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From: "Groove Dis Mail Order New Releases" <mailorder@groovedis.com>
Subject: Groove Dis Mail Order New Releases For Monday, February 25th, 2013
Date: February 22nd 2013


346 N. Justine Street, Suite 202, Chicago, IL 60607-1024 www.groovedis.com TO ORDER CALL 888-GROOVE-4 OR 312-997-2375, FAX 312-997-2382 OR EMAIL mailorder@groovedis.com


Groove Dis Exclusive. The West African journey continues with volume 2 on MUKATSUKU! Side a sees Swedish rock band ARCHIMEDES BADKAR who joins forces with AFRO 70 for the huge "KILA MTU", the flip is EKAMBI BRILLANT's 1975 epic funk boogie cut "ABOKI". Edited for maximum dance pleasure by NIK WESTON. Repressed! RETRO WORLD Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mukat025.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=799677

Afro Funk/MUSIC OF WEST AFRICA VOL 3 7" MUKAT026 7 EXC $10.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. MUKATSUKU delivers a new 45 in their explosive, officially licensed Afro Funk series! On this one we head to COLUMBIA for WGANDA KENYA, a catchy vocal masterpiece entitled "BAYESA". The flip is a French African jam from M'BAMBINA called "ATIDE O SILKA". NIK WESTON edits of the highest order! RETRO WORLD INDIE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mukat026.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=800316

Afro Funk/MUSIC OF WEST AFRICA VOL 4 7" MUKAT027 7 EXC $10.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. MUKATSUKU delivers another killer 45 of officially licensed Afro Funk gems! On this one we have the obscure "NANDE" with beautiful strings from AFRICAN SOULS BAND while the flip is from Columbia's WGANDA KENYA. Both essential! NIK WESTON edits of the highest order, get these now as they GO QUICK! WORLD EDIT RETRO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mukat027.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801489

Ajello/KALIMBA TUNE EP 12" RETRO010 9 EXC $12.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. Italian producer AJELLO's first EP on RETROSPECTIVE, full of electro, new wave, italo-disco, neurofunk, eurodance, space sounds, and early house! Remixes from the HARDWAY BROS and CHRIS MASSEY complete the package with some serious 80's sounds that take you back to the warehouse club. HOUSE DISCO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/retro010.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801426 Also in stock From AJELLO and RETROSPECTIVE: Ajello/ACROSTICO 12" DEDISC004 CAT $15.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dedisc004.m3u Ajello/BULL ATTACK EP 12" DEDISC001 CAT $15.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dedisc001.m3u Ajello/DEMO DISC 14 12" DEDISC014 CAT $15.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dedisc014.m3u Ajello/EDITAINMENT VOL. 1 CD DEDISC011 CAT $18.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dedisc011.m3u Ajello/HOT JULY-PETE HERBERT 12" MD004 CAT $12.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/md004.m3u Ajello/SEAM STEAM 12" DEDISC006 CAT $15.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dedisc006.m3u Elias Tzikas/HUNT HURT HEARTS EP 12" RETRO009 EXC $12.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/retro009.m3u Rayko/CONTAGIOUS 12" RETRO003 EXC $12.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/retro003.m3u Rayko/PEOPLE (EDITS) 12" RETRO006 EXC $12.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/retro006.m3u Ruben & Ra/STREET MACHINE EP 12" RETRO004 EXC $12.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/retro004.m3u Slow It Down & E. Collins/ALRIGHT EP 12" RETRO008 EXC $12.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/retro008.m3u Various/RETROSPECTIVE ALL STARS VOL 1 LP RETROLP001 EXC $25.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/retrolp001.m3u

Alis/AZIMUTH EP 12" DBA010 9 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. The "AZIMUTH" EP showcases this producer's fresh take on electronic music across a range of tempos, D'MARC CANTU remixes the EP's most dancefloor friendly track giving it a deeper and more brooding edge. ALIS is the new project from the Italo-Bulgarian Londoner known as SUBEENA. (DBA) HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dba010.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801373

Archie Pelago/SUBWAY GOTHIC 12" WRINDIV006 9 EXC $12.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. ARCHIE PELAGO - a Brooklyn trio of HIRISH, KROBA, and COSMO D - go well beyond the usual modern strand of bass-driven "dubstep". How? They bring a strong heritage of their hometown to their music, referencing the deep jazz of COLTRANE, ARTHUR RUSSELL, and MOONDOG.(WELLROUND) HOUSE TECHNO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/wrindiv006.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801434 Also in stock:
Archie Pelago/EP 12" MSN002 MUS $10.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/msn002.m3u

