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Date: March 18th 2011


346 N. Justine Street, Suite 202, Chicago, IL 60607-1024 www.groovedis.com TO ORDER CALL 888-GROOVE-4 OR 312-997-2375, FAX 312-997-2382 OR EMAIL mailorder@groovedis.com


Andreas Gehm/U DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE 12" MATH049 9 EXC $9.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. ANDREAS GEHM returns to the MATHEMATICS imprint for another round of sick cuts. "THIS IS VOODOO" opens with an eerie basement banger that is followed by "ALL SOUL DAY", a deeper journey into his production. "THE RETURN OF RA" kicks up the dark acid while the title track end the EP with more tech. TECHNO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/math049.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=788757

Blokhe4d/BAD TASTE VOL. 4 CD BT012CD 2 EXC $18.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. BLOKHE4D presents..., this is actually an unmixed compilation from BAD COMPANY's drum & bass label BAD TASTE. Featuring 2 tracks from BLOKHE4D, plus some of the biggest names in the D&B game: CAUSE4CONCERN, TELEKINESIS, THE UPBEATS, FOURWARD, and AEPH! 10 tracks in all! (BAD TASTE) DNB Tracklisting:
1. Cause4Concern – Lifelike
2. Telekinesis – The Lost Galaxy
3. The Upbeats – Tor (Audio remix)
4. Fourward – Excessive Use
5. Aeph – Faith
6. Blokhe4d – Kisses And Lies
7. Fourward and Mefjus – Doctrine
8. Blokhe4d – Cretin (Prolix remix)
9. Telekinesis – Hate
10. Aeph – Holy Call
Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/bt012cd.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794137

BTMG/RUSH FEAT BRENDA D 12" BTMG1 9 EXC $10.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. Chicago's BRIAN GARDNER & TODD MARIANA assemble this single with original keyboard work, minimal rhythm patterns, and a DJ-friendly arrangement with BRENDA D's vocals that weave through this tech influenced dance track. She has also appeared on KATE SIMKO's recent smash "MIND ON YOU". HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/btmg1.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794139

Disco Deviance/#18 DICKY TRISCO 12" DD018 9 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. Two more underground disco classics get edited and reworked by DICKY TRISCO for DJ use. "NIGHT DANCING" is a rare slab of bumpin electro-funk and late night boogie. "GOT TO HAVE YOUR DUB" on the B-side is a funk-infused track with big dancefloor potential. Support from SOCIAL DISCO CLUB, JAZZANOVA... DISCO EDIT Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dd018.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794067

DJ Format/MR DJ EP 12" PBB003 9 EXC $12.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. One of our favorite artists is back again! 5 tracks of B-boy and hip hop tracks that will appeal to downtempo & turntablist fans. The title track feats a rap from SURESHOT LA ROCK (with a nod to BIG DADDY KANE). Two rap cuts and three instrumental/beat tracks. BACK IN STOCK! HEADZ RAP Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pbb003.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=789280

Dog Eat Dog/DOG EAT DOG CD C56CD008 2 EXC $21.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. CLAREMONT 56 releases this album from 80s New York funk punk band DOG EAT DOG. "The band never released a record but still they produced some of the most vital...recordings from this period." For fans of DNA, ESG and LIQUID LIQUID. Original KEITH HARING art. Limited hand numbered slipcase. RETRO DISCO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/c56cd008.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=789186

Dog Eat Dog/DOG EAT DOG LP C56LP003 1 EXC $22.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. The never before released album from this 80s New York funk punk band who were contemporaries with DNA, ESG, LIQUID LIQUID and the like. The vinyl features original KEITH HARING artwork on 350gsm card, printed inner sleeve and white vinyl. Hand numbered and limited to 500 copies. RETRO DISCO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/c56cd008.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=789187

Fried Tofu/01 EP 12" FT01 9 EXC $15.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. 4 excellent "old school" edits of "soulful 70s dance music". This new label exists "to bring back some soulful sounds back into the mix" of dance edit 12"s. Tracks: "LET'S MAKE LOVE", "CHANGE FOR BETTER", "LOVE IS WHAT" and "FINALLY". Limited press of 300 with no repress. Act fast. EDIT Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/ft01.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794216

Frootful/COLOURS CD FSRCD084 2 EXC $18.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. Debut from LACK OF AFRO's live guitarist NICK RADFORD, bridging the gap between past and present with a tasty mix of 60's soul-jazz, latin, ska, and R&B. An all star troop that includes members of PAUL WELLER's band, these tweleve tracks have a truly warm, analogue feel to them. (FREESTYLE) NUJAZZ SOUL Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/fsrcd084.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794214

