catalog #: YAMCD002 2
Consider this the unofficial guide to the latest productions from remix wizards YAM WHO?, one of London's hottest DJ outfits. Having built their rep reworking the likes of PHARRELL & JOHN LEGEND this CD collects some of their best from the past 12 months on one mixed CD compilation.
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Kratos Himself/LOON GARDEN (YELLOW) LP    $15.00
Catalog #: YBZ007 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. 8 track album from Dutch composer & producer KRATOS HIMSELF. Solemn, yet bright, as emotional synth work plays against contemplative keys & strings buoyed by patient jazz rhythms and gentle forest sounds. Limited (300) pressing on splattered yellow vinyl. (YOUNGBLOODS)
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Tom Szirtes/BARELY BREATHING LP    $25.50
Catalog #: YENM1 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. After a decade of producing deep house as SHUR-I-KAN for labels such as FREERANGE & ANJUNADEEP, TOM SZIRTES is ready to unveil his downtempo and more experimental tracks never before released. This 8-song album is an exercise in chilled out sounds. 180g vinyl, nice...
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Jimmy Abney/RETURN TO FOREVER CD    $18.00
Catalog #: YS14 2
Groove Dis Exclusive. YORUBA SOUL with another great album release, this time around from JIMMY ABNEY. "RETURN TO FOREVER" is a lush blend of soul & R&B, with wonderful melodies, and plenty of depth. Includes appearances from label boss OSUNLADE, as well as top chanteuse, CHANTE MOORE. A late...
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Osunlade/A MAN WITH NO PAST LP    $28.50
Catalog #: YSD48 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. "A MAN WITH NO PAST ORIGINATING THE FUTURE" is OSUNLADE's seventh album. 12 tracks of soulful electronic sounds influenced by jazz, ambient, world, and even a touch of Minneapolis soul. Don't pigeon hole this a straight deep house record as it is much more ambitious than...
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Afefe Iku/ORDER OF DIRECTION DLP    $27.00
Catalog #: YSD62 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. The latest installment from the label's mystery man takes us out of the jungle and into the mountains, where syncopated analog rhythms dance beside electric melodies surrounded by textures and reflection. 6 tracks, one with OSUNLADE!
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Catalog #: YZLDV006 9
A 16 track retrospective of WAU! MR MODO records done by THE ORB and YOUTH. Pressed on 180g vinyl with full pic sleeve, download code and an A3 sized poster insert. Includes the classic "LITTLE FLUFFY CLOUDS (DEMO VERSION)" by THE ORB along with a bunch of more obscure tracks. Released Oct, 2010.
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Catalog #: ZAUN010 1
Groove Dis Exclusive. An album full of details and small elements that creates a profound big picture. Tempting melodies, traces of hip hop, a touch of jazz, and some leftfield electronics combine for a warm & absorbing listening experience. For fans of HAMPSHIRE & FOAT style downtempo & ambient....
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Lemon/WITH A TWIST CD    $21.00
Catalog #: ZESTCD001 2
Nicely twisted 60's soul and quirky mod business. Filled with dirty basslines, sexy female vocals, chunky guitars and slinky grooves, including a cover of "SUSIE Q" and a reworking of the BATMAN THEME. New from the man behind FRESHLY SQUEEZED.
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Hess Is More/HITS CD    $21.00
Catalog #: ZZZCD0002 2
Designed as an introduction to new audiences, this includes their best moments from their 5 albums released on MUSIC FOR DREAMS since 2005, including the hits "YES BOSS, "SSSHHHH", "WALK SONG", "WOULD WOULD (YOU LIKE TO DISCO)". Electronic, acoustic, freestyle, disco, jazz!
Qty Out of print/Not available
Various/LUFTKASTELLET 1 CD    $15.00
Catalog #: ZZZCD0005 2
Groove Dis Exclusive. LUFTKASTELLET is a bar in COPENHAGEN that specialises in chill music and atmosphere, and is a haunt of MUSIC FOR DREAMS owner KENNETH BAGER, who has compiled this crucial mix of downtempo sounds, from Scandinavia to Spain. Crucial cuts and exclusive mixes. (MUSIC FOR DREAMS)
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Bliss/QUIET LETTERS CD    $15.00
Catalog #: ZZZCD0006 2
Groove Dis Exclusive. This new album from BLISS compiles some of the best moments from their "AFTERLIFE" CD that was only available in Denmark, plus some new songs from the last couple years. The tracks are lush, downtempo chill out tunes, and afro-beat house cuts. Features vocals by SOPHIE BAKER...
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Cantoma/CANTOMA CD    $21.00
Catalog #: ZZZCD0007 2
CANTOMA, aka PHIL MISON, made his name alongside JOSE PADILLA as a resident DJ for the now legendary chillout club in Ibiza named Cafe del Mar. Continuing in this tradition, this is a showcase of sunset-splashed chillout grooves and horizontal Balearic beats. (MUSIC FOR DREAMS)
Qty Out of print/Not available
Banzai Republic/WHERE THE FUN... CD    $21.00
Catalog #: ZZZCD0009 2
Groove Dis Exclusive. A future chill-out classic, BANZAI REPUBLIC's debut album is finally here after a long-wait. Nine tracks, all quality chill-out downtempo and one you should have in the CD player for ages. For fans of G-STONE, CALM, KRUDER & DORFMEISTER, etc. (MUSIC FOR DREAMS)
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Various/LUFTKASTELLET 2 CD    $15.00
Catalog #: ZZZCD0010 2
Groove Dis Exclusive. Compiled by MUSIC FOR DREAMS label founder KENNETH BAGER to capture the vibes of the Danish bar, restaurant, & motel of the same name. This second volume once again aspires to bring you some of the best downtempo grooves around with some real gems to be had. (MUSIC FOR DREAMS)
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Ganga/I DREAM ABOUT TREES CD    $15.00
Catalog #: ZZZCD0013 2
Groove Dis Exclusive. GANGA, aka CHRISTIAN RONN of Denmark, serves up a debut album that is a well-rounded trip into lounge/chillout and downtempo. Having previously appeared under several guises on the "BUDDHA BAR"/"NIRVANA LOUNGE" CD comp series, fans will know what to expect. (MUSIC FOR DREAMS)
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