BTU/WITHOUT ARMOUR 12" PH022 9 EXC $15.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. PHANTASY SOUND delivers this outstanding five track EP from BTU that brings a refreshing, experimental style to the four-to-the-floor rhythm. With the cuts delivering a Detroit beatdown kind of tempo and grittiness, they also hold tripped out samples and bits of unique sound sculptures. HEADZ HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/ph022.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801421

Butch/HIGHBEAMS REMIXES 12" HOTC030R 9 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. The second part of the hot BUTCH "HIGHBEAMS" release brings three great remixes to this 12". MACEO PLEX steps up first with an electro infused bassline and tight drums. MIGUEL CAMPBELL reworks the cut with a sweet cosmic feel. PBR STREETGANG remixes "FAITH" on the flip. (HOT CREATIONS) CLUB HOUSE DISCO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/hotc030r.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801299 Also in stock:
Butch/HIGHBEAMS 12" HOTC030 EXC $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/hotc030.m3u

Clayton Steele/PASSION 12" NO19032 9 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. Canadian producer CLAYTON STEELE delivers two excellent tracks on this 12" with a fresh DJ T remix. The title track is a hypnotic piece of dark edged house while "SLEEP WALKER" is a haunting and ethereal vocal affair. DJ T brings an underground house remix of the title tune on the flip. CLUB HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/no19032.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801302

Damon Martin/WINTERMUTE EP 12" DBB006 9 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. DISCO BLOODBATH boss DAMON MARTIN drops this fresh EP that leads off with "FEEL IT", a club smasher with raw elements of early Chicago and Detroit. On the flip, the title track pulls out 909 drums with swirling harmonies. HARDWAY BROS turns in a remix with an acidic chugging groove. HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dbb006.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801289

Franz Underwear/TUSK WAX EP TEN 12" TWTEN 9 EXC $15.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. Another limited TUSK WAX release is dropped, this time FRANZ UNDERWEAR is featured and delivers "FLUXUX". It's a deep spaced out new disco tune with great synth work & is followed with a KALIDASA remix. "FUTURO PERFECTO" and "AEREO" continue with some cosmic Italo goodness. DISCO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/twten.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801259

Hieroglyphic Being/IMAGINARY +++#9 CD MATHPLUS09CD 2 EXC $15.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. Long awaited album, "IMAGINARY SOUNDSCAPES", from JAMAL MOSS brings nine breathtaking compositions of raw electronic goodness that only he can concoct. From soft atmospheric sound environments to banging warehouse beat tracks. Super limited hand stamped CDRs in a DVD case with insert. HOUSE INDIE TECHNO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mathplus09.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801088

Hieroglyphic Being/IMAGINARY +++#9 DLP MATHPLUS09 1 EXC $22.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. Long awaited album, "IMAGINARY SOUNDSCAPES", from JAMAL MOSS brings nine breathtaking compositions of raw electronic goodness that only he can concoct. From soft atmospheric sound environments to banging warehouse beat tracks. Pure sonic bliss. Ltd. 500 stamped clear vinyl with color poster. HOUSE INDIE TECHNO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mathplus09.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=800906 Also in stock:
Hieroglyphic Being/BEGINNING +++EP#4 12" MATHPLUS04 EXC $10.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mathplus04.m3u Hieroglyphic Being/CALLING +++EP#7 12" MATHPLUS07 EXC $10.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mathplus07.m3u

Hieroglyphic Being/CLUB 4 REEL 2XCASS    C4R001       MUS   $15.00
Hieroglyphic Being/COSMIC DUST EP 12"    MATH012      EXC   $10.50

http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/math012.m3u Hieroglyphic Being/HELIOCENTRIC...#6 12" MATHPLUS06 EXC $10.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mathplus06.m3u Hieroglyphic Being/ISOSCELES 12" MATH003 EXC $10.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/math003.m3u Hieroglyphic Being/SO MUCH NOISE CD MATHEMATICSC EXC $15.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mathematicscd07.m3u Hieroglyphic Being/THE HUMAN +++EP#8 12" MATHPLUS08 EXC $10.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mathplus08.m3u