Frootful/COLOURS LP FSRLP084 1 EXC $22.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. Debut from LACK OF AFRO's live guitarist NICK RADFORD, bridging the gap between past and present with a tasty mix of 60's soul-jazz, latin, ska, and R&B. An all star troop that includes members of PAUL WELLER's band, these tweleve tracks have a truly warm, analogue feel to them. (FREESTYLE) SOUL NUJAZZ Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/fsrcd084.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794215

Glenn Underground/LEGACY OF THE KNOW CD SJUCD001 2 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. More copies in stock! GLENN's STRICTLY JAZZ UNIT MUZIC label and ANTHONY NICHOLSON's CIRCULAR MOTION finally releases the long awaited full length! Here MR. UNDERGROUND provides 11 tunes of his signature soulful production with vocal help from CONSUELA IVY. A stunning project from beginning to end HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/sjucd001.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=787555

Koreless/4D 12" PICT005 9 EXC $12.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. PICTURES MUSIC presents the debut release from 19 year old GLASWEGIAN producer who has a striking resemblence to JAMES BLAKE, Two step infused bleep based productions that transcend the dubstep genre, DJ supooirt from GILES PETERSON, JAMIE XX, YOUNG TURKS, and JAMES BLAKE himself. Massive. HEADS DUBSTEP Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pict005.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794241

Kraddy/LABYRINTH DLP KRADDYLAB 1 EXC $15.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. 12 track double album from former GLITCH MOB member KRADDY. 5 killer bass heavy dubstep tracks plus remixes from ROBOT KOCH, DLX, SPL, HEAVYWEIGHT DUB CHAMPIONS and SAMPLES. Also includes a radio edit of KRADDY's mega-hit "ANDROID PORN" as a bonus. Full pic sleeve. DUBSTEP HEADZ Tracklisting:
Disc 1
A1. Mono
A2. No Comply
A3. Let Go
B1. Into The Labyrinth
B2. Minotaur
B3. Let Go (instrumental version)
Disc 2
C1. Into The Labyrinth (Heavyweight Dub Champions Re-Dub) C2. Minotaur (DLX Remix)
C3. No Comply (SPL Remix)
D1. Into The Labyrinth (Samples Remix)
D2. Let Go (Robot Koch Remix)
D3. Android Porn (Radio Edit)
Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/kraddylab.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=789193

Matt Berry/WITCHAZEL CD AJXCD251 2 EXC $18.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. Well known British TV host's first album was a bit of luck, demos sent to ACID JAZZ as a lark but they loved the psyche-folk-prog sounds so much they released it. Played entirely by BERRY, the record veers from spooked folk to space rock tapestries and DONOVAN-esque mod pop. A UK FLEET FOXES? Yes! INDIE Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794078

Matt Berry/WITCHAZEL LP AJXLP251 1 EXC $18.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. Now on vinyl. Well known British TV host's first album on ACID JAZZ is choc full of midieval psyche-folk-prog. Played entirely by BERRY, the record veers from spooked sounds to space rock and DONOVAN-esque mod pop. For fans of CREATION, THE ALAB BOWN, PET SOUNDS BEACH BOYS...or FLEET FOXES? INDIE Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794079

Mau'lin/DEEPER THAN THE SUN 12" HOTEP003 9 EXC $12.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. New EP on HO TEP created by fresh London based producer MAU'LIN featuring AMENTA. A killer 140 bpm club banger steeped in history, mythology, and the cosmos - somewhere between dubstep, house, and broken beat. 3 track in total, the flip cuts lean slightly more towards UK funky. DUBSTEP HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/hotep003.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794219

Mimp:Gimp/CALYPSO ALIEN 12" CU009 9 EXC $12.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. A very limited sampler for the CREATIVE USE forthcoming CD compilation. This is the debut of producer MUSICISMYPOISON to the label. UK DJ known for his love disco & electrofunk as evident with these 2 cheeky edits that are dancefloor sureshots. DISCO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/cu009.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=788957

Nice Slice/HANDS UP FOR AFRICA 7" BIBB001 7 EXC $9.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. Last copies now in stock! Dope 7" single done by NICE SLICE who remixes TOTO's "AFRICA" into a hyped up party rocker and ROCKMASTER RUS B who remixes MIDNIGHT STARR's "NO PARKING..." and with some help from the "THINK" break rocks it B-More style. Dope label art too! (BAFFIN ISLAND) BREAKS HEADZ MASH Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/bibb001.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=660033

Rob Mello/TOUCH SOMEBODY 12" PPFSPECIALOPS059 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. Veteran producer ROB MELLO finally brings "TOUCH SOMEBODY", a high energy track with a driving rhythm, cool synth work, and big room appeal. "WHERE ARE YOU?" on the flip brings back the sounds of the early 90s while the PPF "JACK FOR DAZE DUB" delivers an old school sounding mix with a fresh twist. HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/ppfspecialops05.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794076

Ron Trent/POP DIP AND SPIN 12" ONLY3 9 EXC $13.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. In 1995, the classic PRESCRIPTION label released this 12" that featured 2 amazing tunes. 1st is "POP, DIP, AND SPIN" is a slow chugger with a soulful flair that later became the backdrop to RON's "COMIN BACK" with singer KURT HARMON. "MORNING FEVER" on the flip sees a smooth disco bump & feel. Tip! HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/only3.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=793818

Takeshi Kouzuki/HOUSE OF THE RISING..12" MATH050 9 EXC $9.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. "THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN EP" is TAKESHI's 2nd release & showcases more of his classic Chicago influenced style while keeping his sound fresh for today. The deep "TENMANGU" starts side A then "A LOST JAPAN" drives into an epic electronic journey. On the flip are the title track and "ALONE". HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/math050.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=788758

Talib Kweli/DUB KWELI LP DUBKWELI 1 EXC $15.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. MAX TANNONE follows up his MOS DEF remix album with this one from MOS DEF's partner in BLACK STAR, TALIB KWELI. Using reggae dub tracks from PRINCE JAMMY, LEE SCRATCH PERRY. and others as backing this gives TALIB's raps a whole new sound. 10 tracks spanning from 2000 to 2007. Back in stock! RAP DUB HEADZ MASH DUBWISE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dubkweli.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=762681

Tin Man/NONNEO DONATO DOZZY REMIX 12" ASD015 EXC $9.00 Groove Dis Exclusive! More copies back in stock. The debut release in this new series done by ABSURD RECORDINGS. The first ACID TEST 12" features 3 tracks from TIN MAN including a remix of "NONNEO" by DONATO DOZZY. Mastered by RASHAD. Rave reviews, this is gonna be big! HOUSE Confirmed reviews from Little White Earbuds, De:Bug, and Resident Advisor. Adultnapper - Love, love love the original Alexkid - DDs remix is deepness elevated to a deeper state of deepness... Elevated is not the right word... I should replace it by submerged.. Philip Sherburne - So beautiful.... just amazing, all 3 tracks. i LOVE "accumulated acid"... Brendon Moeller - Dozzy remix is HUGE
Josh Wink - Donato gives me a real deep and spaced out interpretation... Nick Chacona - Nonneo and remix are really really beautiful, seriously emotive tunes! Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/asd015.m3u

Toasters/2 TONE ARMY (GREEN) LP JUMP099LP 1 EXC $12.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. Originally released on MOON SKA in 1997, this third wave ska classic avail on vinyl for the first time! Featuring big MTV hits "I WASN'T GOING TO CALL YOU ANYWAY" & "2 TONE ARMY", 14 tracks in all. Colored wax, poster sleeve w/ download card that adds + 8 more rarities and outtakes. (JUMP UP) INDIE DUB Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/jump099lp.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794098

Unforscene/RETURN OF THE WOB CD WOB001 2 EXC $18.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. New album "RETURN OF THE WOB" has heavy beats & crunchy bleeps, luscious orchestration & dirty basslines in true UNFORSCENE style. A mix of instrumental & vocal tracks feat. LAURA VANE, CECILIA STALIN, THE VANISHING SYSTEM & KIRRIS RIVIERRE. HEADZ Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/wob001.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794052

Various/TURK JERK CD FCCD033 2 EXC $18.00 Groove Dis Exclusive. A feast of TURKISH musical delights from the 60s & 70s! Legendary producer and world class crate digger TANDY LOVE (aka ANAGRAM JAM) returns to edit up 17 tracks of mind blowing vintage Turkish psyche funk. Titles include "BUNI-TUNE","BER HAM","INDIAN ZONE DRUM KILLER","ASIA SUBS KENYA" & more! INDIE WORLD HEADZ Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/fccd033.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=790739

Various/TURK JERK LP FCLP018 1 EXC $19.50 Groove Dis Exclusive. A feast of TURKISH musical delights from the 60s & 70s! Legendary producer and world class crate digger TANDY LOVE (aka ANAGRAM JAM) returns to edit up 17 tracks of mind blowing vintage Turkish psyche funk. Titles include "BUNI-TUNE","BER HAM","INDIAN ZONE DRUM KILLER","ASIA SUBS KENYA" & more! INDIE HEADZ WORLD Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/fclp018.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=790741


Ajello/DEMO DISC 10 VOL. 2 12" DEDISC012 9 CAT $15.00 For the 2nd part of DEMO DISC 10, AJELLO is at it with their typical sound somewhere between Italo, Disco & House. Awesome vocal sampling, cool bass lines, light percussions. "TONITE" have added horns to the groove & "FEELS SO GOOD" is more chilled with almost tribal drums topping everything off. DISCO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dedisc012.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794143