Joe Morris/COLOURS EP 12" EDSC002 9 EXC $15.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. EL DIABLO'S SOCIAL CLUB calls upon this Leeds producer who brings a sweet Italo inspired track complete with strings, an arpeggiated synth, and a killer dancefloor groove. On the flip, ERIC DUNCAN delivers his "DR DUNKS DISCO DETOUR" remix which is followed by the balearic "HEART STRINGS". DISCO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/edsc002.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801360

Jupiter Jazz/BOOTY JAZZ 12" ELL011 9 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. MACEO PLEX and DANNY DAZE as JUPITER JAZZ deliver this fresh three track EP starting with the "SHAKE IT MAMA", a dirty electro joint that samples the ZAPP & ROGER classic. "TECHNOLOGY" on the flip is a smooth and groovier house tune that's followed by "GOOD GIRL", a sleazy electro tune. CLUB ELECTRO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/ell011.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801296

Lady Drewniak/LET'S WORK REMIXES EP 12" MKR002 9 EXC $10.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. The second release on MR KIM'S RECORDS, the new house label run by JAMES CURD (of GREENSKEEPERS fame) now living down under. A old skool NY house cut with a catchy chorus and remixes from some big house heads: PAUL JOHNSON, ROBERT ARMANI & RYAN GATESMAN and JOHNNY FIASCO. HOUSE Tracklisting:
A1. “Let’s Work” (original mix)
A2. “Let’s Work” (Paul Johnson Remix)
B1. “Let’s Work” (Robert Armani & Ryan Gatesman Remix) B2. “Let’s Work (Johnny Fiasco Remix)
Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mkr002.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801437

Lil Mark/PULLING STRINGS 12" REAR001 9 EXC $15.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. ECLECTIC AVENUE welcomes this great UK house producer to the label who delivers three fresh tunes for this 12" EP. The title track holds tight percussion with a firing bass and a twisting riff. "MEMOIRS" takes the flip with a J.CUB dub and the original version that's a low slung roller! HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/rear001.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801364

Little Ann/DEEP SHADOWS LP TRLP004 1 EXC $24.00 More copies back in stock.
Groove Dis Exclusive. Fantastic TIMMION RECORDS deep Detroit soul reissue from the late 60s back in stock! RETRO SOUL INDIE Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801516

Michael Ferragosto/SYNTHDROME AT...12" MUZIQUE011 9 EXC $10.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. MARCELLO NAPOLETANO presents MICHAEL FERRAGOSTO & "SYNTHDROME AT THE DISCO" a sick banging four track EP starting with "AMORE JACKIN PER 77" & followed by "RISQUE INTENTIONS". On the flip, "V2021" and the title track continue with the raw Chicago influenced warehouse vibe, old drum machines & synths. HOUSE Tracklisting:
A1. Amore Jackin Per 77
A2. Risque Intentions
B1. V2021
B2. Synthdrome At The Disco
Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/muzique011.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801016 Also in stock:
Marcello Napoletano/FROM THE DEPTHS..12" YRE023 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/yre023.m3u Marcello Napoletano/IN DREAMIN EP 12" R010 EXC $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/r010.m3u Marcello Napoletano/SPACE VOODOO CD MATHEMATICSC EXC $15.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mathematicscd08.m3u Marcello Napoletano/SPACE VOODOO D12" MATH033 EXC $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/math033.m3u Marcello Napoletano/THIS MOVEMENT...12" MATH042 EXC $10.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/math042.m3u

Montel & 2 Bit Crew/LOVE REV 002 12" LOVEREV002 9 EXC $12.00 More copies back in stock—last stock available! Groove Dis Exclusive. Last copies! After the success of the 1st release, the New York house label returns with another sweet 12"! This split four track EP begins with a two cuts from MONTEL that carry dope 90's house dub-like grooves. On the flip 2 BIT CREW go deep underground with "GET TOGETHER" & "YOU KNOW I LOVE IT". HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/loverev002.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=800945

Nicole Willis/KEEP REACHING UP LP TRLP002 1 EXC $21.00 More copies back in stock.
Groove Dis Exclusive. Classic first album from modern soul/funk singer back in stock to coincide with the release of her new album "TORTURED SOUL". Fans of SHARON JONES and the DAPTONE label should be hip to NICOLE and the TIMMION label. If not you have a mission ahead of you! SOUL INDIE NUJAZZ Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801515