Aliens/WHO RUN IT 12" OGS004 9 MUS $12.00 Anthemic riffage, swinging drums, and pulse cannon interludes are the name of the game on this lethargic dubstep cut, while the massive "WOT?" is all sludgey synths, chants, and stepping beats. 180g vinyl in hand-screened yellow paper dubplate bags. (ONE GUN SALUTE) DUBSTEP Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/ogs004.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794162

Alphabet City/FEELS LIKE 12" UTS022 9 CAT $12.00 ALPHABET CITY brings 2 original tracks to the UNDER THE SHADE imprint. The title track is a slow chuggin cut with running synths and a nice groove that also receives a "DOWNTOWN PARTY NETWORK REMIX". On the flip, "LOVE" is a fresh nu-disco number with TOBY TOBIAS steppin in for remix duty. Nice! DISCO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/uts022.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794046

Blocks & Escher/SHADOW PLAY 12" SBOY038 9 CAT $12.00 The DIGITAL SOUNDBOY label from SHY FX has gained a reputation for quality dubstep as well as drum & bass. Here we get a chunky D&B number with dubstep overtones, while "MILLER" is strictly jungle with a hazy, yet warm, psychedelic feel to it. DNB Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/sboy038.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794115

Blokhe4d/BAD TASTE VOL. 4 3LP BT012 1 MUS $27.00 BLOKHE4D presents 6 of the tracks from the 10 song CD of the same name, including AEPH, BLOKHE4D, and 2 songs each from TELEKINESIS and FOURWARD. (BAD TASTE) DNB Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/bt012.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794136

Blokhe4d/KISSES AND LIES 12" BT012S1 9 MUS $12.00 This sampler from the new BAD TASTE label comp "BLOKHE4D PRESENTS BAD TASTE VOL. 4" includes the firing A-side, plus "LIFELIKE" by CAUSE4CONCERN on the flip (both featured on the CD, but not the vinyl version). (BAD TASTE) DNB Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/bt012s1.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794138

Break & Survival/YOUR TIME WILL COME 12" DIS042 9 MUS $12.00 This is pure D&B dancefloor damage getting support from the likes of ALIX PEREZ, DJ MARKY, NYMFO, A.I., NOISIA, & C4C. The SURVIVAL solo cut "HARSH LANGUAGE" is reminiscent of MATRIX's late 90's work. (DISPATCH) DNB Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dis042.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=793793

Burial, Four Tet, & Thom Yorke/EGO 12" TEXT010 9 MUS $13.50 Three of the biggest names in underground electronic/alternative music join forces on this single (with "MIRROR" on the B-side). Plain black label in a plain black sleeve, this is EXTREMELY limited (so no guarantee that we can fill your full orders!). (TEXT) HEADZ Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/text010.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794192

Can/FUTURE DAYS LP UALA213F 1 CAT $18.00 More copies back in. From the back catalog of seminal Krautrockers, CAN. "FUTURE DAYS" was originally released back in 1973, and features 4 cuts that all became highly influential on their successors - "FUTURE DAYS", "SPRAY", "MOONSHAKE", and the 20-minute extravaganza, "BEL AIR". INDIE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/uala213f.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=780454

Chica VAS/TE QUIERO 12" UTS021 9 CAT $12.00 "TE QUIERO" from this Brooklyn based female drum band gets remixed by 5 artists for a jam packed 12". On the A side, EDDIE MARS opens the release with a synth'd out mix while PINK STALLONE busts out a slow groover and a dub. Remixes from DRRTYHAZE and PHORESKI fill up the flip (UNDER THE SHADE) DISCO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/uts021.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794045

Coki/BOOMBA 12" TEMPA055 9 CAT $10.50 COKI (of DIGITAL MYSTIKZ) sees his first return to the TEMPA label since the phenomenal success of genre-defining cut "NIGHT"! The title cut is a plodding and lethargic slice of sample-heavy dubstep. "CARBON ALIENS" is a bubbling, psychedelic trip into freakdom... (TEMPA) DUBSTEP Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/tempa055.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794122

Dimitri/NICE ONE INNIT EP 12" HOTGOLDIV 9 CAT $12.00 Listed as DIMITRI FROM STOKE ON TRENT this is DIMITRI FROM PARIS/TOKYO with 4 cheeky edits:a live concert version of PRINCE's "I WANNA BE YOUR LOVER", VELVELETTES' "HE WAS REALLY SAYIN' SOMETHING", ARETHA FRANKLIN's classic "SAY A LITTLE PRAYER" and 60s rockers THEM's "GLORIA".(HANDS OF TIME GOLD). EDIT HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/hotgoldiv.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794186

Disco Acetates/VOLUME 1 12" DAC01 9 CAT $9.00 Brand new series of disco re-edits, guaranteed to dig deeper than the rest! This first volume reworks a staple from The Loft era by DEMIS ROUSSOS, "L.O.V.E. Got A Hold On Me". The flip is SYMPHO STATE's "FEVER" re-edit. Beautiful analog mastering and thick heavy sound. (DISCO ACETATES) DISCO EDIT HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dac01.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=789244

Disco Acetates/VOLUME 2 12" DAC02 9 CAT $9.00 Second in this new series super-rare disco cuts re-edited, once again using all analog re-mastering for a thick heavy sound. Two amazing cuts, the re- edit of BIMBO JETS "LOVE TO LOVE" backed with the remix/re-edit of FAMILY TREE'S anthem by the same name. Limited, get 'em fast! (DISCO ACETATES) DISCO EDIT Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dac02.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=789245

Duffstep/TIRED (FALTY DL RMX) 12" DOT006 9 CAT $12.00 The 3rd & final remix EP taken from their debut album "GETTING TO SIRIUS" features a trio of remixes of the song "TIRED". The FALTY DL remix has a soulful, 2 step vibe, while the YOUNG MONTANA remix is all crackle & hiss & disjointed funk. The ELIPHIN0 mix is a bit of chilled soul. (JOIN THE DOTS) HEADZ SOUL DISCO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/dot006.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794091

Elvis Presley/SUN SINGLES 5x7" BOX SET ELVISBOX1 7 CAT $33.00 Deluxe box set holding 5 replica SUN label dinked 7" singles. Limited ed of 1000 worldwide. Done by the same people behind that nice JOHNNY CASH 7" box set. Includes: "THAT'S ALRIGHT MAMA","BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY","GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT","MYSTERY TRAIN" and many more. RETRO INDIE Tracklisting:
Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794210

Grace Thrillers/BEST OF LP GT003 1 MUS $12.00 Amazing 60's soul gospel album from Jamaica's legendary GRACE THRILLERS. New old stock, a true collectors piece! Like a crate-digger reissue on NUMERO or LIGHT IN THE ATTIC, these 10 spectacular cuts range from vintage MUSCLE SHOALS soul sounds to STAPLES SINGERS style Chicago gospel. (GRACE) RETRO SOUL DUB Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/gt003.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794185

Head Nodding Society/THE TRIO EP 12" ONLY2 9 CAT $13.50 Three amazing house tracks originally released on PAPER RECORDINGS over 10 years ago. "NUDGE UP" is a scorcher with a driving beat and its filtered chords. "3 WAY" holds a funky bassline and boompty feel. "TRIPLE SHIFTER" takes things deep with a smooth vibe and outstanding production. Tip! HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/only2.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794057

Hercules & Love Affair/MY HOUSE RMX 12" MOSHI117 9 CAT $13.50 One of the standout tracks from the new album gets the reworked by the legendary DERRICK CARTER, TENSNAKE, STOPMAKINGME, and the band's own ANDY BELL. The track is a total throwback to 90s house from Chicago/Detroit, complete with hilarious local-TV style dance show video. Massive. (MOSHI) CLUB HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/moshi117.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=793929

Indigo/ZERO POINT EP D12" OTE014 9 MUS $24.00 From the chilled dubstep to galloping garage to quirky post-dubstep, this 8-track EP is a dubstep album for the discerning listener who values a deep immersive sound experience over the wobble of brostep. Includes remixes of 2 tracks by SYNKRO. (ON THE EDGE) DUBSTEP Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/ote014.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794110

Ini Kamoze/HOT STEPPER 12" VP6362 9 CAT $7.50 Another great VP dancehall classic, fantastic example of early rub-a-dub dancehall, very laid back for the rockers. Flip is a version, full of hot keyboard stabs to get nice to! DUB Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794195

Instra:mental/THOMP 12" NONPLUS013 9 MUS $14.25 This 2-track sampler from their forthcoming album "RESOLUTION 653" showcase an emerging sound from this experimental artist. "THOMP" is a minimal juke style club track. "WHEN I DIP" takes a similar vibe, but adds an icy touch of Detroit electro to their strip club vibe! (NONPLUS) CLUB HEADZ ELECTRO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/nonplus013.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794106

Iron Curtain/LIKE A FAMILY-TELEPHONE 7" PYLON018 7 CAT $9.00 Very sought after single from minimal wave pioneers, reissued on blue wax with original artwork. When this originally came out there were less than 100 pressed, so this limited to 250 edition is long overdue. (PYLON) INDIE RETRO HEADZ Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794059

Iron Curtain/TERROR STORY - ANOREXIA 7" PYLON017 7 CAT $9.00 Very sought after single from minimal wave pioneers, reissued on green wax with original artwork. When this originally came out there were less than 100 pressed. so this limited to 250 edition is long overdue. (PYLON) INDIE RETRO HEADZ Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794058