Nicole Willis/TORTURED SOUL CD TRCD007        2 EXC $18.00
Nicole Willis/TORTURED SOUL LP TRLP007        1 EXC $30.00

Groove Dis Exclusive. NICOLE WILLIS & THE SOUL INVESTIGATORS re-emerge with a much anticipated new album on TIMMION. One of today's shining stars of soul music, DIDIER's raw production and JIMI TENOR's horn arrangements truly give this 11 track album a 1960s Motown/pop feel. A modern day dusty indeed. Recommended. NUJAZZ SOUL INDIE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/trcd007.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801514 Also in stock:
Nicole Willis/FEELING FREE RMX EP 2 12" ATC008 EXC $11.25 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/atc008.m3u Nicole Willis/KEEP REACHIN UP REMIXED CD ATC012CD EXC $18.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/atc012cd.m3u

Nicole Willis/SIESTA REMIXES 12"         EFA50178     CAT   $10.50
Soul Investigators/FAT SLICE O' FUNK CD  INVCD027     EXC   $9.00


O.C. Tolbert/YOU GOT ME TURNED AROUND LP TRLP006 1 EXC $24.00 More copies back in stock.
Groove Dis Exclusive. Back in stock from TIMMION RECORDS! Another gem from the deep catalog of Detroit's premium soul producer DAVE HAMILITON. Only two tracks here were previously released on vinyl, a true gem indeed and a must for fans of NUMERO, SECRET STASH, OUTTA SIGHT reissue labels. RETRO SOUL INDIE Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801517

Psychemagik/LUNAR ESCAPE EP 12" PMEP001 9 EXC $15.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. This three tracker is PSYCHEMAGIK's first original studio EP with no edits or samples. The opening track "WHERE ARE WE" is a full on cosmic odyssey with crazy arpeggios & disco basslines. "BASS PURR" brings a nasty bassline while "ABOVE THE CLOUDS" brings in a 17 piece orchestra for a fresh sound. DISCO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pmep001.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801423 Also in stock:
Psychemagik/DANCE HALL DAYS 12" DH001 CAT $15.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dh001.m3u Psychemagik/FOR YOUR LOVE 12" PMFYL001 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pmfyl001.m3u Psychemagik/HEALIN' FEELIN' PART 2 12" HF002 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/hf002.m3u Psychemagik/HEALIN' FEELIN' PART 3 12" HF003 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/hf003.m3u Psychemagik/HEELIN' FEELIN' CD PJPN001 CAT $24.00 Psychemagik/PRESENTS MAGIK CYRKLES DCD LENGCD004 EXC $18.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/lengcd004.m3u Psychemagik/SYSTEMATIC LOVER 12" DW003 EXC $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dw003.m3u

Spirit Of The Black 808/DIRTY JOINTZ 12" EGC4017 9 EXC $10.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. Originally produced in 1997, this EP from this Chicago producer finally gets a proper release. Here he drops four dirty, deep house tracks that are heavy on the samples, loose with the drums, and serious with the dancefloor action. (EARGASMIC RECORDINGS) HOUSE DISCO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/egc4017.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=800873 Also in stock:
Chicago Skyway/WRECKAGE DLP EGC4016 EXC $10.99 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/egc4016.m3u

Suonoho & Voodoofunk/RESENSE 032 7" RES032 7 EXC $12.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. Two dancefloor crackers of a secret nature, two brilliant edits from SUONOHO (GLENVIEW RECORDS) and VOODOOFUNK. (RESENSE) EDIT Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/res032.txt Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801425 Also in stock:
Suonho/STAND BY LOVE EP BLACK VINYL 7" GVR701B EXC $7.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/gvr701.m3u Suonho/SUONHO IN BRASIL 12" SIB001 CAT $15.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/sib001.m3u Suonho/THE DIRECTOR'S CUTS VOL 1 12" DIRC001 CAT $15.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dirc001.m3u Various/RESENSE 10 7" RES010 EXC $12.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/res010.m3u Various/RESENSE 9 7" RES009 EXC $12.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/res009.m3u