James Blake/AIR & LACK THEREOF 12" HEK004 9 MUS $12.00 Brilliantly off-kilter, this concoction of razor-sharp beats, bluesy vocal snippets, screaming P-FUNK synths, & distortion works quite well for the wonky/FLYLO crowd. "SPARING THE HORSE" takes the same aesthetic, but adds galloping, polyrhythmic beats. Very dope! (HEMLOCK) HEADZ DUBSTEP Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/hek004.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=791054

Jayglo/WISEAU FUNK & GLO WORM 12" BOKA034 9 MUS $12.00 This alias of BOKA RECORDS dubstep producer VISTA allows him to plays with his visons of R&B/funky heavy future bass. The much heavier WISEAU FUNK" is offset by the downlow, slick JOKER meets HERBIE HANCOCK vibes of B-side "GLO WORM" with WIL BLAZE. (BOKA) DUBSTEP Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/boka034.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794087

Jesus & Mary Chain/PEEL SESSIONS DLP SFRSLP092PR 1 CAT $22.50 Fantastic 21 track double album that features a ton of early material from the PSYCHOCANDY era, some utilizing a very sparse and minimal drum machine. Includes "IN A HOLE","JUST LIKE HONEY","SOME CANDY TALKING","HAPPY PLACE" "CUT DEAD","YOU TRIP ME UP","MY GIRL" and more. Picture sleeve, 500 copies. INDIE RETRO Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794040

Joe Seven/RESTIONAIRE 12" EXIT027 9 CAT $14.25 One half of new EXIT RECORDS signing THEY LIVE, this is unique bass music with a downtempo, abstract techno kinda vibe. Evolving out of the abstract drum & bass cauldron that is AUTONOMIC and EXIT RECORDS, this has brought the sounds of electronic music full circle. (EXIT) HEADZ Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/exit027.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794092

John B/RED SKY (DUBSTEP REMIXES) 12" BETA019T 9 MUS $12.00 Receiving huge hype, following the original being on "HERE I AM" by NICKI MINAJ on her debut album "PINK FRIDAY"!? Getting a pair of dubstep remixes here, first up from JOHN B himself (which keeps it kinda chill) and REBEL SONIX (whose remix is pure dancefloor mayhem!), (BETA) DUBSTEP Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/beta019t.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794082

John Bender/PLASTER FALLING LP (REGULAR) RS003 1 CAT $16.50 Another rare minimal wave album from the mysterious JOHN BENDER. 8 tracks: "43B6 STATION","42B4 PLASTER","39A4 WOMEN","45A2 PEOPLE","39A5 SOMETHING", "35B5 SOMETHING","35B5 RECORDS","34B1 KNUCKLES","38A1 CIRCLES". Regular version is a stickered white sleeve. (RECORD SLUTS) INDIE HEADZ Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794171

Johnny Fiasco/CONDUCTION - ZAPPED 12" PND07CLEAR 9 MUS $13.50 Dope reissue of some out of print CAJUAL tracks from JOHNNY FIASCO! The huge "CONDUCTION" that's been played by everyone in the mid 90s opens the 12". On the flip, "KALIMBA" from the "MOODY GROOVES EP" and "ZAPPED" from the 1993 "MOVIN EP" resurface for more bang! Limited clear vinyl. Tip! HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/pnd07clear.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=793885

Katzuma/HEADCUTS VOL. 2 12" KTZ006 9 CAT $15.00 KATZUMA returns with 2 killer tunes."WHERE I'M COMING FROM" has mellow, hypnotic synth as the basis of the track with nice vocals & simple bassline also with a signature remix from LTJ. "ALL ACROSS THE LAND" has a deeper house feel & includes a groovy remix from edit king AL KENT. DISCO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/ktz006.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794158

Lewis B/DARK CLOUDS 12" SMOKE013 9 MUS $12.00 The original on the A-side is a slice of soulful dubstep with a jazzy twist that is reminiscent of the heyday of nu jazz. On the flip is a remix from SYNKRO. More known for his soulful post-dubstep sounds, here he drops a minimal drum & bass that retains all the soul of the original! DUBSTEP DNB NUJAZZ Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/smoke013.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794119

Louchie Lou & Michie One/RICH GIRL 12" VP5221 9 MUS $7.50 A female reggae-pop-rap group duo from London who enjoyed UK chart success in the mid 90's, their catchy dancehall classic "RICH GIRL" became a huge worldwide hit for GWEN STEFANI from her debut solo album. Reissued on big grooved 12" single for massive sound system effect. BIG UP! (VP) DUB Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794193

LX One/YOU 12" WHEELYDEALY013 9 MUS $12.00 This alias of dubstep producer JOKER D is a vehicle for a slow, methodical track that rumbles the bassbins with its dubwise goodness, while "GIVE IT UP" takes a similar dark, claustrophobic path. (WHEEL & DEAL) DUBSTEP Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/wheelydealy013.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794126