Tom Taylor/THESE DAYS 12" FINA010 9 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. This Leeds based producer releases this EP on the FINA imprint and opens with "TWILIGHT", a smooth number with filtered melodies and a whispering vocal hook. "DON'T GIVE UP" is a chuggy, slow moving hypnotizing cut. "THIS WORLD" is driven by a piano groove then JACK DIXON remixes the 1st cut. HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/fina010.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801406

Tony Lionni/MIDNIGHT MANOEUVERS EP 12" FR180 9 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. House producer TONY LIONNI delivers this bangin three tracker on JIMPSTER's FREERANGE label. The title track is a high energy, peak time tune with a hard kick and serious groove. "TWO DARK FIGURES" starts the flip with a deeper RICK WADE-ish vibe and "WHEN TIME BEGAN" is a sick arpeggiated cut. HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/fr180.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801407 Also in stock:
Tony Lionni/AS ONE CD FRCD27 EXC $10.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/frcd27.m3u

Trusme/TREAT ME RIGHT CD PN18CD         2 EXC $21.00 - NOW IN STOCK ON CD!
Trusme/TREAT ME RIGHT DLP PN18LP         1 EXC $27.00

Groove Dis Exclusive. This new full length from PRIME NUMBERS boss TRUS'ME brings eight new tunes where his creative process derived from a more digital approach while on the road. The final production stage brought him back into an analog realm and the result is a stunning and cohesive deep house album. Now in on CD! HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pn18.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=800995 Also in stock:
Trusme/IN THE RED CD FCCD030 EXC $18.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/fccd030.m3u Trusme/SWEETMOTHER & GOOD GOD RMXS 12" PN12 EXC $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pn12.m3u Trusme/WAR & NEED A JOB REMIXES 12" PN16 EXC $15.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pn16.m3u Trusme/WORKING NIGHTS CD FCCD026 EXC $18.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/fccd026.m3u

Various/FUTURE DISCO VOL 6 SAMPLER 1 12" FDS006-1 9 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. The 1st of 2 samplers from this FUTURE DISCO compilation features 4 killer tracks. Things start with MACEO PLEX's remix of LAURA JONES' "LOVE IN ME" & is followed by FLIGHT FACILITIES' "CLAIR DE LUNE". SATIN JACKETS bring "YOU MAKE ME FEEL GOOD" on the flip with LAZARO CASANOVA's "MORNING CONFESSION". DISCO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/fds006-1.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801297

Vincent I. Watson/SERENE LP POMLP001       1 EXC $24.00 - NOW IN STOCK ON VINYL!
Vincent I. Watson/SERENE CD POMCD002       2 EXC $21.00

Groove Dis Exclusive. The new album from producer VINCE WATSON released on REKIDS offshoot PYRAMIDS OF MARS. The album is a deep, dubby crafted slice of ambient electronica for fans of STEVE REICH, PHILIP GLASS and the MORITZ VON OSWALD - CHAIN REACTION sound. 10 tracks. TECHNO HEADZ Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pomlp001.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801342


95 North/LET YOURSELF GO-MOODYMANC 12" DCR003 9 CAT $15.00 DANSE CLUB RECORDS continues their journey into 90s house music with this great remix package. The original version starts the 12" with its NJ garage sound and is followed by MATT TOLFREY's deep house mix. On the flip, UK's MOODYMANC turns in a wonderful rolling rework while BRODANSE goes techy. HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dcr003.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801460

Beastie Boys/PAUL'S BOUTIQUE BOX 8 X 7" BBPBBOXSET 7 CAT $60.00 More copies back in stock.
The ultimate PAUL'S BOUTIQUE RARITIES collectors edition box set. Includes eight 7" singles, each pressed on a different color of vinyl and packed in a hand numbered, stickered box. A total of 21 very rare tracks including demos, instrumentals, and live versions. Back in stock after long absence. RAP INDIE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/bbpbboxset.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=796368

Body Language/LOSE MY HEAD REMIXES 12" SNM032 9 CAT $13.50 Returning with a remixes single from their full length, BODY LANUAGE brings in THE REVENGE to take on the A-side of this 12" who deliver two big room style dubs. On the flipside, JIMMY EDGAR brings a beefed up remix that is then followed by the original version. CLUB HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/snm032.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801506

Deadmau5/REMIXES VOL. 2 12" DEADMAU5RMX002 9 CAT $12.00 Pressed on black vinyl, with full color labels, this unofficial single has DEADMAU5 dropping remixes of 4 other artists: A1: CALVIN HARRIS - "MERRYMAKING AT MY PLACE" A2: DAFT PUNK - "HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER" B1: CASSIUS - "SOUND OF VIOLENCE" B2: NATHAN FAKE - "THE SKY WAS PINK" HOUSE ELECTRO
Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/deadmau5rmx002.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801290

Deadmau5/REMIXES VOL. 3 12" DEADMAU5RMX003 0 CAT $12.00 Pressed on black vinyl, with full color labels, this unofficial single has DEADMAU5 dropping remixes of 4 other artists: A1: ERIC PRYDZ - "PJANOO"
Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/deadmau5rmx003.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801291 Also in stock:
Deadmau5/AT PLAY 4 SAMPLER EP #1 12" PLAY12021 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/play12021.m3u Deadmau5/AT PLAY 4 SAMPLER EP #2 12" PLAY12022 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/play12022.m3u Deadmau5/AT PLAY VOL.1 CD PLAYCD001 EXC $19.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/playcd001.m3u Deadmau5/AT PLAY VOL.2 CD PLAYCD002 EXC $19.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/playcd002.m3u Deadmau5/AT PLAY VOL.3 CD PLAYCD003 EXC $19.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/playcd003.m3u Deadmau5/AT PLAY VOL.4 CD PLAYCD006 EXC $19.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/playcd006.m3u Deadmau5/BOT & SOME KIND OF BLUE 12" MAU5015 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mau5015.m3u Deadmau5/BRAZIL & CAT ON A LEASH 12" MAU5016 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mau5016.m3u Deadmau5/CATBREAD 12" MAU5014 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mau5014.m3u Deadmau5/EVERYTHING IS COMPLICATED 12" MAU5004 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mau5004.m3u Deadmau5/GHOSTS N STUFF (ORIGINAL) 12" MAU5013 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mau5013.m3u Deadmau5/I SAID 12" MAU5023 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mau5023.m3u Deadmau5/NOT EXACTLY & WE FAIL 12" MAU5002 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mau5002.m3u Deadmau5/SOME CHORDS 12" MAU5025 CAT $13.50 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mau5025.m3u Deadmau5/THIS NOISE 12" PLAY12005 CAT $12.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/play12005.m3u Deadmau5/WHEN THE CAT'S AWAY... DLP DEADMAU5LP00 MUS $21.00 http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/deadmau5lp001.m3u

Django Unchained/OST LP + SLIPMAT UNCHAINEDLTD 1 CAT $22.50 Vinyl pressing of the soundtrack featuring dialogue snippets, Spaghetti western soundtracks plus new music from ANTHONY HAMILTON, RICK ROSS, JOHN LEGEND and more. Pressed on 180g vinyl, full color labels, hand screened sleeve, liner notes card insert and full color slipmat! Only 500 made. INDIE HEADZ RAP SOUL Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/unchained.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801432

Ian Pooley & Spencer P/LERCHEN UND...12" OVM227 9 MUS $15.00 "LERCHEN UND EULEN" from POOLEY & PARKER is a stripped back, minimalist house track with a driving, hypnotic groove. "IN MY HEAD" follows to finish off the A-side. On the flip, RADIO SLAVE brings a crisp wonderful trip on his remix of the title track. (OVUM) HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/ovm227.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801492

Jovonn/STUMP IT EP-TUFF CITY KIDS D12" MU2 9 CAT $30.00 Originally released on NITE STUFF in 1994, this double 12" EP from this classic New York house producer gets a proper reissue on the MOJUBA label. Along with "GARAGE SHELTER", "LOVE DESTINATION", "I LIKE THE WAY", and "TRIBAL", TUFF CITY KIDS step up for a smoking remix of "GARAGE SHELTER". HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mu2.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801092

Lace Curtain/LACE CURTAIN EP 12" DFA2365 9 CAT $13.50 DFA RECORDS drops this four track EP that opens with "NOTHING I WANNA DO", a synth heavy, hypnotic tune with soft vocals. "GOOD INTENTIONS" is an artful sound experiment, "IN THIS HOUSE" brings a pop almost new wave-like vibe and "GIMME SPACE" ends the EP with old Chicago drums & a dreamy feel. DISCO INDIE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dfa2365.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801374