Mater Suspiria Vision/CRACK WITCH LP LT021 1 MUS $18.00 LP pressing of previous ltd.cassette-only release. With over 60 videos and numerous remixes, MSV is one of the major players in the WITCH HOUSE scene. It could be a soundtrack to a haunting or satanic ritual, dark synth creep with minimal electro-bounce. For fans of PSYCHIC TV, SALEM, WHITE RING etc. INDIE HEADZ Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794225

Om Unit/THE TIMPS EP 12" CIV019 9 MUS $15.00 Four tracks of percussive underground electro with a dark, dancefloor oriented bent and definite elements of 90's Detroit techno akin to UR, DREXCIYA, or AUX88. OM UNIT Has previously release JOKER and released for ALL CITY and TERRORHYTHM. Full-pic sleeve. (CIVIL MUSIC) ELECTRO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/civ019.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794089

Pendulum/WITCHCRAFT (DRUMSTEP RMX) 12" BBK039 9 CAT $12.00 The defining anthem of the hybrid drumstep sound is ROB SWIRE's remix of this tune with its driving D&B and euphoric dubstep breakdowns. Rounding things out is a shimmering, uplifting drum & bass remix from NETSKY. (BREAKBEAT KAOS) DUBSTEP DNB Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/bbk039.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=788346

Pliers/BAM BAM 12" VP6338 9 MUS $7.50 Another massive dancehall classic from 1992, a SLY & ROBBIE riddim later also named "BAM BAM", also launching "MURDER SHE WROTE" into the charts w/ CHAKA DEMUS. This solo cut showcased the lovers rock vocal range hinted at on "MURDER" - flip cut is NARDO RANKS "THEM A BLEACH". A true gem! (VP) DUB Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794194

Saturn V/RHYTHM RELICS EP 10" NAT009 9 MUS $13.50 JAMES T COTTON & TRAXX team up as SATURN V for "THE FRESH HEIR" which is an absolute killer track - Chicago style beats, HEARD-esque pads, & a perfect bassline. "MODEM" on the flip is a fresh cut with a dark warehouse feel, haunting vocals, and intelligent production. Dope limited edition 10"! HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/nat009.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794056

Seba & Physics/BEFORE I CAN BREATHE 12" SECOPS016 9 MUS $12.00 Epic drum & bass with with a beautiful female vocal and sweeping melodies & a steppy beat! Flipside "THE MUSIC" is a heavier track that opens up with eerie strings before giving way to heavily distorted beats and basslines. (SECRET OPERATIONS) DNB Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/secops016.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794116

Shy FX/RAVER (FEAT. DONAE'O) 10" SBOY036 9 CAT $12.00 Jungle don SHY FX returns with a huge new track that recalls the old skool, featuring vocals DONAE'O. His Guiness Punch Mix is a dubwise, roots reggae style dubstep cut. BREAKAGE's Pattern Moschino Remix is straight up ragga jump up! (DIGITAL SOUNDBOY) DUBSTEP DNB Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/sboy036.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794002

Specials, The/COMPLETE PEEL SESSIONS LP SFLPBBC 1 CAT $15.00 Must have 15 cut LP feat 3 JOHN PEEL sessions with THE SPECIALS, plus a session as SPECIAL AKA. Inc hits "GANGSTERS","TOO MUCH TOO YOUNG","MONKEY MAN" + rarities "SKINHEAD SYMPHONY","RAQUEL","SEA CRUISE","RUDE BOYS OUTTA JAIL" and more! Housed in a vintage poster sleeve that's to die for! INDIE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/sflpbbc.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=789179

Subwave/RAIN DANCE 12" METH091 9 MUS $12.00 In a major departure for the METALHEADZ drum & bass label, SUBWAVE explores a minimal, almost deep house groove, with tribal chants that would sound right at home on an AUTONOMIC or NONPLUS release. "NAKED LUNCH" is chill house at its best! (METALHEADZ) HEADZ HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/meth091.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794100

Tortoise, The/GONNA BE 12" STRIKE5 9 CAT $12.00 Australian newcomer brings a dope EP to London's 3RD STRIKE label. "GONNA BE" is a nice loop'd disco groove that starts the A side as is followed by "LOVIN YOU", a house cut with great peak time energy. "NEXT TIME AROUND" on the flip is a deeper afair and gets a quality remix by HUNEE. Tip! HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/strike5.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794042

Vakula/SATURDAY 12" STRIKE6 9 CAT $12.00 This one's essential! 4 new cuts from VAKULA who's been on a serious roll as of late and here brings some of his best work. Teaming up with some live musicians, all these tracks are drenched in jazz'd out deep house! Includes "GOSPEL KEYBOARDS", "TOUCH", "CROSSING" and "SATURDAY" (3RD STRIKE) HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/strike6.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794043