Le Carousel/LOSE YOUR LOVE REMIXES 12" PKR1201 9 MUS $15.00 ANDREW WEATHERALL's remix takes the A-side of this release and delivers a stripped down mix and flips it into a stunning teched out cut that only he can do. On the B-side, PHIL KIERAN's mix is a sweet blend of psychedelia, tech sensibilities, and a blissed out groove. CLUB DISCO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pkr1201.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801494

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis/THRIFT SHOP 12" MACKTHRIFT001 9 CAT $12.00 This unlikely underground hip hop duo have had a couple sleeper hits in the last year, with "SAME LOVE" and now this doing the rounds off the back of a quirky video. This unofficial single includes the original, a couple dubstep mixes, and a club-friendly house mix to boot. RAP DUBSTEP HOUSE Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801301

Ned Doheny/PRONE LP 25AP1359 1 CAT $19.50 Classic 1979 album from soft rock baleric cult hero NED DOHENY, released in full picture sleeve. Fully replicated art from the Japanese-only pressed vinyl, 10 tracks of beautiful late 70's sounds produced by the one and only STEVE CROPPER. If you dug "HARD CANDY" you're going to need this! (CBS) RETRO INDIE DISCO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/25ap1359.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801440

Oli Furness/IF I WAS FEATURING ELISE 12" SA1104 9 MUS $15.00 This tune from OLI FURNESS and SAY AHH is a stylish piece of dark vocal house with understated synth horns and also features ELISE. After the original, he brings an old school remix and on the flip, MIKKI FUNK and AGORE both deliver sweet remixes. HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/sa1104.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801099

Pool/FLEX EP-STIMMING & AEROPLANE 12" 2DIY407 9 CAT $15.00 This four tracker consists of two original POOL cuts with 2 sweet remixes. The indie band's title track on this 12" is an epic and atmospheric tune with emotive vocals & sick guitars. AEROPLANE steps in for a clubby remix. "BOTOX" sees the flip and STIMMING brings a super sonic hypnotic version. INDIE DISCO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/2diy407.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801441

Rick Wade/ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS (CV) 12" LANDEDREC007 9 CAT $13.50 This house music producer needs no introduction. Here he delivers three hot tracks of raw house and angry disco on this 12" EP on LANDED RECORDS. The A-side holds "ANCIENT TONGUES", a warm moody deep house number. Flip it for "THE DAY B4 FOREVER" and "DADDY'S THEME". Limited orange vinyl + poster! HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/landedrec007.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801484

Roger That/THE WEEKEND EP 12" PG01 9 CAT $10.50 Vinyl only, hand stamped 12" from the Rocky Mountains. Label partner ROGER THAT has the first release on the label. A four track EP of chilled out 4/4 grooves that will definitely get the night started: "THE WEEKEND", "PLAYGROUND", "ANYTIME" and "NO PROBLEM". Limited to 300. HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pg01.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801193

Steve Bug/NO ADJUSTMENTS-ARTTU REMIX 12" PFR136 9 MUS $15.00 Featuring FOREMOST POETS, this track from the "NOIR" album gets a great 12" remix package. The first version is a BUG re-adjustment that is followed by a huge ALEX NIGGEMANN remix. On the flip, the hot ARTTU from ROYAL OAK kills it with his raw as hell remix. (POKER FLAT) HOUSE TECHNO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pfr136.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801493

Various/ATTACK THE DANCEFLOOR VOL 4 12" ZEDD12180 9 CAT $13.50 This 4th volume in this series delivers four high caliber house tracks that start with a DIRECTOR'S CUT (FRANKIE KNUCKLES & ERIC KUPPER) remix of "THE SECRET LIFE OF US" & is followed by JOEY NEGRO's mix of "ALWAYS". DAFT FUNK gets a remix of "SADAM ANT" & KYODAI reworks AZUCAR's "LET YOUR BODY ROCK". HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/zedd12180.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=801522

Various/BALEARICA #11 BLC011 9 MUS $15.00 BALEARICA delivers more sun-kissed gems from yesteryear, this time with "BLACK SKIN BLUE EYED BOYS" by DERRICK HARRIOTT, "IRANIAN GROOVE" by DAVID LAMPELL, "PRAISE JAH" by OLUKO IMO, and an extended edit of "MEMORIES" by AMADEO. RETRO DISCO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/blc011.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=800966

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