Various/ALTERED PLATES CD ALLSORTS23CD 2 CAT $18.00 The drum & bass label ALLSORTS begins 2011 with a truly international album featuring producers from the UK, Canada, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, and beyond. Includes songs from NUSENCE & NC-17, COMMAND STRANGE, MUTATED FORMS, ELECTROSOUL SYSTEM, LEGION, and more. DNB Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/allsorts23cd.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794133

Various/DRUM N BASS 2KV504 CD MFRPCD004 2 CAT $12.00 This Hungarian based drum & bass label releases its first ever CD album, following many classic 12" vinyl releases. At a very reasonable budget price, this includes 7 songs from label mainstay RANDOM SOUNDZ, plus 3 additional songs from CHRIS S.U. (MUSICFOREVER) DNB Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/mfrpcd004.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794101

Various/FUTURE BASS 3LP SJRLP234 1 CAT $27.00 All new exclusive tracks from some of the UK's most pioneering electronic producers (FOUR TET, MALA, UNTOLD, RAMADANMAN, COKI, RANDOMER, GINZ, HARRY CRAZE, and more!). Loosely called post-dubstep, post-house, future garage, this is future bass! 13 tracks total. Restocked thus relisted (SOUL JAZZ) HEADZ DUBSTEP HOUSE Tracklisting:
1. Mala — Don't Let Me Go 2. Four Tet — Nothing To See 3. Untold — Fly Girls
4. Coki — Ransom
5. Ramadanman — Bass Drums 6. Black Chow — Air
7. LD — Mastermind
8. V.I.V.E.K — Talking Shadows 9. Randomer — Puzzled
10. Ginz — Boss
11. Harry Craze — Gone
12. Distal — Grape Donut
13. Sub Version — Free To Funk
Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/sjrlp234.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=749576

Various/FUTURE BASS CD SJRCD234 2 CAT $19.50 All new exclusive tracks from some of the UK's most pioneering electronic producers (FOUR TET, MALA, UNTOLD, RAMADANMAN, COKI, RANDOMER, GINZ, HARRY CRAZE, and more!). Loosely called post-dubstep, post-house, future garage, this is future bass! 13 tracks total. (SOUL JAZZ) HEADZ DUBSTEP HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/sjrcd234.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=749556

Various/FUTURE DISCO NEON LIGHTS 12" NEEDW011 9 CAT $12.00 4 tracks highlighting the "NEON LIGHT" collection. THE REVENGE's "JUST BE GOOD TO MARIO" is a nice mashup that gets followed by THE C90'S "SHINE A LIGHT - FLIGHT FACILITES REMIX". Flip it for HANNULERAURI's track "ZOMBIE TROPICANA" and "PURE & EASY" by TAPE TO TAPE. This record's hot! (NEEDWANT) DISCO HOUSE Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/needw011.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794036

Various/NEW ORLEANS FUNK 3LP SJRLP47 1 CAT $27.00 LONG overdue re-press of this classic compilation from the SOUL JAZZ label. "NEW ORLEANS FUNK" serves up only the best in treats from the Bayou, and features cuts from THE METERS, PROFESSOR LONGHAIR, ALLEN TOUSSAINT, AARON NEVILLE, EDDIE BO, LEE DORSEY, DR. JOHN, THE EXPLOSIONS, and MANY more. RETRO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/sjrlp47.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=787551

Various/NEW ORLEANS FUNK CD SJRCD47 2 CAT $19.50 BACK IN STOCK to coincide with vinyl repress. A SOUL JAZZ label must have! "NEW ORLEANS FUNK" serves up only the best in treats from the Bayou, and features cuts from THE METERS, PROFESSOR LONGHAIR, ALLEN TOUSSAINT, AARON NEVILLE, EDDIE BO, LEE DORSEY, DR. JOHN, THE EXPLOSIONS, and MANY more. RETRO Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/sjrcd47.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=668855

Yellowman/ZUNGUZUNGUZENG (ORIGINAL) 12" VP6343 9 MUS $7.50 We've done so well with the GREENSLEEVES dubstep remix of it - we decided to drop it old skool dancehall style and step up to the original that took rub-a-dub / Jamaican deejay music global in 1983. Flip cut is "WHO CAN MAKE THE DANCE RAM." (VP DANCEHALL CLASSICS) DUB Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=794264

Yosaku & DJ Day/THE BOTTLE 10" BJX012 9 CAT $9.00 These 2 luminaries from the west coast team up for this spectacular record! "THE BOTTLE", a GIL SCOTT HERON classic, gets reworked into a huge floor burner with all the trimmings. On the flip, WILLIE BOBO's "ALWAYS THERE" gets covered with a few surprises and killer keyboard work (BSTRD BOOTS) NUJAZZ Listen: http://www.groovedis.com/m3u/bjx012.m3u Details: http://www.groovedis.com/shop/product.php?productid=788349


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